MotoTec 49cc Chopper Gas Mini Bike


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Color: Blue
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Want to give your kid the ultimate ride experience? The MotoTec 49cc Gas Mini Chopper is great for driveway and parking lot fun. It comes with rear disc brakes, large 14’-inch front, and 11’-inch rear pneumatic street tires. It is so simple to operate. Just pull the rope, hit the throttle, and your kid is ready for fun!

  • Emergency Kill Switch: An emergency-off switch button helps kids turn down all the running systems without causing any damage to the bike.
  • Easy Pull Start: The bike comes with an easy to pull start option. Pull the rope, hit the throttle, and you are ready to ride.
  • Front and Rear Brakes: The Mototec 49cc Chopper Gas Mini Bike is equipped with a rear disc brake system for extra braking power.
  • Fully Automatic Engine: This blue mini bike is equipped with 2 Stroke Gas - one-up and one-down, to complete a power cycle. Hence, it makes the riding experience smooth.

The MotoTec 49cc Chopper bike will amaze your kid. It has an easy-to-start 2-stroke 49cc gas motor with free mixing bottle for fast. This gas-powered Mini Chopper can handle up to 150 lbs. 

Adjustable handlebar angle, throttle/brake sensitivity, and tire air pressure allow the chopper rider to customize the chopper for cruising. In addition, the MotoTec Mini Chopper comes almost fully assembled. It includes collapsible footpegs and a retractable kickstand to park your bike. Just install the front handlebars and front wheel, and you're ready to go!

Hand-operated rear DISC brakes create quick stopping. It is great for those without a lot of experience, as there is no need for confusing foot brakes. You also get 30 days warranty on parts replacement. Hence, it's time to forget about all of your constant refueling worries because this bike has a large capacity fuel tank! Its classic looks paired with easy usability make this Gas Mini Chopper a legendary option for kids.

The 49cc engine on this chopper was designed with bottom-end torque in mind. The smooth handling, plush seat, and laid-back riding position ensure hours of comfortable cruising.

The MotoTec 49cc Chopper mini e-bike is suitable for ages 13+ years. But grown men can also ride this mini 49cc chopper bike. It is the fun little chopper motorcycle kids will surely love to ride. So, what are you waiting for? Gift it to your kids and let them have a fun and safe ride around the city! 


  • SKU/Model No.: EB-MT-CHOP

  • Motor: 49cc 2-Stroke, Air Cooled, EPA Approved

  • Engine Start: Pull Start

  • Gas Tank: 1.25 liters

  • Cruising Range: 20 miles per tank

  • Fuel/Oil: Unleaded / 2-stroke Oil 32:1

  • Transmission: Centrifugal (chain drive)

  • Bike Size: 46*23*34 (L* W* H)

  • Seat Height: 15 inches

  • Recommended Age: 13+

  • Max Rider Weight: 150 lbs

  • Frame: Steel

  • Front Tire: 12.5 * 2.25

  • Rear Tire: 110/50-6.5

  • Brakes: 1 disc rear

  • Frame: Ridged Steel

  • Throttle: Variable twist-grip

  • Seat: Padded (single rider)

  • Assembly Required: Yes

  • Box Size: 42x15x20 inches

  • Box Weight: 60 lbs.

  • Warranty: 30 days (parts replacement)

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very gud you look like awesome bicycle man on it vevy worth it

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