BBR Tuning Billet Springer Chain Tensioners

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Tired of constantly adjusting your chain's slack or having your chain fall off? This idler is perfect for all two-stroke motor bicycles and mounts directly between the sprocket case cover so that is securely fastened to the engine directly. With the use of a heavy duty spring, this tensioner keeps the perfect amount of chain tension and in place. Regular gas bikes use a chain idler pulley that can only be adjusted using a wrench and is fixed once tightened. This bicycle motor chain idler requires no maintenance as it will adjust itself as your chain stretches.

The BBR Tuning Spring loaded Chain Tensioner is the highest quality spring tensioner on the market today. You can use the included 10T drive sprocket or use an idler wheel.

Package Includes:

1x Spring Loaded Chain Tensioner (w/ 10T Drive Sprocket)

1x Actuator Bearing

To install your Kipten Chain Tensioner:

First, you will remove your drive sprocket cover, you will likely have to detach the clutch cable. After your drive sprocket cover has been removed, ensure that both the clutch actuator bearing that came with your tensioner, and the one that was already in your engine are installed, as well as the bucking bar. Finally, line up the bolt holes of your kitten chain tensioner with the bolt holes on the drives sprocket case cover in such a way that the tensioner will end up between the cover and the rest of the engine. Finally, bolt the tensioner and cover onto the rest of the engine and reattach your clutch cable.

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robert kostreva
waiting for spring

this item will be installed when the weather improves.

Richard Trumble

BBR Tuning Billet Springer Chain Tensioners

Robert Andreason

Excellent service

Courtney Wheaton

BBR Tuning Billet Springer Chain Tensioners

Jeff Hart

I'm not sure about all I know about this, other than reviews, it seems as though it will hold tension and not need adjustment as often.

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