4-stroke motorized bike.
4-stroke motorized bike. Photo: BikeBerry (Facebook)
A motorized bicycle can serve many purposes. Some folks use motorized bikes to get to work or school. Others utilize them to run quick errands around town. And there are others who build and ride motorized bicycles strictly for leisure. Motorized bicycles typically come equipped with a 2-stroke engine, 4-stroke engine, or electric bike motor. These bikes are cost-effective, convenient, and eco-friendly. That said, while a motorized bike isn’t as expensive as a car, it can become a time investment. Of course, you can always turn that investment into a passion project or even a small business. In this article, we’ll discuss five reasons why you should build a motorized bicycle.

1. Commute

A motorized bicycle is a great solution for commuting to and from work every day. It’s more efficient than walking or riding a standard bike. Best of all, you won’t have to depend on public transportation or ask anyone for a ride to work. 2-stroke motorized bike used for commuting.Convenience aside, a motorized bicycle is also an economic investment. Compared to gas prices, monthly car payments, and even ride-sharing services, you’ll save money in the long run by using a motorized bike. In addition, if you’re operating an electric motorized bike, you’ll also help the environment by cutting down on gas emissions. If you build a motorized bike with a 2-stroke engine, you’ll also be able to customize it with high-performance parts to improve the quality of your daily ride. A high-performance carburetor, for example, will give you higher speeds and torque so you can keep up with traffic. Similarly, a high-performance cylinder head will give your 2-stroke engine more power while also providing better cooling than a stock cylinder head. Most states have relaxed motorized bike laws if you’re using either a gas-powered 2-stroke engine or 4-stroke engine below a specific cc displacement. Likewise, if you’re building an electric bike using an e-bike kit and battery, the electric bike laws and rules of the road aren’t too strict. Note: It’s always best to familiarize yourself with your state laws and local regulations if you plan on building a motorized bicycle for commuting.

2. Get a New Hobby or Learn a New Skill

Custom 2-stroke motorized bike designed by hobbyist bike builder. Photo: BikeBerry (Facebook)
Building a motorized bike is a unique skill. It’s a great way for handy folks to keep busy, and it provides newer builders with a rewarding challenge to take on. Ultimately, whether you’re a hobbyist who likes building things or you’re looking to learn a new skill, it can be really satisfying putting together your very own motorized bicycle. Building a bike of your own is also an excellent outlet for stress. It allows you to unplug for a while and work with your hands, especially if you’re feeling bored and are looking for a way to pass the time. Studies show that working with your hands on a personal project — whether you’re taking up pottery, metalworks, or engine-building — allows your mind to check out from the stress of daily life. Although building a motorized bicycle can be challenging, it certainly isn’t rocket science. You’ll need some basic technical knowledge and a generally handy mindset. Thankfully, the BikeBerry YouTube channel has plenty of installation tutorials, guides, and how-to videos to help you through the process. Whether you opt for a 2-stroke engine, 4-stroke engine, or electric bike kit, the assembly is relatively user-friendly with the right installation guides.

3. Build an Off-Road Bike

Off-road 2-stroke motorized bicycle with heavy-duty fat tires. Photo: BikeBerry (Facebook)
If you’re the outdoorsy, adventurous type, a motorized bicycle is a suitable alternative to a dirt bike. For starters, it’s a lot more affordable than even a used dirt bike. Second, with the right performance upgrades, you can essentially turn a motorized bicycle into a heavy-duty, off-road dirt bike. The BBR Tuning Racing Series Stage 4 66/80cc 2-Stroke Engine Kit is great for more than just racing. Thanks to its inclusion of performance upgrades, you’ll be able to tackle dirt roads with ease. Oh, and if you’re taking on especially steep hills, don’t forget to fit your motorized bicycle with a 48-tooth sprocket or 50-tooth sprocket — larger sprockets provide you with more torque and give you that extra push you’ll need. If you’re going the e-bike kit route, there’s really no substitute for a high-powered rear wheel like the ModWheel 48v 1000w Direct Drive 7-Spd Rear Wheel Electric Bike Kit. Though not customizable like a 2-stroke engine, this electric bike kit can give you the necessary power to easily ride through off-road terrain and take on steep hills. Putting together a motorized bike using a 2-stroke engine with high-performance parts or a 1000w e-bike kit will ensure you’re prepared to take your bike for a spin off the beaten (and paved) path.

4. Hit the Racing Circuit

Motorized bike racing circuit. Photo: Socal Motor Bicycle Racing (Facebook)
If you’re all about high-speed adrenaline, you could build your very own motorized bicycle and hit the racing circuit. The BBR Tuning Racing Series 2-stroke engines are highly customizable and include high-performance parts such as a high compression cylinder head and expansion chamber. These parts will ensure you’re getting the performance and top end speed you need on the track. Of course, the upgrades don’t end there. If the expansion chamber isn’t cutting it, you could upgrade to a higher-powered option like the BBR Tuning High Performance F2 Thrust Exhaust Muffler. This muffler gives you both a smoother and faster ride thanks to its long, baffle-less design, so you’ll be passing other racers on the track left and right. You could also improve your engine’s spark so you’re the first one out of the starting line with the BBR Tuning Volt Master High Performance Racing CDI. Many local motorized bicycle racing clubs host events and racing circuits if you’re looking to fulfill your competitive streak. Attending these events is a great way to socialize with fellow racers and motorized bike enthusiasts. Adrenaline lovers and speed demons alike will appreciate the ability to take their newly constructed toy for a spin on the racetrack.

5. Turn It into a Business Venture

Building and customizing a motorized bicycle in a bike shop.Once you’ve mastered the art of building motorized bikes, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to monetize your new skill. If you have a garage, you can open up a shop and start selling 2-stroke, 4-stroke, and electric bikes to others looking for a more efficient way to get around. You can even step it up a level and customize motorized bikes by putting your own unique spin on them. Stylish mag wheels, handy baskets, color-coded throttle grips, and bright valve stem LED lights can all bring out a personal flair on a motorized bike. Aside from turning your new skill into a nice little side hustle, you could also sell motorized bike parts and services. Once you secure a sale, you can offer to perform maintenance on your customers’ bikes if they need any repairs in the future. Selling motorized bicycles, parts, and services is a great way to make some extra cash. And if you gain enough traction in your town, you could even turn it into a full-time venture.

Building a Motorized Bike Is a Worthwhile Project

Complete 2-stroke motorized bicycle. Photo: BikeBerry (Facebook)
Whether you’re going to work, school, or the grocery store, motorized bikes can take you anywhere you want to go and get you there in a flash. In addition, if you already have a vehicle for commuting, you can always build a motorized bicycle for hitting some off-road trails or the racing circuit. Then again, maybe you’re just handy and are looking for a new project to spend your free time with. If that’s you, building a motorized bike is a great time investment, and you can even turn it into a small business. Whatever the case may be, putting together your very own motorized bicycle is a worthwhile investment. So with that said, why are you building a motorized bike?

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