Several riders in a Moped GP race.
Don't miss out on this year's Moped and Motorized Bike Race at the Grange Raceway in Apple Valley, Ca! Whether you're running a 2-stroke moped or a 2-stroke motorized bike, show what you've got and go head-to-head with the best builders around. There are 5 different racing classes, prizes for the top 4 bikes in each class, and an awesome time all the way around. Think your bike's got what it takes? Check out the specs below to see if your bike is qualified:


Class Rules Any bicycle frame with pedals Bicycle Wheels and Tires only Front Disc Brake is the minimum requirement on all bikes China Girl 50cc to 80cc Motors (No Case Inducted Mod Allowed) Max size Carburetor is 21mm After market cylinder reed are allowed Billet high compression cylinder heads allowed Variable or shifter transmission not allowed No 4 stroke engines allowed


JNMotors Bikes Dumonde Tech Trail Tech


There will be trophies and lots of prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place (prizes will be announced at the race). This class will be a very competitive and limited class that has lots of rules and regulations. We only have 20 spaces for this class available and will require specific pre-qualifying criteria’s to be met. To have this class run solo meaning just motorized bicycles, it requires a minimum of 10 riders. If these criteria are not met we will have to run the class with one of the moped family classes similar to last year’s event. We encourage the best riders and motorized builds (meeting the spec class) to show up and have fun with the moped family and friends. To register, or for more info, click here

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