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Size: 30MM
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Providing a safe means of fuel transport, the 2-Stroke 30mm or 40mm Intake Manifold is a vital part of your engines fuel system. Located on the cylinder body and connected to the carburetor, this part features an angled pipe to provide gravity fed gas to your engine. The result is a secure flow of fuel to your engine. This component even offers versatility with many engine brands thanks in part to its 30mm or 40mm stud spacing. Installation is simple, simply remove the hardware holding your existing manifold in place, remove the manifold, replace your intake gasket if necessary, and install the new component. So, whether you are replacing your damaged part or are looking to upgrade your manifold, you can trust the 2-Stroke 30mm/40mm Intake Manifold to get the job done.

Part #32 on the Fuel Component Diagram

Package Includes:

Intake Manifold
Part Number (See Parts Manual): 4-17

Note: Intake Manifold is compatible with Flying Horse, Mega Motors Bicycle Engine Kit.

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Yacoub Jabal
The Best Parts Always From BikeBerry

Excellent, great product, fast delivery, good service from the seller, good packaging, I'm from Kuwait it will take some time to receive the parts, But that's Ok, I use my 3 Intake Manifold for my vintage Bikes, Thanks for the group of BikeBerry and Tony Tayler, I do apologize for my not good English

China Doll stock intake manifold

I'm so glad you had the stock 40mm intake manifold. I was debating during the summer on cutting the intake I had
but searched for a replacement in case the modification I was doing failed. I searched for hours without any success.
Recently I took the bike out for a run a couple of times but on the third try the engine wouldn't start. When I got back
home I found that the manifold had broken off at the carb.
I searched your store and found the exact part. I was so happy! Shipping to Canada was real quick too. Thank You, Jim


does its job right If you need a relacement this is the only one to get, works perfectly.

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