BBR Tuning 12v High Performance 2-Stroke Stator Magneto
2-stroke motorized bicycle with high-performance CDI. Photo: BikeBerry (Facebook)
We all know that when it comes to running your 2-stroke motorized bicycle, you need a spark that’s strong enough to get you started. But what happens when you upgrade your cylinder or head and that spark's not enough to turn your engine over? Or if you're operating an older engine and its electrical components eventually stop working as efficiently as they use to, what do you do then? The good thing is that 2-stroke engines are pretty customizable, so upgrading your motorized bike's electric system is pretty easy. In fact, we compiled a list of the best motorized bicycle electrical upgrades for your ride to make sure you're up and running. Whether you’re an expert racer or a casual commuter, these electrical upgrades will strengthen and maintain the spark needed to ignite your 2-stroke engine and keep your motorized bike at peak performance.

Why Upgrade Your Motorized Bike’s Electrical Components?

A 2-stroke engine’s electrical components are built to last. Unfortunately, they can grow weak over time. Furthermore, depending on your riding needs, you may want a stronger spark to get your engine started faster and without much trouble. High-performance CDI installation on 2-stroke motorized bike.There are various reasons why you should upgrade your 2-stroke engine with high-performance electrical parts:
  • Durability — On average, electrical upgrades are longer-lasting than stock components. These motorized bicycle upgrades tend to be made from more durable materials (such as thicker coiling) and are usually built with competitive performance in mind.
  • Racing and Off-Roading — If you join a motorized bike racing club or like hitting off-road trails on the weekend, you’re going to want a strong, consistent spark. You’ll also notice a boost in power, which will increase your 2-stroke engine’s performance.
  • Stronger Spark and Current for Commuting — Generally speaking, these 2-stroke engine upgrades are suitable both for avid racers and everyday commuters. So if you just want a good, solid spark for daily riding, you should consider a high-performance magneto, CDI, and spark plug.
    • Note: The laws pertaining to motorized bicycles vary from region to region. As such, it’s a good idea to read up on your local motorized bicycle laws to ensure that you are investing in compliant 2-stroke engine upgrades.
Now before we get into our list of motorized bicycle upgrades, let’s take a quick look at the three main electrical components that give your 2-stroke engine spark.

2-Stroke Engine Electrical Parts

2-stroke magneto and magneto magnet.A 2-stroke engine uses three main components to obtain the spark that will power it on: a magneto, CDI, and spark plug. There’s a bit of science to it, but the functions of these parts can be broken down quite simply:
  • The magneto, or magneto loop set, surrounds the magneto magnet, which revolves to create a magnetic force.
  • The magneto then captures this magnetic force and sends it to the capacitor discharge ignition (CDI, or CDI electron ignition coil).
  • The CDI is connected to both the magneto and the spark plug. As such, it transfers the magnetic force energy from the magneto to the spark plug.
  • The spark plug uses this transfer of energy to create a spark, which in turn creates the combustion necessary to get the engine’s piston and crank moving.
Upgrading the electrical components on your bike engine is often an overlooked practice, but it's super important. Whether you're running a full-on racing engine or a weekend put-around motor, the right electrical components will allow you to maximize your engine's start up, performance, and even the longevity of your engine. This is due to several reasons:
  • An upgraded magneto, CDI, and spark plug create a more powerful spark for ignition, which leads to a smoother, faster ride. Moreover, a consistent spark means your engine will work less — as such, your engine will last longer than it would with a weaker spark, which would force it to work much harder.
  • These motorized bicycle upgrades promote fuel efficiency. When your engine's starting and running more consistently, your engine won't have to work so hard. That means it will consume less fuel and still go farther.
  • Electrical upgrades are easy to install on your 2-stroke engine. Unlike heads that need to be torqued to certain specs or carburetors that need to be tuned, upgrading electrical components can be done without dismantling or tuning your entire motorized bike.
Now that you know what your electric components are and how they work together to keep your engine running, let's check out the top 5 electrical 2-stroke engine upgrades for your motorized bicycle.

1. BBR Tuning Volt Master High Performance Racing CDI (Stage 2)

BBR Tuning Volt Master High Performance Racing CDI (Stage 2) for 2-stroke engines.If you’re looking for an increased sense of power and security, the BBR Tuning Volt Master High Performance Racing CDI (Stage 2) is what you need. A better CDI means a stronger spark, which makes this component a great pick if you’re looking for a 2-stroke engine upgrade that will boost overall performance. This CDI has a better timing system than most stock CDI units, starting your engine faster and with more stability thanks to its consistent power management. This high-performance CDI also includes a key-switch ignition for added security. That means you can confidently walk away from your motorized bike knowing that it can’t be started without the key. Great for racing and commuting, the BBR Tuning Stage 2 Volt Master CDI ensures a powerful spark every time you ignite your engine. Most CDIs are small, all-in-one units that limit the power your coil gets. This racing CDI has a standalone coil separate from the CDI unit that builds up more strength for a bigger spark. The stronger spark combined with the key-switch ignition will ensure your engine starts every time with no stuttering — just for you.

2. BBR Tuning High Performance 2-Stroke Super Magneto

BBR Tuning High Performance 2-Stroke Super MagnetoFor the best spark and electrical current, you should consider combining a high-performance CDI with the BBR Tuning High Performance 2-Stroke Super Magneto. This will provide your 2-stroke motorized bicycle with increased power output and efficiency. The 2-Stroke Super Magneto eliminates weak spark issues, providing a more consistent magnetic force and keeping your CDI running at peak performance. What’s more, extra coiling made of a thicker material than the stock 2-stroke magneto allows for higher voltage at a higher current. This higher current will in turn enable your CDI to charge more quickly and to a higher voltage. A stronger, healthier spark streamlines the power moving through your motorized bicycle, optimizing not only speed, but overall performance. If you’re going with a high-performance CDI, then a high-performance magneto is practically a must-have for any 2-stroke motorized bicycle enthusiast.

3. BBR Tuning Volt Master High Performance Racing CDI (Stage 1)

BBR Tuning Volt Master High Performance Racing CDI (Stage 1) for 2-stroke engines.Though it doesn’t include the lock-and-key like the Stage 2, the BBR Tuning Volt Master High Performance Racing CDI (Stage 1) still packs plenty of power. Like it’s Stage 2 counterpart, this high-performance CDI maximizes your motorized bike’s fuel efficiency. It does so by providing a high-voltage spark that creates maximum cylinder combustion. Stronger combustion means increased miles per gallon, higher top end speeds, and a boost in power. The stock CDI included with your 2-stroke engine is designed to get you up and running but isn’t necessarily built with performance in mind. As a result, stock CDIs have a weaker spark and a shorter life expectancy. A simple upgrade to a Stage 1 High Performance Racing CDI can ensure the longevity of your motorized bike and a more even distribution of power for faster ignition and higher speeds.

4. BBR Tuning 12v High Performance 2-Stroke Stator Magneto

BBR Tuning 12v High Performance 2-Stroke Stator MagnetoRunning accessories like headlights using your motorized bike’s power supply is an easy way to drain your 2-stroke engine. If you want your motorized bicycle to feel more like a full-fledged moped or motorcycle, you’ll like the BBR Tuning 12v High Performance 2-Stroke Stator Magneto. Swap out your current mag for this one, and you’re ready to run your favorite accessories straight from your 2-stroke engine instead of dragging around extra batteries. The 2-Stroke Stator Magneto can run 12v accessories, a huge improvement from the 6v capacity of a stock magneto. This component makes adding safety features to your electric bike like headlights and turn signals quite convenient. With power straight from your 2-stroke engine, your accessories will be running long after you’re done riding for the day. This motorized bicycle upgrade will ensure you get to where you need to go without draining your bike’s power.

5. NGK B5HS 2-Stroke Spark Plug / NGK B6HS 2-Stroke Spark Plug

NGK B5HS and NGK B6HS 2-stroke spark plugs.There are high-performance spark plugs, and then there are NGK spark plugs. Offering the stronger spark and full combustion of a high-performance spark plug, these spark plugs are designed to perform under extreme climate conditions. Specifically, the NGK B5HS 2-Stroke Spark Plug is ideal if you’re riding your motorized bike in cold weather. Alternatively, the NGK B6HS 2-Stroke Spark Plug is perfect for warmer temperatures. If you’re looking to fine-tune your 2-stroke engine, NGK spark plugs are the way to go. There’s no need to sacrifice peak performance if you live somewhere with diverse weather conditions or inconsistent temperatures. NGK spark plugs are built for greater strength and better heat transfer, so you can rest assured that your motorized bike will withstand the elements no matter where you choose to ride.

Honorable Mention: High Performance Three Prong Spark Plug

High Performance Three Prong Spark PlugThe High Performance Three Prong Spark Plug provides three times the spark of a traditional single prong spark plug. A stronger spark helps your engine run more efficiently, keeping your 2-stroke engine clean of unburnt fuel and extending the life of your motorized bicycle. Easy installation and a universal fit make it perfect for creating and maintaining a strong spark. The stronger your spark, the faster the speed and capability of your 2-stroke engine. If you experience surges of power or inconsistent engine ignition, this high-performance spark plug can stabilize the flow of power and provide you with a stronger spark. It’s an easy switch from a spark plug that channels less power to one that provides you with a much-needed boost.

Honorable Mention: NGK Spark Plug Cap

NGK Spark Plug Cap for motorized bike engines.Built for maximum durability and reliability, the NGK Spark Plug Cap ensures that your motorized bike gets the spark it needs to start. Conveniently, this spark plug cap can pair with nearly any spark plug and is easy to install. NGK Spark Plug Caps are manufactured using extremely durable phenolic resin and EPDM rubber so you don’t need to worry about wearing them out quickly. When you pair this with other components on this list, you can ensure that your 2-stroke engine receives the strongest, cleanest spark it needs for optimum speed.

Better Spark, Better Engine, Better Ride

A 2-stroke motorized bicycle with high-performance electrical parts.You don’t have to be an expert cyclist or master craftsman to install and benefit from customizing your ride with these 2-stroke engine upgrades. The power flowing through your engine is crucial for a smooth, stable, and safe ride. That’s why it’s a great idea to equip your bike with the best parts that enhance its running power. The five electrical upgrades listed in this article are a great way to give your 2-stroke engine what it needs to keep you moving faster for longer. When you start your motorized bicycle with these high-performance parts installed, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your engine is running at peak performance. With a strong spark, there are no limits to how far you can ride.

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