Motorized Bicycle Anti-Theft Security Alarm- 110 db

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If you’re tired of worrying about the security of your motorized bike, this Motorized Bicycle Anti-Theft Security Alarm will make sure thieves stay away from your ride from now on. Let’s face it: traditional locks can only do so much to keep thieves away, but with this device the moment your bike is moved you’ll hear a high decibel screech that no one can stand.
The quiver triggered device will sound an ear-splitting 110 db alarm after your bike’s moved. However, there are also 3 sensitivity settings (high, medium, and low sensitivity) just in case you’re in an area where there’s lots of movement. When triggered it will sound, and when you’ve made sure your bike’s secure just set the alarm’s 4 digital code and you can leave your bike locked up without a worry.
Installation’s a breeze: just mount the device around the seat tube or on the handlebars of your bike, tighten it on to the bike with the supplied screws and you’re done!
Perfect for any motorized bike, electric scooter, or moped, with this Motorized Bicycle Anti-Theft Security Alarm you can rest assured your ride’s that much safer.

4 Digital Code
Adaptive Micro Computer w/ High, Medium, Low Sensitivity Settings
Quiver triggered
Easily Installed
Water Proof (do not submerge)
Power Supply: 1x 6F22 9V battery (Battery Not include)

Package Includes:
1x Motorized Bicycle Anti-Theft Security Alarm- 110 db
4x Fastening Screws
2x Cap Nuts

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tim wilson

All my parts are great,I'm a first time motor bike builder so I'm still learning,will be purchasing more items soon! Thanks Tim

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