Best Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits of 2018 - Electric Wheel - Modwheel Buyers Guide
As the world makes a push for electric vehicles, more and more electric conversion kits are being made for bicycles. Generally, these kits offer an easy install compared to gas kits. It typically includes the swapping of a wheel and simply attaching the battery and controller to the base of your bike. In this blog we are going to look at the Modwheel line of conversion kits and let you know which best applies to your bike and lifestyle. The conversion kits we will be looking at are the 1000W Pro Series, 500W Enthusiast, 250W Commuter, and the 250W All In One conversion kit. The first question one should ask themselves is, what is your intent on using this electric bike? If you're looking for a little assistance with hills or help coming back from a long ride a 250W electric will would be a perfect choice. The first 250W we will look at is the Commuter. Apply this conversion to a front wheel or rear 7 speed. This battery lasts for 25 miles while you travel at 15 mph. With a charge time of 5 hours, this kit is great for the daily rider who enjoys a work out and equally enjoys a Sunday cruise. Another common 250w is the E-Bike all in one Conversion kit. The Conversion kit is centered around the front wheel where the motor and battery are located. Because of the simple design, this kit installs within minutes. Simply replace the wheel. Slide on your throttle and cell phone holder and you're done. No need for a battery or controller as they are all part of the mechanics of the wheel. Another great addition to this kit is that it has Bluetooth connectivity with an app designed for the wheel. Travel a 30 Mile distance at top speeds of 15 mph. This kit does, however, rely on pedal-assist to get going. With a charge time of 1.5 hours, you're able to get back on the road shortly after reaching your destination. This kit is great for an entry-level rider who wants an easy ride with an easy install. If you're looking to primarily use the electric motor with little to no pedaling a 500W or higher motor will be sufficient. These motors have the essential power needed to take off from a dead stop as well as help you climb most hills you encounter, with little to no assistance. The Enthusiast is a 500w Kit that can be for a front or rear 7 speed. The battery charges at the standard of 5 hours. This kit travels less with a 17 mile range, however, your speed will get up to 21 mph. Perfect for the person looking to travel a moderate distance at a faster pace. Our last Kit is the most powerful of all. The Pro series is a 1000W rear or front wheel conversion. This kit is the same as The Enthusiast, only it will travel a shorter distance of 14 miles but at a high speed of 28 mph. Also charging within 5 hours this bike is great for the rider going short distances and wanting to get there fast. These higher wattage wheels are also the best for climbing or pulling heavy loads. Whether you want to travel at top speeds or get the most out of the performance of an electric motor, this is surely the kit for you. With the exception of the all in one wheel, these kits all have the option for front wheel or rear 7 speed. Choosing between the front and rear drive will differ in installation time and slightly affect your performance. As all purchasing decisions, Price is a major factor. ModWheel 48V 1000W Front/Rear 7 speed $799.95/ $809.95 ModWheel 36V 250W Front $499.99 ModWheel 36V 500W Front/Rear 7 speed $699.95/ $709.95 ModWheel 26V 250W Front/Rear 7 speed $599.95/ $609.95 Electric is the future, and with these conversion kits, you'll be ahead of the rest environmentally and on the road. Check the description below for links to these kits and as always Like, subscribe and comment. Let us know which looks best to you.



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