Mototec 800W 48V Mini Lowboy Fat Tire Electric Scooter


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The Mototec 800W 48V Mini Lowboy Fat Tire Electric Scooter is powered by a strong 800-watt electric hub motor, allowing it to kick dirt and accelerate swiftly anytime the throttle is pressed. This electric motorcycle is more powerful and performs better than more costly electric bikes on the market. Try it, and you'll feel like a superstar when you go to work or school. Students, teenagers, and sports fans may consider purchasing this electric scooter.

  • Built For Excellent Performance: The Mototec 800W 48V Mini Lowboy Fat Tire Electric Scooter is a tiny, road-capable vehicle that is comfortable and performs well. It is ideal for adults and older children looking for a pleasant electric ride at a reasonable price. It has an outrageous lowrider motorcycle chassis and a hefty power plant for a fun and exhilarating road ride.  This little electric motorcycle is ideal for enjoyment and rapid personal transportation to and from work and school. You may also use it to get around the city or the suburbs.

  • 48V 12AH Lithium Ion Battery: The Mototec 800W 48V Mini Lowboy Fat Tire Electric Scooter has a range of 12 to 16 miles on a single charge, depending on the rider's weight and average speed. It comes with a large 12 amp/hour lithium-ion battery pack, allowing you to travel and ride for several hours. It takes four to six hours to charge from empty to full, so you may charge the bike for an hour or two while taking a break to extend the range.

  • A Stylish LowRider Design: The Mototec Mini Lowboy Fat Tire Electric Scooter has a classic lowrider motorcycle style with a sleek chassis, attractive ape handlebars, and alloy metal rims. It has large motorcycle rain tires and hydraulic disc brakes for good road performance. This is designed for maximum comfort and control for the rider.

  • Variable Twist Throttle: TheMototec 800W 48V Mini Lowboy Fat Tire Electric Scoote has a variable twist throttle and a pair of high-performance hydraulic disc brakes for smooth acceleration and stopping. The throttle is simple to operate and helps you move quickly on the road. The bike has a stunning traditional-style UI, much like a real motorcycle.

Using the MotoTec Mini Lowboy Electric Motorcycle, you can effortlessly cruise the streets, compete on racetracks, and go errands. This electric bike has motorcycle rain tires, road-legal lighting, and even a license plate mount, allowing you to operate it as a motorbike for commuting or leisure. You can ride it on rough roads since it has lots of power. The MotoTec Mini Lowboy has more horsepower than typical electric motorcycles, which makes riding exhilarating. This scooter sports a sturdy and lightweight metal frame for increased speed and acceleration. Because it is electric, it is silent but powerful. The MotoTec Mini Lowboy is finished in a gorgeous polished black with red accents.


  • Motor: 800w Rear Hub Motor

  • Battery: 48v 12ah Lithium Ion Battery

  • Handlebars: Tilt Adjustable

  • Throttle: Variable Twist

  • Max Rider Weight: 220 lbs

  • Recommended Age: 13+ Years Old

  • Seat Height: 27.5 inches

  • Frame: High-tensile steel

  • Range Per Charge: 12 to 16 miles (weight dependent)

  • Charge Time: 4-8 hrs

  • Front/Rear Tire Size: 10 inch

  • Shocks: Front and Rear

  • LED Headlight: Yes

  • Maximum Climbing Angle: 15 degrees

  • Brake: Hydraulic Front and Rear

  • Box Size: 56x15x30 inches

  • Box Weight: 103 lbs

  • Warranty: 30 days parts replacement

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