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The universal rear basket is perfect for bikes like mountain bikes, children’s bikes, cycling, adult bikes, and women’s bikes. It has been made using a sturdy and strong iron, making them durable enough to carry bags and heavyweight. The installation of the carrier is easy, so that it will save you time. The metal wire rear rack is completely dependable. 

  • Universal Rear Basket: It goes well with all the bike frames, and it is compatible with all different kinds of bikes like- mountain bikes, bikes for adults, and women’s bikes. 
  • Strong and Durable: The rear carrier has great strength and promises durability, which you can trust at all times. 
  • Easy Installation: You can easily install the rear carrier when you need and get it off when there is no need. 
  • Good Capacity: The sturdy material gives the bike a good carrying capacity and promises durability. 

The rear carrier is ideal for different bike frames. Whether you own a children’s bike, mountain bike, women’s bike, adult bike, or a men’s bike, the rear carrier would easily accommodate different types of bikes. The rear bike carrier has been made using strong, sturdy, and durable metal, highly durable and dependable.

With the rear basket attached to the bike, you can increase the bike’s dependability as it lets you carry important things along. The carrier has been manufactured using the strongest, durable material to carry anything heavyweight with a lot of ease. Never leave anything behind as the bike’s carrier lets you do anything. 

Installation is very easy, so adjust it to the bike frame according to your liking. Just like installation, you remove the carrier from the bike according to your convenience.

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Customer Reviews

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Gregory Guillory

It was a good product,I enjoy my rack it is really convenient for me.

Timothy Easterly

nice solid rack strong nice solid rack strong enough to support the weight you may put on it no rattling.

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