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Installing your rear drive sprocket can be tricky, but with a little help, it can be a pretty simple procedure. First, you'll want to make sure you have strong, 12g spokes to withstand the force your engine will apply to your wheels. After assuring you have a strong wheel you're ready to install your rear drive sprocket! If you have a coaster brake wheel, you'll need to remove the coaster brake arm because it will interfere with the installation of your sprocket clamp assembly. Be sure not to disassemble the axle, as some coaster brake wheel's axles fall apart after having their coaster brake arm removed. Cut a slit through one of the rubber grommets of your sprocket clamp assembly and fit it around your hub. DO NOT cut the other rubber grommet. Align your rubber grommets to your wheel so each screw port on the grommet fits within the spokes (as shown above). After you've assured the grommets' placement, lay your sprocket over the rubber grommets and double-check the ports on the sprocket align with those on the grommets. Place the metal plates for your assembly behind your internal grommet (on the inside of the wheel) and on top of the external grommet (the plates should be between the grommet and the sprocket), and begin assembling your screws and nuts on to your wheel. With a 10mm sprocket and wrench, torque the nuts down in an even pattern, assuring the same pressure is given to each nut. Be sure not to put too much pressure on your sprocket clamp assembly, as this can bend your spokes. If you have a coaster brake wheel you can choose to re-install the coaster brake arm or not. If you choose to re-install the coaster brake arm, assure that the coaster brake arm sits high enough to clear the nuts for the sprocket clamp assembly (you can bend the coaster brake arm if necessary to clear the nuts). If you choose not to reinstall the coaster brake arm be sure to safely install your dust cover and any covers that house bearings in your hub, and to also install a rear caliper brake. When your entire sprocket and clamp assembly is installed, install the wheel back on to your frame, adjust your chain if necessary, and get back on the road! To see a full rundown on how to install your rear drive sprocket, check out our sprocket installation video here.



“Hey Jo!

That is a bit tricky, if you were looking to have a motorized bicycle you can only use the front disc brake assembles due to the sprocket being mounted on the rear tire and it will be tricky to use the disc brake. It is possible with heavy modifications."


I have a mountain bike with disk brakes, how do I install the rear sprocket assembly?


“Great question, Bob! The chain tensioner can be a little tricky to set, but once you get it down it’s pretty easy.

First, mount the bracket around your rear fork, with the idler wheel facing toward the inside of the bike.
Then set the wheel so that it sits under the engine’s drive chain. When you’ve set the wheel under the chain, lift the idler wheel so that the slack of the chain is taken out (you should have about .25""-.5"" of slack on the chain)
Tighten the wheel so that the chain tension stays where you’d like it, and you’re ready to ride!"

Bob Kling

“I have a chain tension arch idler i would lik to know the propper way to install eveerything? PEASE HELP!

Thank You Bob"

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