MotoTec 2500W Raven Electric Scooter Bike


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Do you love traveling on bikes? Try a Mototec Raven electric scooter that has a rear hub 2500W motor. It works on a 60v 30ah lithium-ion battery. The LED headlight and rearview mirrors tick all the boxes for riders’ safety. 

  • LED headlights: The Mototec Raven electric scooter has LED headlights that consume less energy and give away more light. 
  • Rear View Mirror: It also has rearview mirrors that help the rider see the vehicles coming from the back. 
  • 2500W rear hub motor: With the 2500W rear hub motor, your riding experience on steep slopes becomes better.
  • 18-degree climbing ability: The Mototec Raven electric bike can ride at least 18 degrees uphill without losing any extra power.

The Mototec Raven electric scooter uses a 2500W rear hub motor that helps you to ride easily on steep slopes. It also takes off the stress from the chain and helps reduce any unnecessary wear and tear. This bike also comes with a speedometer that ensures you don’t cross the speed limit. 

You will find one rearview mirror on each side of the handlebar that helps the rider see the vehicles coming from the back. With an 18-degree climbing ability, the Mototec bike can easily ride in high mountainous regions. The maximum weight of this bike is 160lbs, and it can carry a maximum rider weight of 300lbs. 

The frame of this bike is made from hi-tensile steel, which is known to be a sturdy and solid material for bikes. It has variable twist throttle with which you can start your bike. In addition, the rear and front suspension on this bike ensures that the bike remains stable while coming to a halt. The seat's maximum height is 27.5 inches, enough for teenagers and adults to ride comfortably.

This bike also has front and rear hydraulic brakes, which are more powerful than mechanical brakes. The 60v 30ah lithium-ion battery makes sure that you can ride without any interruption. These batteries also last quite a long and do not need to be changed for years. In addition, Mototec offers a 60 days parts replacement warranty. This electric scooter is recommended for people who are 16 and above. 


  • Model No./SKU: EB-MT-RAVEN

  • Motor: 2500W Rear Hub Motor (brushless)

  • Battery: 60v 30ah Lithium Ion Battery

  • Throttle: Variable Twist

  • Key: Yes

  • Max Rider Weight: 300 lbs

  • Recommended Age: 16+ Years Old

  • Street Legal with DMV: No

  • Seat Height: 25 inches

  • Frame: High-tensile steel

  • Range Per Charge: 35 to 50 miles (weight dependent)

  • Charge Time: 6-10 hrs

  • Front/Rear Tire Size: 215/40-12 110/70-17

  • Shocks: Front and Rear

  • LED Headlight: Yes

  • Maximum Climbing Angle: 18 degrees

  • Maximum Torque: 95 N/M

  • Brake: Hydraulic Front and Rear

  • Wheelbase: 61 inches

  • Seat Height: 27.5 inches

  • Box Size: 74x17x32 inches

  • Box Weight: 200 lbs

  • Scooter Size: 82x29x40 inches

  • Scooter Weight: 160 lbs

  • Warranty: 60 days parts replacement

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