Micargi Spiral Combination Bicycle Lock

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This Micargi Sprial Combination Bicycle Lock is what your bike needs to stay safe and secure when you're away. With its tough, polyurethane-wrapped metal cable, you can rest assured that no one's going to be able to take your bike.

If you've ever lost your bike key, you know all too well how long you can be stranded until you find it again. With this lock's combination lock, just write down the combination and take it with you, and you'll never have to worry about losing your bike lock key ever again. It's also self coiling so you won't have a big, long cable to carry with you on your rides. Just strap this lock to your bag or your frame, ride, and when you're ready to lock it up quickly take your lock out, secure, and lock it up. < Specifications:

  • Metal Cable Construction
  • ~4ft in Length
  • 20mm thickness
  • Self Coiling

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Mark Deintinis

Great lock, it locks

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