Sunlite 26'' Rear Brake Kit

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The rear brake includes the following parts- cable, alloy caliper with standard rubber shoes, and a brake lever. This particular brake kit includes rear brakes for bikes. The bike’s caliper offers a 69-96mm reach, making the braking process pretty easy and comfortable. 

The Sunlite 26’’ rear brake kit includes everything you need in a bike’s braking kit. The bike has been designed for a beach cruiser; it can also perform perfectly for mountain bikes. Stay assured about your safety and the bike’s performance with the Sunlite 26’’ rear brake kit. 

With a simple and quick installation process, you can mount the brakes without a professional's need. Mount it within a matter of minutes and get going. For installation, you need to fit the brake cable in the arm of the brake caliper. 

You need to tighten the brake wire to make brake pulling easier. Tighten the cables to create tension you are completely comfortable with for your rides. You need to clamp down to maintain the cable’s tension. The caliper’s mounting needs to be bolted through the rear brake of the bike. Now, make sure to mount the brake levers to the bike’s handlebars. When you are all set, get ready to get going and enjoy a wonderful experience of riding. 

The rear brake set has been ideally designed for the standard bicycle builds.


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Jacob Wigginton

As advertised


Good idea Great to help as stopping power! Easy install

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