Modwheel 52V 6AH Li-ion E-Bike Battery

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Whether you recently purchased a new electric bike kit or are looking to upgrade an existing one, the Modwheel 52V 6AH Li-ion E-Bike Battery will offer you unrivaled performance. Lightweight in construction, this E-bike battery will provide your electric bike with more power and is perfect all riders.

This e-bike battery is a force to be reckoned with, with its 313 watt-hour rating that offers much longer range than most other batteries of comparable size. If you’re looking for a compact, high-performance battery cell to power your e-bike, look no further. This battery is composed of high-quality thick rubber shrink wrap that helps maximize safety. The Modwheel 52V 5.8AH Li-ion also boasts a longer, more powerful charge than similar batteries.

Many of the older electric bicycles originally came with SLA (or sealed lead-acid) batteries. While this technology was tried and true, these batteries were known for being oversized, clunky and quite heavy. This presents a problem when riding an electric bicycle, as excess weight slows you down and limits the travel range achievable from a single battery charge. While sealed lead-acid batteries were fairly cheap to purchase, they only lasted for an average of 100-200 recharges, so riders had to replace them every few months. These are just a few of the reasons why so many riders have chosen to make the switch to lithium-ion batteries, as lithium ion batteries can last for up to 1000 charges!

The 52v battery was crafted to power your 48v system, keeping you from having to switch out your controller or motor. Not only will you get more power out of this battery, but you will also get more watt hours out of a single charge. This means that riders get longer range than what they would normally get with a similar amp hour 48 volt battery.

Most importantly, 52 volts is completely safe to use with our available 48v kits. Riders will get a reliable, top quality battery that not only lasts longer, but also helps your system run cooler since it uses lower wattages.

Product description

  • 52v that offers more power with the same 48v controller and motor
  • Compatible with 48v and 52v 1000w motors
  • 6aH in an ultra mini pack
  • Our smallest and lightest battery pack at only 3 pounds
  • 300 -watt hours giving riders longer range on a single charge
  • High-quality battery
  • 14s2p = 28 Genuine name brand grade Samsung 18650 cells
  • 30 amp continuous 50amp maximum BMS
  • Built-in temperature sensor temporarily shuts down your pack if you push it too hard.
  • XT-90's lead wire connectors with spark resistor!
  • Weight of Battery: Only 3.3 pounds
  • Life Span: 400-1000 charges
  • Dimensions 6 X 2.75 x 3.25

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Customer Reviews

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John Le

Fast shipping. Legit site. Had a hard to find got item in stock. 52v 10ah mini battery. Gives me about 10 miles range on my 750w bafang mid drive with lots of throttle use. 👍🏽

Roy Wilson

Great small battery! Great customer service. Will shop here again.

Roy Wilson

Wrong item recieved by accident, they wasted no time to expedite my exchange FAST! The battery I recieved is excellent. I would recommend using this battery for a 1000w mid drive motor, lightweight and includes a charger.

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