BBR Tuning Performance Heavy Duty High Temperature Clutch Friction Pads

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High performance engines need high performance parts that can handle all that power, and if you’re running a high performance motor you’re going to need these Heavy Duty High Temperature Clutch Friction Pads. These upgraded clutch pads will have your 2-stroke engine engaging and disengaging even better than before without all that slipping your stock pads give you.
These Heavy Duty High Temperature Clutch Friction Pads are meant to take the heat.Over time engine temperatures will degrade the quality of your clutch pads, and when that happens your clutch starts slipping. That means your motor can’t start or stay running the right way, but with these in your clutch your clutch is going to perform better and last longer.
Installation is easy, too: start by popping the clutch bevel wheel out of your motor to get the clutch pads out. Remove the stock or existing clutch pads out and replace them with these. Reinstall your clutch bevel wheel, adjust your clutch plate and flower nut, and you’re ready to ride!

Compatible with 48cc and 66/80cc Bicycle Engine Kits. Note: If your clutch bevel wheels has circular clutch pads, simply shape the clutch pad to fit in to your clutch bevel wheel

Includes 15x clutch pads

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Russell Butler

I haven't tried these out yet, the quality looks ok though.

Quron Harper

Didn't receive pads

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