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This 5 Piece Gear Case Cover Stud set will replace the studs in your existing 66/80cc and 48cc 2-stroke bicycle engine kits. Tried and tested with multiple engine kits, these replacement studs will fit on any of the stud ports around that gear case cover.

Installation couldn’t be easier:

  • Using a flat head screwdriver, begin by removing the studs in your existing gear case cover (the cover housing the bevel wheel and clutch pads)
  • Inspect the threads of the crank case to ensure the threads have not been stripped
  • Align the gear case gasket over the crankcase, then align the cover with the crankcase and gasket
  • Starting with the port closest to the front of the motor, install the studs through the case and in to the crankcase behind it

Whether you’re using your stock case cover or a custom billet case cover (like the BBR Tuning Billet Gear Case Cover) if you’ve got a few worn out studs or studs with stripped heads, get them out of there an install this 5 Piece Gear Case Cover Stud and protect your bevel gears, clutch pad, and clutch plate from debris when riding and engaging your engine.

Stud Measurements:
Length- 20mm
Width- 6mm

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Bayou Bugout

Highly recommended came fastperfect fit Always needed, keep a few sets on hand for your builds!

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