Sunlite Steel Swedged MTB Handlebar

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With a sturdy steel construction, the Sunlite Steel Swedged MTB Handlebar features an ergonomic design not typically seen in other MTB handlebars. Unlike aluminum handlebars of the same size, this handlebar offers more flex for a more comfortable ride. Complimenting its relaxed riding experience, this handlebar is durable and will fatigue nearly 2 times slower than other handlebars in its class. The handlebar also features no logo, providing an aesthetic that is sure to match your bicycle. So, whether you are looking for a more comfortable handlebar or want to upgrade your existing part, then you need the Sunlite Steel Swedged MTB Handlebar.


Clamp Size: 25.4mm

Color: Black

Width/Length: 610mm

Back Sweep/ Bend: 6°

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Jacob Mcclure

Loved the handlebars, they're perfect except they were to small in diameter. But that was my fault not bikeberry. I'm just going to hang on to them and use them for another build. Can't have too many parts laying around, never know when it might come in handy.

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