MotoTec 52cc Villain Kids Gas Dirt Mini Bike


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Faster and sturdier Mototec's 52cc Villain Kids gas Dirt Mini Bike will make sure that your kids have a great time riding. The 52cc two-stroke motor helps the Mototec's gas dirt mini bike start quickly and easily. It also has a kill switch and a throttle limiter for children's safety.

  • Pull Start Engine: The Mototec 52cc Villain kids gas dirt bike starts by pulling the engine's cord. 
  • Kill switch feature: The kill switch feature on this dirt bike can be used in emergencies when the bike is not coming to a halt.
  • Angle Adjustable Handlebars: Kids can easily adjust the handlebars present on this dirt bike according to their comfort.
  • Variable twist throttle: With the variable twist throttle on this bike, you can activate the bike and start your ride.

The Mototec's 52cc Villain kids gas dirt mini bike has a pull-start engine. It comes with a long cord that helps in igniting the engine. The motor on this dirt bike is 52cc 2 stroke which is reliable and sturdier than a 4 stroke engine. It is light in weight too, which decreases the bike's overall weight so that children can ride on it comfortably.

This bike's two main safety features are a throttle limiter and a tether kill switch. With the throttle limiter, the bike decreases the power on the back wheel, preventing the bike from crossing the speed limit that the manufacturer has set. Next is the kill switch; this switch stops the bike if the original brake fails to work. 

Your kid only has to push the red button on the handlebar to bring the bike to a halt. This bike has front and rear disc brakes to stop the wheels from both front & rear ends. It has a variable twist throttle, which is used to start the bike. Kids have to twist the throttle, and the bike will start. 

The bike's weight is 42lbs and can carry 165 lbs of rider weight. The seats of the bike are padded to make the experience comfortable. This bike is recommended for use for kids who are 13 and above. Its fuel tank can carry 1 liter of water which is enough for the children to ride around the neighborhood. Affordable and cool, this bike will become your kid's best friend.


  • Model No./SKU: EB-MT-VILLAIN

  • Motor: 52cc 2-Stroke, Air Cooled

  • Fuel Tank: 1 Liter

  • Gas/Oil Mixture: Unleaded 25:1 ratio

  • Engine Start: Pull Start

  • Cruising Range: 10+ miles per tank

  • Safety: Throttle Limiter & Tether Kill Switch

  • Transmission: Auto Centrifugal

  • Recommended Age: 13+

  • Max Rider Weight: 165 lbs

  • Seat Height: 22 inches

  • Frame: Steel

  • Front & Rear Tires: 12.5x2.75

  • Brakes: Front Disc, Rear Disc

  • Suspension: Front Fork and Rear Mono Shock

  • Throttle: Variable twist-grip

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