Stinger Motorized Bike + BBR Tuning 2-Stroke Stage 4 Performance Engine


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Want to be the only one riding a cool chopper-style motorized bike? You can do this with the Stinger Motorized Bike + BBR Tuning 2-Stroke Stage 4 Performance Engine DIY kit. As the only chopper-style bike built to be motorized, the Stinger motorized bike kit comes equipped with a top-of-the-line 66cc engine and 2023’s new Stinger chopper-style motor-ready bicycle that will get you where you need in lightning speed while still looking cool doing it 

Don’t waste time looking for random parts to put together an engine, save yourself the frustration with the Stinger motorized bike DIY kit.  This bike was specifically designed with parts to create a 100% completely compatible performance engine.  With basic knowledge of mechanics and just a few simple tools, the included user manual and instruction guide will guide you through the easy installation and have you riding in style in no time.

The Stinger is stylish, reliable, and aimed at improving rider comfort and stability. It is the only chopper-style bike specially designed to have extra space for an added engine. The Stage 4 Performance Engine comes equipped with a high-performance expansion chamber, a high-performance head for more compression, a high-performance carburetor for optimum speed, and an upgraded spark plug for smooth acceleration. With this motorized bicycle kit you will be riding with confidence and in style.


Our Stinger Chopper Bike has been upgraded with an extended frame to enhance both comfort and ride experience. The extended frame offers more legroom and a better seating position, allowing for a more natural and relaxed posture. This improvement ensures that riders can enjoy longer journeys without discomfort, making the Stinger Chopper Bike perfect for those seeking both style and comfort on the road.


We upgraded our Stinger Chopper Bike with reinforced engine mounts to ensure greater stability and durability. These enhanced mounts reduce vibrations and provide a more secure fit for the engine, resulting in a smoother and more reliable ride. The reinforced engine mounts not only improve the overall performance of the bike but also extend the lifespan of the engine, making the Stinger Chopper Bike a more robust and dependable choice for riders

Please Note: Gasoline operated products are NOT compliant with Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A) or California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B) for the use on/off public roads. Upon purchase, the buyer agrees to use products for racing (closed-course competition) only and NOT for on/off public roads.

  • Excellent choice for riders seeking a complete motorized bicycle kit

  • Includes an integrated gas tank which allows for a more stable ride

  • Compression of a Performance Motor with the Carburetor to Back it Up

  • Smooth aerodynamic frame for a clean and well-balanced ride

Complete Digital Installation Guide Included

Each complete motorized bicycle comes with a digital installation guide that takes you step by step through installing, adjusting, and fueling your brand new complete motorized bike for the ride of your life.


  • Frame: Chopper Style Frame made of Hi-Ten Steel

  • Forks: Hi-Ten Steel

  • Wheel Base Distance: 59.33"

  • Headset: 33mm Aluminum

  • Handlebars: Steel, Chopper Style

  • Brakes: Front and Rear Disc Brake

  • Wheels: Spoked heavy-duty wheels with a dual drive rear wheel

  • Tires: Front 24" x 2.35" Rear 20" x 4"

  • Rear Sprockets: 22t Single Speed Freewheel Sprocket (bicycle drive train) & 44t Drive Sprocket (bike engine drive train)

  • Crank: Three Piece Crank w/ 44t Chain Ring

  • Stand: Spring kickstand included

  • Storage: Front Mounted Bag Included

  • Headlight: Front Included

  • Reflectors: Rear Included

Kit Includes:

  • BBR Tuning 66/80cc 2-Stroke Engine

  • BBR Tuning STINGER Motor-Ready Chopper Motorized Bicycle

  • Bonus- BBR Tuning Billet Aluminum High-Performance Cylinder Head 66/80cc

  • Bonus - 66/80cc High-Performance Carburetor

  • Bonus – Expansion Chamber

  • Bonus - NGK B5HS Spark Plug

  • Complete Clutch Cable Assembly with Clutch Wire Clip

  • Drive Chain Idler Pulley

  • Top Quality Japanese 202 Main Bearings

  • 415 Bike Engine Drive Chain

  • Drive Chain Guard

  • 2-Stroke Spark Plug

  • Locking Alloy Clutch Lever

  • Upgraded Twist Throttle and Cable With Grip

  • Fuel Line

  • Throttle Cable

  • Gasoline Tank Switch

  • Sprocket Clamp Assembly

  • 44 Tooth Chrome Drive Sprocket with 9 Holes

  • Large Spring (Heat Shield Spring)

  • Extension Spring (Recoil Spring)

  • High-Quality Japanese Bearings on Both Ends of the Crank

  • Required Hardware and Gaskets

  • Magneto

  • Kill Switch

  • Complete Digital Installation Guide

  • Spark Plug Removal Tool (While Supplies Last)!

  • Standard Universal Mounting Bracket

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