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Does your 2-stroke motorized bicycle not get the spark it needs to start? Whether your 2 stroke engine's a 48cc or a 66/80cc, the NGK LB05F Spark Plug Cap will make sure your engine gets the spark it needs for the performance you want.
NGK spark plug caps are made using durable phenolic resin and EPDM rubber that outlast most motorized bicycle engine kit spark plug caps. It also uses ceramic resistors for maximum performance and reliability, while being able to withstand extreme heat, vibration, and prevent flashover.
This waterproof cap has 14mm threads, has a 90° angle, and a 5K ohm resistance nut terminal. So when your motorized bike needs spark or your2-stroke engine can use even better spark, the NGK LB05F Spark Plug Cap will pair with nearly any spark plug for peak performance.

Type: LB05F (Black)

90 degree elbow type spark plug cap.

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Customer Reviews

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Joshua Pettus

no instructions on how to replace, but made a noticable difference in performance.

Daniel Searcy

BikeBerry is a great place to get all that you need to make a motorized bike the parts are good so thanks to everyone that works at BikeBerry and keep up the good work.

Igor Muratov

nice. Keeps it from rusting

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