Surface 604 500W Quad Off-Road Electric Bike

Surface 604SKU: EB-2021QUAD-SLV-SM-14AH

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Size: Small/Medium
Battery: 48V/14AH
Sale price$2,699.99


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The Surface 604 offers an entirely new level of charm and performance with the 500W 48V electric motor. With a newly designed cockpit and upgraded security, which requires a passcode to run the bike, you are promised the safety of the new age bike. With the SRAM X5 9-speed drivetrain, you achieve a rapid shifting performance.

  • Redesigned Cockpit: With the LCD, you get added security, and it gives you access to the vital information of your riding performance.

  • Ergonomic Gel Saddle: Your back feels comfortable, and you do not feel the strain while riding for long durations as it mutes down the impact of the jerks.

  • Plus Size Tires: It is equipped with Maxxis Rekon + Skinwall 27.5’’ X 2.8’’ with an EXO casing, which gives you an excellent grip on the most unleveled terrains.

  • Whisper Smooth Torque-Sensing Pedal Assist: It analyzes the strength you apply to the pedal and provides matching power to the bike to travel farther.

The bike is an all-terrain rider as it is equipped with Maxxis Rekon + Skinwall 27.5’’ X 2.8’’ plus-size tires that have an EXO casing. The tires have been designed to tackle the most challenging conditions on the road. Due to the larger contact patch you achieve, you achieve perfect grip to ride through the rough patches.

The tires, in conjunction with the Sr Suntour Xcm 32, 29er Suspension Fork, ensures a smooth riding experience by muting down the impact of the treacherous roads.

The bike withdraws power from 48V 14Ah/672Wh Samsung Lithium-Ion 18650 Cells. The bike uses a 500W 48V electric motor, which distributes power consistently. With the bike’s 12mosfet 25A controller, the bike achieves unmatched speed and torque. If you are expecting a lot more from the battery, you can also get the upgrading option to 48V20Ah.

The bike has a redesigned cockpit, which has an extra-large LCD to provide access to vital information. The LCD comes with a micro USB jack, so you keep your mobile charged on the trip. You can set a passcode without which the bike won’t start without it, ensuring added security.

The bike is equipped with a whisper smooth torque-sensing pedal assist, which analyzes the force you apply to the pedals and matches it with an appropriate amount of power. The motor works efficiently like a mid-drive motor. The bike has a front and back rear, which has a weight carrying capacity upto 50 lbs.

Some of the bike’s components like the selle royale ergonomic gel saddle, powerful Büchel LED headlight, tektro dorado hydraulic quad piston disc brakes give you a safe riding experience under all conditions.


  • SKU/Model No.: EB-2021QUAD

  • Sr Suntour Xcm 32, 29er Suspension Fork

  • (100mm With Axle Thru Hub)

  • Maxxis Rekon+ 27.5” X 2.8” Skinwall Tires

  • (3c, Exo Casing Tech)

  • Tektro Dorado Hydraulic Quad Piston Disc Brakes

  • Emtb Specific, With Motor Inhibitors

  • Sram X5 9-Speed Drivetrain

  • Torque Sensor System

  • Selle Royale Ergonomic Gel Saddle

  • Large Fixed-Color Led Display

  • With Micro Usb Jack

  • Powerful Büchel Led Headlight

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