Nakto 500W Electrical Bicycle 26'' Santa Monica


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Looking for a stylish ride around the city? Then, give a try to the Nakto 500W Electrical Bicycle! This beautiful 26-inch bike features the enduring Aluminum Alloy frame with a durable 48V lithium-ion battery made for every on and off-road type. Santa Monica electric bike is equipped with sleek tires. So, you can ride smoothly over bumps. A 500W brushless motor allows you to travel long distances easily. 

  • Powerful Battery: Its 48V lithium-ion battery has good safety performance and built-in overcharge protection. So, you can ride to the office or school without any worry!
  • Disc Brakes: The disc brake on this e-bike provides the strongest performance. It provides great stability on different terrains and weather conditions.
  • Big and Robust Motor: The 500w brushless motor with an incredible 500-watt rating is made of high-quality alloy material, making it highly powerful. It provides you good speedy range with better thermal performance.
  • Thumb Throttle and Pedal-Assist: The Throttle gives the power to speed up your bike on the road effortlessly. At the same time, its pedal assist is hooked to a speed sensor that provides accurate rotation for more effortless pedaling.

If you love riding, the Nakto Santa Monica Bicycle is a must-try option. This casual bicycle is equipped with a powerful and lightweight lithium-ion battery and provides a more consistent charge. 

Plus, an HD LCD shows you Voltage Level Status, PAS level status, current speed, and more. You can also change the display settings as per your needs, including setting different modes: throttle only, PAS only.

The Nakto 500W Electric Bicycle also has a front suspension fork with a lock. It offers outstanding shock absorption features and relieves your body from shocks while you ride. 

Furthermore, you can choose to use it as a suspension fork or non-suspension fork in different terrains. It also allows you to drive in any terrain safely and make your climbing easier.

Its comfortable big saddle helps you to enjoy your ride comfortably. You can also adjust the saddle height from 29" to 33" as per your needs. 

This bike comes with a throttle and a pedal assist. It is useful when you need to maintain a certain speed or accelerate from a standstill without pedaling. Hence, making each ride a breeze. 

Moreover, the LCD headlights give visibility of 15 meters that lets you travel safely at night. It is available in a stunning grey color with a 1-year Warranty Card. 

However, from the bike frame to the electric motor, the waterproof wiring to connectors, and the display panel to brakes, this bicycle works efficiently. 

Whether you are a working woman/man or a student, the Nakto Santa Monica is designed for daily mobility and can be used by every age group.  



  • Size: 26 inches

  • Battery: 48V lithium-ion battery

  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy

  • Motor: 500W brushless

  • Displayer: HD LCD displayer

  • Suspension Fork: Front suspension Fork with lock

  • Brakes: Shimano Front and rear disc brake

  • Gears: Shimano 6-speed-Gears

  • Color: Grey

  • Net Weight: 23KG

  • Warranty: 1 Year

  • Max Loading: 110kg

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