Blue GigaByke on boardwalk Today we're taking a look at the new GigaByke Groove Lithium-Ion Batteries. These optional batteries take your Groove the extra mile but before we dive into the benefits of lithium were going to cover some improvements to the silicone acid battery. GigaByke has done a great job of taking customer feedback and renovating their products. This time they've made a couple of changes to their silicone battery. To start they've added better protection to the fuses. Better protection means a safer battery and a safer ride. They've also thickened the plates covering the battery again adding some extra protection. We've been told that they have improved and expanded upon their testing procedures making it less likely that you'll fall upon a faulty product. To top it all off, they improved their packaging to assure your battery arrives to you safe and ready to use.
Man holding lithium battery
Now let's look at the new Lithium-Ion Battery. This battery is an extra option to the GigaByke groove so were going to let you know if these features are worth the added dollar. First off, the Lithium battery weighs half the weight of the silicone. Having a lighter battery is great for those of you who, take it out frequently. We know lugging a big battery around could be very cumbersome, by switching to lithium you can drop that by 27 pounds. Not only will you have to carry less weight but so will your GigaByke. Having a lighter battery means your Groove will have to pull less wight impacting your efficiency.
Lithium battery on scale displaying weight
The Lithium battery is reported to increase the range of the GigaByke by 70%. What was once 20-25 miles now looks more like 30-33 Miles per charge. Travel longer distances at ease knowing this battery has got you covered. Along with longer distances, this battery provides a longer battery life. This battery is stated to have double the life of the silicone, meaning that you can charge this battery over and over without fear of it permanently dying anytime soon. One of the best benefits of the lithium-ion battery is that it charges much faster than the silicone battery. It can be a major drag when you need to be somewhere or just want to go out and ride, but you're waiting for your battery to charge. Overall the lithium charges about 80% faster than the silicone
Lithium battery charging on wall outlet
Something else that does not affect the GigaByke but is well worth mentioning is that Lithium-Ion Batteries are much cleaner and more Eco-friendly than silicon acid batteries. The lithium battery goes above and beyond its silicone predecessor. The battery is Lighter, goes a longer range, has double the battery life, and is a faster charge. The GigaByke Groove Lithium Battery is currently priced at $699. Make sure to go pick one up if you want to further your GigaBykes capabilities.

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