Motorized Bicycle Offset Wide Frame Chopper Mount Kit - 6mm

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The Motorized Bicycle Offset Wide Frame Chopper Mount Kit is great for chopper-style bicycles like the OCC Schwinn Bikes, Micargi Jaos, Micargi Prado Deluxe, Micargi Mustang GTS, and many other chopper frame style bikes! Compatible with 6mm motor mounts.


Laser Cut from High Grade Steel Slick Non-Bulky Design Designed for: OCC Chopper style bikes Wide Frame and Tire Design Comes with Mounting Hardware


1x Wide Offset Motor Mount 2x U-Bracket Mounts 1x V-Bracket Mount 2x Vibration Dampener Hoses 1x Bag of Nuts and Washers

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Amador
Motor mount

Had to drill out 2 holes to make fit other than that work great

Works out good

I have it on my occ stingray chopper and I just had to bore out the holes to make it all fit and cut some excess bolt but as a Mount that's affordable it works as it should

Alan Vassallo
best one out there

make life easy

tina lapham

Motorized Bicycle Offset Wide Frame Chopper Mount Kit - 6mm

Joseph Fiumara
OCC offset motor mount

I not only use it for OCC off fat tire 4 in tires in the rear but I also use it for a 4 inch fat tire bicycles with just I weld a little piece on and change your clamps for muffler clamps from for a car and it works out fine I'm looking right now I'm looking for a two-speed transmission I've heard of them I haven't yet to found find one I think you guys are closed on the weekends but I'll try on Monday cuz I want to make a drag bike I want to look at one of your high horsepower motors and if I can't get two speed transmission I'll end up making a what do you call it Jack shaft and this way I could still use the disc brakes on the left side and then the bike chain that comes with the kit on with the Mongoose 4 in fat tire bikes so I figured out a way of doing that plus the other ones that I bought for you guys the aluminum ones two pieces they worked fine I just need something a little more heavy duty so I figured steel would do it and I just got it a few days ago and I will let you know how to progress goes on that if you have any details on a two-speed transmission for more like drag racing I would like I would love to hear about it thank you are you all set motor mount for the OCC Chopper I kind of like to make my you know all custom bikes I don't really use like you know 26 in and you know old fashioned style right now I'm working on it Jesse James one electric with i i adapted just brakes on the front and on the back and so now I had to add a plate for the disc brakes for the front and the back and also had to add a plate for the back rack battery holder and I'm just about finished your diet going to make two more little brackets and that's done and then I could start you know putting all the wiring kit on and then once that's done and running and then I can take it apart and paint it up and put it all back together and then like I said I'm working on the next is the OCC Chopper I also I cut the back off and added a 26 in 4-in tire but I'm thinking about going with either the original tire the 20 inch by 4 or 24x4 cuz I want it to you know launching out of the hole thank you very much for asking please get in touch with me if you know anything about these two speed transmissions would love to hear about it I forgot where I heard about it and I got into a car accident so I stopped doing work for a little bit but now I'm getting better and if you have any information about the two speed transmission let me know either through email or phone 631-505-2334 I believe you guys are closed for the weekends so if I don't hear nothing I'll try on on Monday about the transmission to speed or any other way to get it to take off faster even though I don't know what's the largest but if I have to make it offset I mean a jack shaft and I think I can get some good gearing out of that if I put a I think I heard of 52 in you know go from the transmission so like a till like a 32 or 42 to sprocket and then then the 52 but so far I've only they're only a mess I can't find any of them you if you have any let me know otherwise up like I said I'll be calling you guys on Monday thank you very much

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