BBR Tuning Complete 79cc The Beast Pull Start 4-Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit

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Ready to turn your regular ol’ bike into a full on moped? With the BBR Tuning 79cc The Beast Recoil Pull Start 4-Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit you get all the speed you love from a 2-stroke with all the power and durability you expect out of a 4-stroke engine.

One of the Most Powerful 4-Strokes on the Market

4-strokes are known for their torque but not their speed, but not anymore. This 79cc OHV engine will also keep you riding at speeds of up to 35 MPH, which is leaps and bounds faster than any other 4-stroke engine kit out there. That means you can take hills better than any 2-stroke can, and you’ll probably be doing it faster than they can, too.

Long Lasting and a Great Value

Let’s face it: sometimes we either ruin our engines from over-use because they just don’t give us what we want. You might have blown out 2-strokes running them up hills or spend hundreds trying to push that 4-stroke past its limits. It durable, cast iron cylinder can keep up with the wear and tear you give to it.

The centrifugal clutch eliminates the need to engage a clutch, and paired with its heavy duty transmission, fuel shut off, and ball bearing support shaft, this motor will be spinning like a top for a long time to come.

Compared to the cost of porting, polishing, and upgrading a 49cc 4-stroke to get close to the speed of this motor, the BBR Tuning 79cc The Beast Recoil Pull Start 4-Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit will have you riding the way you want to ride right out of the box

So when your ride’s just not cutting it anymore and you’re tired of spending all your money on repairing your motor, just strap this motor to your bike, pull the pull-start, and hit the throttle!

Complete Digital Installation Guide

Each BBR Tuning bicycle engine kit comes with a digital installation guide that takes you step by step through installing, adjusting, and fueling your brand new engine kit for the ride of your life.

Package Includes:

  • BBR Tuning 79cc The Beast Recoil Pull Start 4-Stroke 3HP OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine
  • BBR Tuning 79cc The Beast Recoil Pull Start 4-Stroke Transmission
  • Complete Engine Mounting Kit
  • Muffler
  • 2L Gas Tank
  • Fuel Valve
  • Fuel Filter
  • Fuel Line
  • Throttle Grip Handle Assembly
  • Throttle Cable
  • 44 Tooth Sprocket
  • Sprocket Clamp Assembly
  • 415 Heavy Duty Chain
  • Chain Idler Pulley
  • Complete Digital Installation Guide

Engine Specs:

  • Displacement (cc): 78.5cc - 79cc
  • 3 HP (Horse Power)
  • Max RPM: 3600 RPM
  • Max Torque (ft. / lbs.): 3.5 ft./lbs. @ 2500 RPM
  • Horizontal Cylinder
  • Mount Orientation: Horizontal
  • Shaft Rotation: Counter clockwise
  • 104 dB Sound Rating
  • Shaft Length: 2.4in. (60.1mm)
  • Stroke Length: 37 mm

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Customer Reviews

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Jackie Styles

I wood like to see it go atlest 40 mph


like a harley awesome. rides like a Harley which I have. don't where shorts on this thing. used a chain guard on top of the guard h the kit. the thing will bite.verry fast. I plan on taking the govinor off as I get oil on the top of the engine. no big deal. you have to take the front off the engine but worth the trouble.its on a fixie sowide crankes are a must have.this is the Harley of gas bikes . if you are a builder this one is for you....


Great kit Very nice kit. Was missing a few minor parts which bb promptly replaced. This is a big engine measure carefully. Runs great very pleased


my first 4 stroke I have built five 2stoke bikes but never a four. the kit is complete and much better than what I used to get. putting it on a Walmart fixy. fits perfect. only complaint bb put it on sale one week after I got mine. 50 dollars cheaper. oh well

joan FitzGerald

Customer service was extremely helpful I have not received my product yet but my review is based on the customer service. 10/10 responded to my questions very quickly. They came back with helpful answers to my questions.

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