MotoTec 52cc Bandit Kids Gas Mini Bike


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Are you searching for a Gas Mini bike for your kid? Then, Mototec's 52cc Bandit Kids Mini bike is the one for you. It has a throttle limiter and a tether kill switch that ensures your kid's riding experience is safe and sound. In addition, it has a 1-liter fuel tank that allows kids to drive to nearby neighborhoods.

  • Automatic Clutch: The automatic clutch allows the children to stop their bikes without even touching their clutch lever.
  • Throttle Limiter: The throttle limiter on the kid's mini bike is installed for safety purposes. It decreases the power at the back of the wheel.
  • Tether Kill Switch: The tether kill switch stops the bike whenever your kid feels that they cannot bring it to a halt with the automatic clutch.
  • 1-liter fuel tank: A fuel tank of 1 liter is available on the Bandit Kids Gas Mini Bike that makes sure that your kid can roam around the neighborhood.

The Mototec bandit Kids Gas Mini Bike with a 52cc engine is exactly like the one's adult drive. It runs on a 1-liter fuel tank and makes sure that your kid can go around the neighborhood easily. The frame of this gas mini bike is made from high-quality steel.

The 52cc 2 stroke engine that the Mototec mini bike uses is light in weight. Your kid can ride without putting much effort into this bike with this engine. Two more features ensure that your kid rides the bike safely.

The first is the throttle limiter that makes sure the power at the back of your bike's wheel decreases. Due to this, your kid will remain under the speed limit that the bike offers. A tether kill switch is also available with the Bandit Gas mini bike, which can stop the bike if the automatic clutch fails. 

The bike's total weight is 41 lbs, and the maximum rider weight it can carry is 165lbs. The height of the Mototec mini gas bike seat is 19 inches, which is appropriate for a child to ride in. With the chain drive present on this bike, kids can go for long bike rides. Mototec offers a 30 days parts replacement warranty if any part of your bike is damaged. 


  • Model No./SKU: EB-MT-BANDIT

  • Engine: 52cc 2-Stroke

  • Fuel Tank: 1 Liter

  • Transmission: Chain Drive, Full Auto Clutch

  • Safety: Throttle Limiter & Tether Kill Switch

  • Frame Material: Steel

  • Key: Yes

  • Wheels: 110/50-6.5

  • Rear Brake Disk: Yes

  • Max Rider Weight: 165 lbs

  • Seat Height: 19 inches

  • Min Ground Clearance: 5 inches

  • Bike Weight: 41 lbs

  • Bike Size: 38x23x31 inches

  • Box Weight: 48 lbs

  • Box Size: 39x12x23 inches

  • Warranty: 30 days parts replacement

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