You see them on the streets all the time but I’m sure you thought you’d never really want to own one… until now. Electric vehicles - like hybrid cars and 100% electric vehicles like Teslas- have doubled in the last several years because of their long term affordability. The idea of the electric car going to save the planet is never the first thing on your mind when owning one. Performance is increasing, the cost is becoming lower, and it saves you money in the long run. Truthfully, it’s never been about trying to save the environment but it doesn’t mean we can’t find a middle ground. That’s why teamed up with Puma Cycles and launched a new campaign to bring more affordable electric vehicles on the market. We understand the importance of providing the best options for anybody’s commute. We are currently rolling out a few limited models but we have found that these models found success in Asian and other European countries. In America alone, states that electric vehicles have doubled since 2001 from 266,000 to over 420,000 on the road. The first step into our campaign is providing easy to use and easy to install electric scooters. The Puma Fox is a 700w Electric Scooter made to last 35-40 miles on a single charge. We did the numbers and found that the annual cost to run one of these is $50. For $50 dollars a year, you have a cheap and affordable scooter that can go up to 30mph. Before we get into the specs of the scooter, was this video demonstrating the best parts of the all-new Puma Fox E-Scooter:


Model Name:Fox Max Speed: 15mph - 30mph (25km/h-48km/h) Charging Time:4-8hours Rated efficiency:≥82% Slope Climibing Capacity:≥18 degrees Motor Type:Brushless motor Motor ( W ): 700W Distance Per Charge: 35 miles Lithium battery: 48V20Ah Cycle number of charge cycles:1200 Charger Input Voltage:220土22V Wheel Base Front:16*2.125 Wheel Base Rear:18*2.125 Net Weight: 130lbs Dimension:1600*615*1040mm(L*W*H) Front/Rear Brake Type:Drum/Drum Front/Rear Brake Control Type:Hand/Hand Overall, they're sweet rides. Easy to ride, easy to maintain, and they save you money, too!

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