Motorized bicycle with headlight and reflectors.
Motorized bicycle with headlight at night. Photo: MotorBicycling
Safety should always be a priority when you’re riding your motorized bicycle, but it’s especially important to keep in mind when you’re riding your bike at night. Things can get more complicated and more dangerous in the dark because it can be hard to see the road in front of and around you. This is especially true in areas that aren’t well-lit. As such, it’s always a good idea to make sure you have the proper motorized bicycle accessories to ensure your safety. Being prepared for a night ride on your motorized bike is always a good idea. Not only will your ride be a lot smoother if you can see in the dark, but you’ll have a better chance of avoiding a serious accident. You’d be surprised at the world of difference a couple lights and reflectors can make when you’re riding your bike at night. So let's break these accessories down into categories to give you an idea of exactly what you need to ride at night and why.

What Do You Need for Night Riding?

Motorized bike with safety lights. Photo: BikeBerry (Facebook)
When you think of riding at night, you probably think of a helmet reflector and maybe a headlight or taillight. Well, a simple reflector here and there may be fine for some bike riders, but as a motorized bike rider, you're going at least 50 percent faster than a normal cyclist at any time. That means you're going to have to take more precautions than other riders out there, especially at night. Now, don't worry. You don't need to spend a lot of money on safety features. You also don't need to spend hours trying to figure out how to wire a lighting system to your 2-stroke bike engine (though more power to you if you can). You do, however, need to make sure you're covering the basics of lighting on your bike, which include:
  • Headlights — These will help drivers and fellow riders see you coming toward them. They also help you see what's on the road ahead of you, which is helpful in parts of town where streetlamps aren't available.
  • Taillights (preferably with a brake light) — These help fellow riders and drivers see you as they approach you from behind. Better yet, if your taillight has a brake light, it will help riders and drivers know when you're coming to a stop, which can be hard to tell when it gets dark out.
  • Accessory Lights — While not 100 percent necessary, these types of lights can be used to help give you that added bit of personal safety you need on the road. For example, lights on your wheels' tire caps will give your wheels a round glow to help riders and drivers see you in motion. These make you that much more visible to others, and visibility is key when you ride your motorized bike at night.
LED headlight on bike. Photo: New Atlas
If you want to enjoy a nighttime motorized bicycle ride and want to take the proper safety precautions, we’ve compiled a list of the best motorized bicycle accessories for night rides. These accessories will help ensure your efficiency and safety, as well as give your motorized bike a bit of style — because practicing proper safety while riding at night is even better when you have a bike that stands out!

The Best Accessories for Riding at Night

The great thing about this list is that everything here is simple to install and affordable. In fact, all four of these accessories — which may be necessary to even legally ride your motorized bike on the road — will cost you less than $75. Seriously. You won't have to spend much on everything you need to make sure you can be seen on all points of the road. You might be asking yourself, "Well, can't I just spend less and get the bare minimum?" The answer is, "Yes you can!" But think about it: Would you rather spend that much on safety gear now or a hospital bill when you get hurt because someone didn't see you on the road? Exactly. So let's dive into the best accessories you can get yourself to ensure everyone can see you on the road at night.

1. Best Taillight System: BBR Tuning Bicycle 3-In-1 Brake Light and Turn Signal

BBR Tuning Bicycle 3-in-1 Brake Light and Turn Signal for motorized bike.It’s always a good idea to have a working brake light and turn signal, but these components are especially necessary at night. When you’re riding your motorized bike at night, it can be incredibly difficult for drivers or other cyclists to notice if you’re slowing down. This could lead to a dangerous rear-end collision. The BBR Tuning Bicycle 3-in-1 Brake Light and Turn Signal is meant to keep you safe if you have any drivers behind you. Riding bike at night with bicycle taillight.This motorized bike accessory includes left and right turn flashers so you can let other drivers know your intentions on the road. It’s also equipped with a brake detector, so anyone behind you will see the taillight come on when you squeeze your motorized bike’s brakes. To top it off, this kit also features a horn that you can control with the click of a button, just in case you need to let yourself be seen and heard on the road. The BBR Tuning 3-in1 Brake Light and Turn Signal is super easy to install, too. All you need is a screwdriver and a couple AA batteries, and you’re good to go. So not only does the combo encourage safe riding, it’s also convenient. Features
  • Brake light and taillight
  • Rear turn signals
  • Horn emits from turn signal controls

Our Price: $9.95 | Click Here to Buy This Motorized Bike Accessory

2. Best Speedometer for Night Riding: Digital Speedometer

Digital Speedometer for motorized bike.A standard speedometer can be difficult to read at night. In addition, not all speedometers include a clock, which can make measuring your ride time tricky — especially if you’re trying to keep track of how long you’ve been running your 2-stroke engine or 4-stroke engine. Luckily, this Digital Speedometer features a backlit display so you can keep track of your speed and the time while riding your motorized bike at night. Sure, reaching high speeds on your motorized bicycle can be fun and exciting, but if you’re going too fast while riding at night, you might not see hazards on the road until it’s too late. You could also push your engine too hard, and you’d hate to have to do some motorized bike maintenance in the middle of the night. Digital Speedomter on a motorized bicycle.As an added safety measure, the digital clock on this speedometer means you won’t have to reach into your pockets and fumble with a clock or phone to check the time. That way all you have to worry about is operating your motorized bicycle and nothing else — no need to distract yourself reaching for your phone when you can just take a quick glance down and see what time it is. Features
  • Backlit display that can be seen by the rider at night
  • Displays distance ridden and current speed
  • Displays time

Our Price: $24.95 | Click Here to Buy This Motorized Bike Accessory

3. Strongest Headlight: Super Lumen Bicycle LED Headlight and Taillight Combo

Super Lumen Bicycle LED Headlight and Taillight Combo for motorized bike.A bright headlight is an essential accessory for any bike you take out for a joyride after the sun goes down, whether it's a motorized bike or standard bicycle. In fact, riding your bike at night could be a violation depending on your state and county motorized bicycle laws and regulations. The Super Lumen Bicycle LED Headlight and Taillight Combo is a great and safe option thanks to its high lumen output and adjustable beam. The headlight features high, low, and strobe light modes, which will allow you to choose how you want to signal your presence on the road at night. The taillight also has three modes: steady, strobe, and SOS. That way, you can ride safely and securely if you’re going through an area that’s either dimly lit or really dark. And in case you need some help on the road, you can switch to the SOS feature. Super Lumen LED Headlight installed on bicycle.Thanks to its LED light, this setup will provide you with bright lighting to give you visibility from a great distance, ensuring maximum safety while riding at night. Features
  • Throws light up to 300 meters (900+ feet)
  • 6000 to 6500k white glow to see the road in true color
  • Adjustable beam that allows for a stronger or softer light, and wider or more narrow beam

Our Price: $19.90 | Click Here to Buy This Motorized Bike Accessory

4. Best Accessory Light: Motorized Bicycle Valve Stem LED Light

Motorized Bicycle Valve Stem LED Lights for motorized bike.So you have your turn signals, headlight, and taillight. Cool, you’re almost there! As an added safety measure, you should definitely consider installing a Motorized Bicycle Valve Stem LED Light. These lights can be attached directly to your wheels, which adds extra visibility while you ride. Unlike reflectors that only shine when light hits them — which, scarily enough, can sometimes be too late — these valve stem lights will shine consistently. Since they’re motion activated, they’ll give your motorized bike wheels a circular glow that’s nearly impossible to miss. Also, because they’re powered by motion, you don’t need to worry about swapping them out or replacing batteries. Bicycle wheel spinning with valve stem light.Installing these valve stem lights is super easy to do. All you have to do is replace your tires’ valve stem caps with the lights. That’s it! Once they’re on, you just pedal, and the lights will be triggered. That way other riders and drivers can see you from far away. Plus, they come in bright colors like blue and green, so as a nice bonus, your bike will look cool while you stay safe. Features
  • Easily mounts to your tire's valve stem
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • More secure than stock valve stem caps

Our Price: $9.95 | Click Here to Buy This Motorized Bike Accessory

Honorable Mentions

Like we mentioned earlier, maybe you already have a few of these accessories, but you might be missing a part here or there. So if you're looking for the final touches to put on your motorized bike before you go out riding for the night, here are a couple of lighting accessories you should pick up for your next build.

BBR Tuning Vintage LED Bullet Headlight

BBR Tuning Vintage LED Bullet Headlight - Black/Copper for motorized bike.If you’re looking for something that’s both functional and stylish, the BBR Tuning Vintage LED Bullet Headlight gives you the best of both worlds. Though it may not be as bright as the Super Lumen light mentioned above, it will still provide you a good amount of lighting to keep you safe while riding your motorized bicycle at night. Plus, there’s just no denying how cool this headlight looks. With its sleek retro design and copper accents, your ride will get a nice aesthetic upgrade. This light is especially perfect if you’re riding a motorized lowrider bike. Features
  • 7-chip honeycomb LED light design for bright illumination
  • Retro look
  • Includes mounting bracket for easy installation

Our Price: $34.95 | Click Here to Buy This Motorized Bike Accessory

Sunlite TL-L340 LED Taillight

This is a product image a BBR Tuning Vintage LED Bullet Headlight - Black/Copper for motorized bikes.If you have everything you need to go for a night ride on your motorized bicycle, you may want to consider a bit of extra precaution, just in case. The Sunlite TL-L340 LED Taillight may be simple, but it will ensure that riders behind and around you can see you on the road. The Sunlite Taillight features 3 LED lights to provide optimal visibility to onlookers. It’s bright, easy to install, and water resistant — so you never need to worry about pulling over all of a sudden to remove the light if rain starts coming down on you. In addition, this taillight includes two modes. You can control whether the light remains solid or flashing, as well as how quickly it flashes (emergency and intermittent). Features
  • 2 modes (steady and flashing)
  • Water resistant
  • Can run up to 150 hours using 2 AAA batteries

Our Price: $6.95 | Click Here to Buy This Motorized Bike Accessory

Riding Your Motorized Bike Safely at Night

Motorized bicycle with tire lights installed. Photo: BikeBerry (Facebook)
If you ride your motorized bike everywhere, you’ll likely notice that it can get tough to see at night. This is especially true if you’re riding in areas without sufficient street lights. That’s why it’s always best to ensure your safety and be prepared with the best motorized bike accessories for riding at night. By equipping your motorized bicycle with headlights, taillights, turn signals, and even a light-up digital speedometer, you’ll be a lot safer when riding on dark streets. You’ll also be able to see much better in front of you, and drivers and other riders will be able to see you, too. So the next time you go for a ride on your motorized bicycle at night, be prepared with the proper accessories and stay safe out there!

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