Man on bicycle with view of snowy mountains in background

We all know cycling has plenty of health benefits, but when it comes to electric bikes people are hesitant to embrace their health benefits.

Electric bicycles are known to assist cyclists on their rides, whether it’s with a pedal-assisted pedellic or with a throttle. So when you hear that you can lose weight or improve your mental health by riding e-bikes, you might be a little skeptical. But don’t be, because we’ll give you five great reasons to rethink your position on the benefits of an electric bicycle.

Five Health Benefits of an E-bike

1. Riding an e-bike is an excellent cardiovascular workout

Do you want to take good care of your heart? Well, riding an e-bike can strengthen your cardiovascular system. In fact, cycling- even on an electric bike- for just 30 minutes every day gets your heart rate up, no matter if you have a pedal-assist or not.

Man on bicycle with view of snowy mountains in background

Cycling on an electric bicycle for just a few minutes every week can improve an adult’s cardiorespiratory performance as well as your general health. In fact, cardiologists have discovered that cycling is one of the best cardio exercises for people of all ages and body types.

Several studies have shown the link between cycling to work out and a lower premature death. While it takes time to condition your lungs and heart, you will reap the benefits once you do build up your cardiovascular strength.

2. You get vigorous exercise without injury, meaning you can cycle more for long-distance

Recent studies have shown that people who have e-bikes spend more time cycling compared to people who have standard bicycles. Riding a regular bike with no pedal assist will tire you our much faster than with them.

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An e-bike makes it easier to ride longer distances since you can continue riding your bike while giving your legs a break. You can go faster and cover a longer distance quickly with the help of the electric motor assist or by hitting the throttle and letting the electric motor do all the work. Some e-bikes even come with a power switch that allows you to switch the assist from eco to turbo that will help you ride up a hill without exerting lots of energy.

E-cycling also helps facilitate workout without irritating existing injuries. For instance, older people with arthritis can ride the bike and reap many health benefits of cycling without bringing on additional pain around the sore spots.

3. Riding an e-bike can improve your mental health

The feeling of being outside can do marvels for your sense of well-being, no matter what activity you choose. For example, riding a bike with friends reduces stress and improves your mood. You will be having fun with people and spending more time outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

2 mounting bike riders riding on bike path

People who bicycle regularly have been found to build more confidence when cycling, too. You can either be cycling to get fit, for competitive reasons, or even for social reasons. Mental benefits of cycling include:

  • Reduced risk of depression
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved memory
  • Improved creative thinking
  • Boosts personal productivity

4. Riding an e-bike can help ease the pains of aging

As you age, staying active gets harder and harder. Your bones and muscles deteriorate and you may suffer from aches and pains that make you dread exercising.

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Many studies have shown that biking- even electric biking- plays a significant role in reversing the aging process. It can help combat back and knee pain, and additionally, riding an electric bike improves the brain function in older adults. This can reduce the risk of contracting vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, as well as all the other neurodegenerative disorders related to old age. According to Harvard Health Publishing, cycling is also an ideal exercise for older people who have problems with balance and strength.

5. The assistance from the electric motor makes cycling safe for those with disabilities as well

For most seniors, riding a bicycle makes them feel like kids again. But what about those with disabilities- young and old- who want to enjoy the rush of a bike ride but are unable to operate a traditional bicycle? Fortunately, e-bikes offer freedom to people who can no longer drive themselves.

Man on bicycle admiring a waterfall

A pedal-assist in an e-bike works when you pedal to get going, and the motor kicks in and assists you. The electric motor offers extra power and gets you going faster. If pedaling isn’t an option, there are plenty of e-bikes that offer throttles that take the need to pedal out of the equation.

Even those who don’t have a chronic disability but must opt for low-impact exercise for other reasons can benefit from taking an e-bike for a spin. You can also find ways to use your e-bike as a stationary exercise bike for those who can't always go out for a spin. As we mentioned earlier, E-Bike cycling is a low impact exercise; hence, it reduces strain on the joints or anyone who needs a little extra ease when they ride.

Getting an E-bike

Riding an e-bike helps the body fight off disease, increases heart rate, and improves both physical and mental health. Regular biking is a high-impact exercise and can be risky for people who have health issues or nagging injuries. Riding an electric bike, however, decreases the strain on the body and mind by offering assistance from the motor so you don’t tired yourself out every time you want to ride.

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