Square Retro Style Analog Speedometer


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Want to watch yourself smoke the competition? Then this Square Retro Style Analog Speedometer's exactly what you need to see how fast your bike can get. Whether you're riding a motorized bike, a pedal bicycle, or an electric bike, it's important to see how fast you're going and how many miles you've put on your bike. With this speedometer you'll see both.

Not only is it cool to see how far and how fast you're riding, it's also safe. Bike maintenance is important for safe riding, and if you're not sure how fast you're going or how many miles you've ridden that can make things dangerous. High speeds can damage bearings and unchecked maintenace will loosen and brake spokes. With this speedometer you can make sure you do crucial repairs and upkeep your bike, giving you a safer ride.

Compact, easy to mount, and simple to install, there's really no reason why you don't have this Analog Speedometer on your bike right now!

Reads from 0 MPH (0 KMH)- 50 MPH (80 KPH)

Package includes:

  • 1x Retangular Speedometer
  • 1x Connecting Wire
  • 1x Hub Connector
  • Mounting hardware included

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dan Richman
Retro square speedometer

Thank you for fulfilling my order. My first impression is that it ads handsomely to the retro look of my bicycle and it is functional. Thank you!

M. Whitaker
Square Retro Style Analog Speedometer

Looks very nice looking on my husband’s bike.
Easy to install, MPH speedometer’s are very hard to find, usually meters.
Easy to read.

Dennis Sargent

All’s good

Donald Christian
Installation instructions

It is a great product and works fine once you have the drive mechanism installed on the correct side of the front wheel axle. I though it was not working for two weeks, until I thought two switch it too the other side of the wheel. If it had installation instructions with it, I could have avoided the agrivation.

Justin Keffer

It was simple to install, and way easy to modify. I put a dash light in mine to see it at night. Very good quality, well worth the price.

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