Analog Speedometer

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Ever want to see how fast your motorized bicycle can go? This Analog Speedometer tracks the speed and mileage of your motorized bike, electric bike, and even bikes without motors in real time.
This speedometer easily connects to your bike’s front end to let you know how fast and how far you're riding, no matter if you're pedaling your bike or giving your motorized bicycle engine kit some throttle. When you want to reset it, just slide the reset knob and you’re back at 0, letting you record the distance of your rides and the total mileage of all your rides.
No matter if you’re using an electric motor, 2-stroke engine, 4 stroke engine, or your legs to propel your bike, watch yourself smoke the competition with this Analog Speedometer!

Watch yourself smoke the competition with this manual speedometer! Connecting to your front end, this speedometer will let you know how fast you're going and even has an odometer to show you how far you've ridden your motor!

Package includes:


-the connecting wire

-the connector piece for the wheel's hub

-mounting hardware

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Customer Reviews

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James J Sposto
Analog speedometer

It was a quick and easy installation, it took longer to put number labels on it to identify mph. The speedometer reminds me of the tachometer I put in my ‘66 mustang 52 years ago

Michael Manuel

Works great. But I had to redo the dial with my own numbers for MPH.

Ralph Hight

Neat lil bugger!!!

Pharon Hull

Analog Speedometer

Christopher O’Hair

Last time i checked here in America we use mph i received this exact same one with my seeutek pk80 kit i ordered on Amazon the kit was actually good for being Chinese and i can understand they use kph probably i know how to calculate it to mph but i shouldn’t have to.

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