Nakto Super Cruiser Fat Tire Electric Bike

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Wattage: 500W
Battery: 48v/12AH

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Motor Size:

500W/750W Brushless Option


48V Tianneng

Drive Mode:

Class II: Throttle Pedal Assist

Frame Type:

Aluminum Alloy Step Over

Wheel Size:


Motor Position:

Rear Hub

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Now with a bigger engine and a selection of battery sizes to choose from, the Nakto Super Cruise Fat Tire Electric Bike allows for a more customizable rider experience. This well proportioned electric bike combines elements from both a typical cruiser and a fat tire bike, resulting in an all-terrain e-bike that is comfortable for long distance riding. The Nakto Super Cruise fat tire e-bicycle is a great choice for riders seeking more power and range without having to swap to a gas-powered motor.

LCD Display

The big LCD screen gives you all the information you care about before next exploration with peace of mind.

Pedal Assist System

The pedal assist system gives you power with each pedal stroke. 5 levels at your disposal to help getting where you want to go.

Exploring the combination of versatile Super Cruiser Fat Tire E-bike with the functionality of the multi-speed assist.Its powerful rear hub geared brushless motor meshes seamlessly with Shimano gears to make easy work of any journey. Reliable mechanical disc brake ensures you can stop in all weather with low maintenance.

Li-ion Battery

Located on the back of the saddle downpipe for better weight distribution. Delivers a range on a single charge up to 22 miles.

Rear Geared Motor

Rear hub motor delivers up to 500W of peak power and 65Nm torque ensuring controlled acceleration.

Carbon Steel Spokes

The carbon steel spokes are engineered to provide you a significant increase in stiffness as well a lightweight.


This compact ebike front light greatly increases the visibility of the rider in traffic. Make sure safe riding at night.

Padded Saddle

Well sculpted seat covered up with a thick layer of foam that will completely bring a pleasurable riding experience.


Motor: 500W or 750W brushless motor
Battery: 48V 12AH Lithium Battery
Charging: 4-6 hours
Range: 25-30 miles
Derailleur: Shimano 6-speed-gears
Product Includes: Battery charger, battery, toolkit and owner's manual
Gross Weight: 75 Lbs.
Net Weight: 65 Lbs.
Weight Capacity: 250 Lbs.
Tire: 26" x 4" Fat Tire
Packing: 1580 x 320 x 750 mm
Safety: HD LED headlight, motor safety cut-off switch

The Nakto Super Cruise has a powerful 500 watt or 750W option brushless motor, making it capable of pulling heavier loads or traveling uphill without putting too much strain on the engine. While these things are possible on an electric bike with a smaller sized motor, they can lead to motor burnout if the engine is forced to perform beyond what it was designed for. The motor is powered by a 48 volt battery. The amp hours in a battery could be likened to describing how much gas you have in the gas tank of your car – it impacts, not on the power of the engine, but rather, on the distance you can travel. So, while both battery sizes will provide plenty of power for the motor, the 12 amp hour will have a slightly larger range.

The Nakto Super Cruise has larger 26” diameter wheels which are great for coasting over longer distances. This is because the larger the diameter of a wheel, the more inertia (forward propulsion) they are able to store once they are in motion. The larger wheels also make traveling off road more comfortable, as they are more inclined to skim over potholes, rather than dropping into them the way a smaller wheel would. The 4” wide fat tires mean that the Nakto Super Cruise can ride across all kinds of surfaces without sinking in the way a standard bicycle would. This means that the Nakto Super Cruise e-bike can ride successfully through mud, snow, and sand, making it a more versatile electric bike.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Earl Garcia
Makto Super Cruiser

I wanted a fat tire bike that I could use for commuting to work that wouldn't break the bank ,the price was rite ,sufficient power with the 500w model I commute 15 miles round trip and still have 70% juice remaining pedal assist mode helps increase range ,love this bike and get of positive comments and inquires, great purchase.

Bill Carter
Hot bike

Best bike out there. Build was easy and fast. Bike is so fast 21 mph thanks Bill

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