Performance Speed-Demon Muffler with Expansion Chamber


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Color: Chrome
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Need an exhaust for your 2-stroke motorized bicycle that’ll give you performance without making too much extra noise? Then the Speed Demon High-Performance Expansion Chamber is exactly what your 66/80cc 2-stroke engine needs.
This Performance Expansion Chamber mounts the exact way its bigger banana expansion chamber does, all while increasing low-end acceleration, top end speed, and keeping your bike quiet with a baffled muffler. With its built-in expansion chamber and shorter muffler, your motor will get better airflow and increase your bike engine kit’s performance.
Long lasting, easy to install, and compatible with a huge range of 2 stroke engine kits, this Speed Demon Expansion Chamber and muffler will out-perform your stock motorized bicycle engine kit muffler like it’s nothing.

Motorized Bike Kit Performance Exhaust Muffler Upgrade with Expansion Chamber is compatible with any 2-stroke 49cc/66cc/80cc Bicycle Engine Kit. Replaces stock muffler with same bolt on pattern requires no modification. This performance muffler has a built in expansion chamber and shorter muffler allowing for better flow and engine performance.

*Note* This muffler does not come with a gasket or specific mounting hardware. However, your existing gasket and mounting screws should be sufficient to optimally run this muffler.

Gasoline operated products are NOT compliant with Environmental Protection Agency ( E.P.A. ) or California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B) for the use on/off Public roads. Upon purchase, the buyer agrees to use products for racing (closed-course competition) only and NOT for on/off public roads.

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Customer Reviews

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Gary Kinsey
Just what the chopper needed

I have never liked the stock exhaust that comes with the kits and this speed demon bolts right up and your done. Still in break in mode, so I can't say anything about performance. I can say I like the way it sounds.

William Colmer
Love it

It works great it also fit perfectly

David Dornblaser
Speed Demon Pipe

Better than stock but don't look for a big change.

Weylan Shirk
Great Product

Speed demon muffler is good. Gotta modify the silencer if you want it to run correctly. If you donmt too much back pressure will result.

For What It Is, It Works Great!

For what it is... an inexpensive bolt-on upgrade for your stock exhaust ... it's great. Do NOT expect massive increases in top-end or even bottom-end and you won't be disappointed. What do you think a sub $30 bolt-on exhaust is going to do for you? What it DOES do is (a) Makes your bike sound a little nicer... you get the pops... you get actually sound like a little motor now... without being exceptional obnoxious. (b) You will notice a small boost at the bottom-end... yes, torque did increase for me... slightly... but noticeable. (c) You will notice that you likely didn't gain any extra speed... or if you did, it was minimal. This really isn't the exhaust you want if you are a "SPEED-DEMON" (ironic, huh). This is a perfect exhaust for the guy looking to increase the sound and lower end performance of their bikes a little... with a simple 2-nut swap. No other mounting necessary.

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