MotoTec 52cc Warrior Kids Gas Dirt Mini Bike


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Kids passionate about driving on rough terrains should go for Mototec's Warrior 52cc 2-stroke kids gas dirt bike. The build of this gas bike is sturdy and durable. It's easy to assemble and reliable. Your kid can enjoy riding this bike anywhere he/she likes for several hours. Front Disc and rear disc brakes offer effective stopping power.

  • Suspension: Mototec Warrior 52cc kids dirt bike has two types of suspension - Front inverted fork and rear mono-shock.
  • Front and Rear Tires: These tires provide a solid grip to help riders drive smoothly over uneven and loose surfaces. 
  • 2cc Motor: This adventure bike has a 52cc motor attached to it. You can ride upto a maximum speed of 30 mph with the help of this motor.
  • Angle Adjustable Handlebars: The handlebars on this dirt bike can be adjusted according to what the rider desires.

The Mototec Warrior 52cc kids' dirt bike is the latest generation dirt bike that is kid-friendly. Dirt biking is considered a tough and raw sport. But with Mototec's Warrior 52cc bikes, you don't have to worry about your children's safety. 

This bike is packed with all the necessary safety features. In addition, a padded seat is provided to make the experience comfortable. The seat's height is 24.5 inches from the ground so that the kid can climb on the seat easily.

The 52cc motor present on this dirt bike is air-cooled. It means that as the motor starts to overheat, the air-cooling feature cools it down automatically. The pull start method is used to start this 52cc motor.

You will find a variable twist-grip throttle on Mototec Warrior 52cc 2-stroke kids' gas dirt bike. One has to twist the handle to operate the vehicle. This feature provides power to your bike and helps it go faster. This e-bike has an impressive Cruising Range. So, it is well suited for places near mountains.

Aluminum is the main element used to make the frame of the dirt bike. Over time when the kid grows, aluminum, a lightweight metal, will handle the pressure of the kid's weight. 

Good quality outdoor rubber tires are used in Mototec Warrior kid's dirt bike. Kids can easily cover beginner terrain pleasantly on this bike. As the bike is fully automatic, your kid won't need specific training before hopping on it. 52cc kids' dirt bike has perfect dimensions. So, it won't occupy too much space.


  • Model No./SKU: MB-MT-WARRIOR

  • Motor: 52cc 2-Stroke, Air Cooled

  • Gas/Oil Mixture: Unleaded 25:1 ratio

  • Engine Start: Pull Start

  • Gas Tank: 1.1 Liter (.27 gal)

  • Cruising Range: 10+ miles per tank

  • Transmission: Auto Centrifugal

  • Chain: T8F Size

  • Recommended Age: 13+

  • Max Rider Weight: 150 lbs

  • Frame: Aluminium

  • Front & Rear Tires: 2.50-10 (15-inch diameter, 2.5 inch wide)

  • Brakes: Front Disc, Rear Disc

  • Suspension: Front Inverted Fork and Rear Mono Shock

  • Throttle: Variable twist-grip

  • Seat: Padded (single rider)

  • Handlebars: Angle Adjustable, Not Height

  • Seat Height from Ground: 24.5 inches

  • Wheelbase: 34 inches (850mm)

  • Ground Clearance: 9 inches

  • Assembly Required: Yes

  • Box Size: 46x16x23 inches

  • Box Weight: 58 lbs

  • Dirt Bike Dimensions: 49x24x30 inches

  • Dirt Bike Dry Weight: 44 lbs (19.8kgs)

  • Warranty: 30 days parts replacement

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Gas minni bike

Got it for my son for Christmas. Was able to order it Christmas day n came in a few days later. My son loves it.

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