The Grunge Brush Chain Cleaner Tool

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The Grunge Brush is the chain cleaning tool you've been waiting for! This brush has 2 heads with strong bristles to clean grime, grease, and debris from your chain, sprockets, and ever your cylinder. The 3-sided head allows you to clean the front, top/bottom, and rear of your chain at the same time; and the tail's bristles are thin enough get inbetween cassette and crank sprockets. Whether you're cleaning your bike chain, cassette sprockets, motorized bike chain, or rear drive sprocket, the Grunge Brush will have your riding like a champ in no time!

Use is Simple:

1. Adjust the bush blocks (to fit your cleaning needs)

2. Apply environmentally safe degreaser

3. Scrub the chain/sprockets

4. Rise with water and apply chain lube (as applicable)

5. Enjoy your ride!

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Matthew Lewis

I can clean your chain with our a problem

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