Duro Flame 26 Inch Bicycle Tire

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The Sunlite flame 26-inch bike tires have been designed for mountain and cruiser bikes. The bike’s inner tube fits the 26’’ wheels and gives a great riding performance. The bike tires come with prints of flame decals, leaving a cool mark on the ground you ride through.

The decals on the tires do not sacrifice the bike’s performance and also give an excellent grip during the journey. The duraflame 26-inch bike tires are compatible with thorn-resistant inner tubes and standard bike tires.

The embedded decals create a cavity on the tires, giving them a great grip on the wet, muddy, and uneven terrains. With the perfect amount of grip, you never really have to worry about the bike skids. The product weight of the bike is 454 grams. The tires can take a lot of roll bounce and take you through the rough patches with great ease and comfort.


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Travis Semora

These times are freaking awesome. I got them mounted and all today and they run very smoothly. I was surprised and because I live in the city they grip the road way better than the stock hyper beach cruiser tires. I will be buying these again and yes they are cool looking tires 😎 thanks bike berry

Kendal flame tires

Very nice tire! Smooth rolling and looks great! I have had them for over a year and no complaints!

best budget tire

best looking and preformance you can cop for your motorized bike

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