Motorized Bicycle Valve Stem LED Light

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Safety is vital when you’re riding at night, and with a Motorized Bicycle Valve Stem LED Light on each of your wheels you’ll be seen from a distance without a problem. No matter if you’ve got an electric motor on your bike, a gas engine kit, or you’re just riding a regular old bike, make sure you’re safe and visible when you’re riding with one of these LED lights for your valve stem.

Too often will riders leave a light on because they want to hop off of their bike and do what they need to do- that usually kills a light pretty fast. These lights are motion activated, which means no pressing buttons or twisting these lights off and on. All you have to do is replace your tire’s valve stem cap with one of these bad boy’s, start riding, and in seconds your wheels are lit on the road.

Installing one of these on your motorized bike is simple: just unscrew the lens of the light and take out the piece of paper blocking the connection between the battery and the light, then screw it back together. After that, take off the valve stem cap you have on your tire now and replace it with the LED valve stem light- DO NOT over tighten. Once secured, just start pedaling and the motion/vibration from your bike will trigger the light to turn on, and when you stop the light will turn off.

Note: These valve stem lights will NOT replace head or tail lights. Please use these in addition to other lighting elements around your bike to ensure maximum safety when riding, especially when riding in under-lit or in the dark/night time

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they were gifts.

Timothy Shearer

I am really happy with these lights, they are very bright and sensitive. They turn on just walking my bike where as other lights I have tried of this kind don’t turn on until around 15mph. To be able to walk the bike and the lights are on is a major plus for me

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