MotoTec 110cc X1 Gas Mini Dirt Bike

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The Mototec 110cc X1 Gas Mini Dirt Bike is here to make your dirt biking experience worth every penny. This amazing dirt bike is made out of hi-tech components to increase your enjoyment level. In addition, its ergonomic design and structure help you ride like a professional. Its body is strong enough to hold 160lbs of weight.

  • Max Power: The maximum power that this dirt bike works on is 5.7 HP. The spinning speed of the engine is 5500 rpm.
  • Fuel Tank: A fuel tank that can hold up to 2.2 liters of oil is present on this bike.
  • Robust Frame: The frame of this dirt bike is made up of Cradle Type Steel Tube. 
  • Transmission: Driving Mototec 110cc X1 Gas Mini Dirt Bike is quite easy. It comes with an automatic single gear system.

If you are looking for a dirt bike that is easy to handle and requires minimum upkeep, then the Mototec's 110cc X1 Gas Dirt Bike is the right one for you. It works on automatic single-gear transmission. So, anybody can ride it easily.

The seat's height on this bike is 26inches which is appropriate for kids above 13 years to hop onto. The seat is padded, so zero comfort issues as well. 

The front fork present on Mototec 110cc X1 Gas mini bike has a telescopic front fork of 550mm and a tube of 27mm. The size of the wheelbase that the front fork holds is 39.37inches. 

Mototec makes riders' safety its top priority. Therefore, this bike is well equipped with both fronts and a rear brake. These brakes work on a single piston of 190mm disc. 

This mini dirt bike uses a single-cylinder air-cooled engine. However, being a four-stroke engine, it uses a PZ22 Jingke carburetor. 

Displacement of 107ml is available in this dirt bike. The rotational force available on the wheels of this bike is a maximum of 4.94ft @5500 rpm. 

A battery of 12v/4ah is attached to the bike to kick start the engine whenever required. The rim cast on the wheels of this bike is 1.4x10, 1.4x10. A 14T, 39T Sprocket's drive chain is part of the Mototec 110cc X1 Gas mini bike body. 

The rear suspension part of the bike has a coil spring of 270 mm and a travel suspension of 43mm, making your ride as safe as possible.


  • Model No./SKU: MB-MT-X1

  • Motor: 110cc 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled

  • Factory Model# K1

  • Displacement: 107 ml

  • Max Power: 5.7 HP @ 8000 RPM

  • Max Torque: 4.94 ft-lb @ 5500 RPM

  • Compression: 9.1:1

  • Transmission: Automatic Single Gear

  • Engine Start: Electric Start (12v/4ah battery)

  • Carburettor: PZ22 Jingke

  • Drive Train: #420 Chain (14T, 39T Sprockets)

  • Fuel Tank: 2.2 Litre

  • Wheelbase: 39.37 inches

  • Front Tire: 2.50-10 (10 inch)

  • Rear Tire: 2.50-10 (10 inch)

  • Seat Height: 23 inches

  • Max Rider Weight: 160 lbs

  • Ground Clearance: 8.26 inches

  • Frame: Cradle Type Steel Tube

  • Front Forks: Telescopic 550mm, Travel 100mm, Tube 27mm

  • Rear Shock: Coil Spring 270mm, Travel 43mm

  • Swing Arm: 320mm Steel

  • Rims: 1.4x10, 1.4x10 Cast

  • Front Brake: Single Piston, 190mm Disc

  • Rear Brake: Single Piston, 190mm Disc

  • Dirt Bike Dimensions: 60x26x33 inches

  • Dirt Bike Dry Weight: 111 lbs

  • Box Size: 50x14x25 inches

  • Box Weight: 127 lbs

  • Spark Plug: A7TC

  • Engine Oil: Summer, Winter

  • Cruising Range: miles per tank

  • Recommended Age: 13+

  • Max Rider Weight: lbs

  • Warranty: 60 days parts replacement

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Customer Reviews

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Joel Beighle
Great little bike

So far after a week the bike has ran great. Reminds me of my first Honda. My 8 year old loves it and it’s definitely fast enough. Great beginner bike. When I first put it together it idled a little high. Changed the oil and the problem seemed to resolve on its own.

Marc Thomas

It is a great product and good quality bike, but I was missing a few parts. Its everything I expected when the bike arrived.

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