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Not always will you find a place to lay your bike while riding, which is why you need a bike kickstand? The bikes always benefit from a kickstand—bikes with a child seat. Two-wheel cargo bikes, e-bikes, and tourist bikes generally require dual-leg kickstands for better support. Imagine going on a sightseeing ride, and suddenly you spot a view in the middle of a mountain. Wouldn’t you want to park your bike using a stand? 

  • Dual Leg for Extra Stability: The stand has dual legs, giving the bike stability with a child seat at the rear. You get extra stability with the dual-leg kickstand. 

  • Sturdier: Two legs means twice the amount of support to the bikes. 

  • Easy Loading and Unloading: With the dual leg stand at the rear, loading and unloading luggage from the rear carrier becomes easier. 

  • Designed for Heavy-Duty Bikes: Single-leg stands may be perfect for lightweight bikes, but the dual-leg bike can carry heavier bikes. 

The rear axle mount kickstand fits below the excel nut of the rear wheel. You will have to tighten the nut of the axle to secure the stand. The axle nut has not been designed for the bikes that have a quick-release axle. You can also use a center mount stand or the frame mount of the stand. 

The rear axle mount helps secure the position of the bike. The bike’s locking mechanism holds the bike securely for riding. You have to kick the locking mechanism backward for unlocking it. With this, the leg will easily flip backward. When you secure the bike's position with the stand, it won't move, and you can park the bike even on uneven terrain. 

Double leg kickstands are always better than the single-leg kickstands as it provides twice the stability and gives you the liberty to park the bike anywhere. Unlike the single-leg stands, it is not easy to knock over the bike. 

Whether you are mountain riding or going for a city ride, the bike dual leg stand is the best-preferred option either way. When the rear stand is in use, you can easily change the bike's direction by holding it from the rear end.


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Customer Reviews

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Best part of my bike This thing is great, it's so nice to be able to always set my bike perfectly level and stable. I weigh 140lbs and it will hold my weight. I often engage the kickstand and so I can sit comfortably when waiting places. Another benefit is you can start your bike by turning the rear wheel since it lifts it up.

John Fiorella

great super super


Don’t fit any of my bikes : e-bikes or regular
I’m very not satisfied
Poor design

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