The Best Retro Style Electric Bikes

E-bike rider on a retro style electric bike.Vintage bikes are beautiful. Their retro style evokes charm and nostalgia — plus, they make you look really cool when you ride them. But true vintage bikes can cost you a fortune, and what’s more, they can’t offer all the new features and power of modern electric bikes.

That’s where retro style electric bikes come in to give you the best of both worlds.

The great thing about retro electric bikes is that they offer functionality and style. So you can use them to commute or take a fun ride around town all the while sporting the vintage look of an old school bike.

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  1. Why Ride a Retro Electric Bike
  2. What to Look for in an Electric Bike
  3. The Best Retro Electric Bikes
  4. Ride in Style with a Retro E-Bike

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best retro electric bikes, so you can get riding in style. But first, let’s talk about what makes vintage e-bikes so great.

Why Ride a Retro Electric Bike?

Vintage off-road electric bike.If you’re a vintage enthusiast and want to upgrade to an e-bike, you don’t have to sacrifice all the features of modern technology. Thanks to their updated features, you can still get maximum comfort, safety, and power while looking stylish and cool with a sleek design.

Retro style electric bikes offer a unique set of perks that make them worthwhile:

  • Old School and New School — A good retro e-bike will give you the look of the past without having to compromise any of the safety, power, or functionality of modern technology! With these bikes, you can be stylish while staying up to date.
  • Commute or Ride for Fun — If you need something to get around, a retro electric bike can do what most common e-bikes can do. It’ll get you from point A to point B and back if that’s what you’re looking for.
  • Tackling Off-Road Terrain — These bikes aren’t just for show. While a retro electric bike is certainly perfect for riding around town, some of them are also great for taking on rough terrain while off-roading, hunting, or even riding on the beach or through snow.

What to Look for in an Electric Bike

Vintage or not, there are a few common specs to look at when considering an electric bike.

Electric Bike Watts, Volts, and Amps

Michael Blast Outsider vintage electric bike.An electric bike's wattage, voltage, and amperage are tied directly to an e-bike's overall performance.
  • Watts: The amount of power an e-bike motor can put out. The higher the wattage, the faster the speeds you'll get out of your e-bike.
  • Volts: The amount of power a motor can take. It's important to remember that you'll only be able to reach the full speeds offered by a motor's wattage with the right voltage. That's why a 750 to 1000w motor requires a voltage of 48 to 52v, for example, and why 250 to 500w motor requires a voltage of 36v.
  • Amps: The amount of energy your e-bike's battery can put out to the motor before losing its charge. With a higher amperage, more energy can be stored. You just have to make sure the voltage is compatible. The higher the wattage/voltage of your motor, the higher the amperage you'll need to store enough energy to keep your motor running consistently.

Note: A higher voltage will give you higher potential to unlock faster speeds out of your e-bike's motor. That said, you'll want to be careful because you can give your motor too much power and burn it out. As such, it's best to keep your wattage and voltage within ranges that are safe for the wheel/motor/battery combo.

Geared vs. Direct Drive Motors

Civi electric bike Cafe Racer style retro e-bike.Aside from watts, volts, and amps, you'll also want to consider whether you're looking for a geared or direct drive motor. There are a few differences to keep in mind with both.
  • Geared Motor: A series of gears make up a stator in this type of motor. Hitting the throttle on an electric bike with a geared motor turns these gears, which then makes the motor turn the wheels and, subsequently, propel the e-bike forward.
    • Geared motors are great if you're looking for more low end torque. If you're looking for an e-bike that'll get you up hills and across different kinds of terrain, a geared motor is a great choice.
    • Compared to direct drives, geared motors are also more lightweight, which is great for overall control and maneuverability.
  • Direct Drive Motor: A direct drive, or brushless, motor consists of a stator and a rotor inside a hub. It creates an electromagnetic field that rotates the magnets in the e-bike's rims. This magnet rotation is what pushes the electric bike.
    • Typically, electric bikes with direct drive motors will get you high speeds. So if you're looking for something to get you going fast, a direct drive motor will likely be the right fit for you.
    • Direct drive motors also offer more range than geared motors.

The Best Retro Electric Bikes

Congrats! At this point you have every bit of info you need before shopping for an electric bike: watts, volts, amps, motor types. But how does it all come together?

Knowing the technical aspects can help you figure out the best motorized bike for your needs, but even with all that pulling the trigger on an e-bike can be daunting. So if you're here and you're still asking yourself, "What sort of setup should I be looking for?"

Here are a few tips on what to look for:

  • The higher the voltage, the more power the motor can produce.
  • The higher the wattage, the more speed and torque you'll receive.
  • The more power you need, the more volts and watts you'll need.
  • The more amps a battery has, the longer range you're going to get.
With that said, here's some recommendations we have for various riders:
  • For maximum speed, go with an e-bike that uses a high wattage/voltage direct drive motor.
  • For maximum torque, go with an electric bike that uses a high wattage/voltage geared motor.
  • For maximum range, go with an e-bike that uses a low wattage/voltage direct drive motor and a high amperage battery.

So no matter how modern or classic you want your ride, what's most important is that your bike has the torque, speed, and range you want. But if you're still unsure of what electric bike setup is best for you, here are some of our favorite retro e-bikes for any style, speed, and need you're looking for.

Editor’s Choice: Michael Blast 350/500W T4B - Greaser Cafe Style Electric Bike

Michael Blast Greaser Cafe Racer retro style e-bike.The Michael Blast Greaser Cafe Style Electric Bike offers a modern twist on ‘70s charm. You don’t have to sacrifice any power or performance to style, thanks to the 350W geared brushless rear hub electric motor and Samsung lithium-ion 36 volt 13Ah battery.

This retro style e-bike will take you far, too, offering distances of up to 40 miles on a single charge. Speaking of which, the battery is charged lightning fast — just about 5 hours.

Your safety will riding is ensured with the Tektro Auriga hydraulic disk brakes, which give the e-bike immediate stopping power. This electric bike also features large motorcycle lamps that will light your way if you choose to go for a night cruise. Plus, the cushion and tires provide maximum comfort even on bumpy roads.

Even though this electric bike is meant to look retro, it still features an LCD 5 speed display that will keep you updated on all of your stats and riding details like mode, speed, and distance. This e-bike from Michael Blast is truly the perfect combination of modern tech and sweet vintage flair.

Electric Bike Specs

  • Wattage: 350w; 500w option available
  • Battery: Samsung Lithium Ion 36Volt13Ah
  • Motor: Geared
  • Top speed: 22 MPH (unassisted)
  • Range: 40 miles (unassisted)

Our Price: $2,049.99 | Click Here to Buy This Retro Electric Bike

Power and Style: Micargi Cyclone 2.0 Deluxe 500W Fat Tire Cruiser Electric Bike

Micargi Cyclone stretch cruiser retro e-bike.This stretch cruiser is about as sleek and stylish as they come, with red accents that pop and make an impression. But it’s not all looks — the Micargi Cyclone 2.0 Deluxe 500W Fat Tire Cruiser Electric Bike also offers killer performance.

The Bafang 500w Torque sensor motor and 48V. 11.6 AH Samsung lithium battery can take you far and wide without having to stop, even on challenging terrain like snow, sand, and rocks. Best of all, you’ll hardly feel a thing thanks to the 26-inch fat tires. They’re perfect for absorbing shock and giving you great maneuverability.

When it’s fully charged, this cruiser can go up to 35 miles an hour. And no matter how fast you’re going, the front and rear disc brakes offer amazing stopping power so that you can come to a halt whenever you need to

Plus, the retro headlamp has bright LED lights so that you can ride at any time of day, even after dark. This electric bike is also complete with an LCD display to keep track of your performance and your bike’s health stats.

Electric Bike Specs

  • Wattage: 500w
  • Battery: Samsung Lithium 48V. 11.6 Ah
  • Motor: Direct drive
  • Top speed: 35 MPH (unassisted)
  • Range: 35 miles (unassisted)

Our Price: $1,699.95 | Click Here to Buy This Retro Electric Bike

Great for Commuting and Leisure: X-Treme 300W Newport Electric Cruiser

Vintage style electric beach cruiser.The X-Treme 300W Newport Electric Cruiser offers high quality and style with low maintenance. This retro e-bike is both stylish and classic, with swept-back handlebars, a large saddle, and even a rear cargo rack and folding basket. This makes it perfect whether you’re riding to work or just going for a stroll around the block.

In addition, the Newport Electric Cruiser also offers great power thanks to the rear hub brushless motor. A brushless motor will take less maintenance and last longer than a typical brush motor. That means you’ll be able to get to your destination with no problems.

This bike is highly efficient, too — you’ll be able to go 15 to 20 miles on a single battery charge, which is great for commuting. Furthermore, the batteries only take a max of 4 hours to recharge, so you can get back on the move quickly.

For added comfort, the saddle is as fat and as wide as they come, complete with dual spring suspension to provide extra cushioning so that bumps in the road are no problem. This cruiser is also complete with a Shimano shifter and 7-speed gears. All in all, it’s classic, stylish, comfortable, and functional.

Electric Bike Specs

  • Wattage: 300w
  • Battery: 24v lithium
  • Motor: Direct drive
  • Top speed: 22 MPH (unassisted)
  • Range: 20 miles (unassisted)

Our Price: $1,169.00 | Click Here to Buy This Retro Electric Bike

For Off-Road Terrain: AddMotor 1250W Motan M-5500 Hunting Electric Bike

AddMotor hunting e-bike -- vintage electric bike.The AddMotor 1250W Motan M-5500 Hunting Electric Bike has a retro frame design, and it’s ideal for rough rides and off-roading.

The still 6061 aluminum alloy frame is strong and durable, built to easily carry loads as heavy as 350 pounds. This makes it a great hunting electric bike as you’ll be able to carry heavy cargo with no issue whatsoever.

If you’re not a hunter and just need a good e-bike to tackle intense roads, the Motan M-5500 has you covered. The e-bike’s fat tires can take on the bumpy roads of mountains, wastelands, trails, beaches, and snow. Whatever terrain you encounter, you’ll be able to handle it with this electric bike.

It can ride for a long time, too, and has an endurance of up to 60 miles of fast, fun rides, even with heavy loads. This bike also has a 5-inch LCD screen display that will allow you to keep track of your battery status, speed, miles, and biking mode.

Overall, it’s a perfect retro style bike that’s durable, built to withstand rough rides, and it looks cool, too.

Electric Bike Specs

  • Wattage: 1250w
  • Battery: 48V 16Ah Panasonic Lithium
  • Motor: Direct drive
  • Top speed: 28MPH (unassisted)
  • Range: 60 miles (unassisted)

Our Price: $2,899.99 | Click Here to Buy This Retro Electric Bike

Best Safety Features: Civi 750W Cheetah Cafe Racer Fat Tire Electric Bike

Cafe Racer retro electric bike.The Civi 750W Cheetah Cafe Racer Fat Tire Electric Bike may look retro, but it’s up to date with all the best features. The highly efficient lithium-ion battery is placed at the front to imitate the gas tank of a motorcycle for a stylish, retro design.

This Cheetah Cafe Racer e-bike is also equipped with modern components like a large LCD screen on the handlebars so that you can keep track of all your important stats and choose between 3 riding modes: power, eco, and normal. This bike also features a twist throttle for electric assist and hydraulic disc brakes with maximum stopping power for the best safety.

The bike’s large headlights will make sure you always have a clear view of the road. And thanks to its fat tires, you’ll be able to tone down bumps and jerks for a safer, more comfortable ride. Even complete with a USB charging port for all of your electronics, the Civi 750W Cheetah Cafe Racer gives you the sleek style of the past with all the benefits of the present.

Electric Bike Specs

  • Wattage: 750w
  • Battery: 48V 13Ah lithium ion; 17.5Ah option available
  • Motor: Geared
  • Top speed: 30MPH (unassisted)
  • Range: 50 miles

Our Price: $2,399.00 | Click Here to Buy This Retro Electric Bike

Maximum Comfort: Michael Blast 500W Vacay Retro Cruiser Low Step Electric Bike

Michael Blast retro style electric bike.The Michael Blast 500W Vacay Retro Cruiser Low Step Electric Bike is perfect for providing comfort and style in all sorts of settings, from sandy beaches to city roads.

The step-through frame is ideal for anyone including older riders and riders with physical limitations. It’s equipped with 26-inch Duro Beach Bum tires to provide maximum comfort and diminish jerks and shocks from bumps on the road.

For even more comfort, the seat is extra-large and extra-cushioned, complete with dual springs. Powered by a Bafang 500W geared brushless rear hub electric motor, this bike is ready to take on tough terrains and steep hills with 5 different speeds. And the Samsung Lithium-ion 48Volt 14.5Ah battery lets it last up to 60 miles with the ability to be recharged in just 5 hours.

This electric cruiser is also equipped with pedal assist and twist throttle, so you can sit back and relax on your ride whenever you need to. Meanwhile, the LCD screen lets you keep track of all the important stats including your MPH and battery life. You can even ride at night, as the large, classy lamp provides ideal lighting.

Electric Bike Specs

  • Wattage: 500w
  • Battery: Samsung Lithium Ion 48Volt14.5Ah
  • Motor: Geared
  • Top speed: 30 MPH (unassisted)
  • Range: 60 miles

Our Price: $2,999.99 | Click Here to Buy This Retro Electric Bike

Ride in Style with a Retro E-Bike

Retro electric bikes.As you can probably tell by now, you don’t have to sacrifice any functionality, power, or safety for cool vintage style! Retro electric bikes are a great way to get your ideal bike aesthetic while still being able to take on all the activities you want to.

From rides to the beach to hunting and off-roading, there are plenty of great retro e-bikes out there to get you suited up and ready to take on your next adventure. And if you’re simply looking to get to work, ride to school, or get some fresh air while your cruise around town, you can do so in a great-looking retro e-bike.

So if you want to channel that awesome old school look while enjoying the benefits of an electric bike, you really can’t go wrong with any of the retro e-bikes listed in this article. Whatever you choose, you can bet a retro electric bike will let you ride to your full potential while looking cool.

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