BBR Tuning F-ZERO Motor-Ready Motorized Bicycle - White

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The BBR Tuning F-ZERO Motor-Ready Motorized Bicycle is the most stylish and reliable motor-ready bike in its class. From the company that has made a name for itself manufacturing motorized bicycles that are easy to assemble, the BBR Complete Motor-Ready bike is fantastic for riders who want flexible options for the bike engine.

With its aerodynamic handlebars and a long seat, the Motor-Ready motorized bicycle from BBR Tuning provides a comfortable and well-balanced ride.

The Motor-Ready motorized bicycle from BBR Tuning includes a convenient side kickstand, a single-speed freewheel sprocket for the drive train, front disc brakes, and excellent rear caliper brakes.

The included 26” sspoked heavy duty wheels are engineered to reduce wind resistance which makes them a great feature of this already fully-loaded motorized bicycle, and will actually improve the speed the engine is capable of achieving.

The BBR Tuning F-ZERO Motor-Ready Motorized Bicycle has a cleverly concealed 2.4L gas tank within its frame, which allows for a smoother well-balanced ride. BBR Tuning designed the Complete Motor-Ready motorized bicycle to be compatible with almost any 48cc or 66/80cc 2-stroke bike engine, meaning riders have the option to switch out or upgrade engines to better suit their particular needs as a rider. This is possible as a result of the careful tube sizing and frame spacing which enables the Motor-Ready bike to accommodate a greater range of engines.

  • Selection of great features aimed at improving rider comfort and stability.

  • Front disc brakes and rear caliper brakes give riders peace of mind about stopping power

  • Smooth aerodynamic frame for a clean and well-balanced ride

  • Compatible with almost any 48cc or 66/80cc 2-stroke bike engine



  • Frame: BBR Tuning 26 Inch Motorized Bicycle Frame w/ 2.4L Gas Tank

  • Forks: Triple Clamp Non-Suspension

  • Headset: 33mm Aluminum

  • Handlebars: Flat Riser Bars, 27.25” (L); 22mm Grip

  • Brakes: Front Disc Brake; Real Disc Brake w/ Brake Cables

  • Wheels: 26 Inch spoked heavy duty wheels with a dual drive rear wheel

  • Tires: 26x1.95” Tires

  • Rear Sprockets:

  • Stand: Spring kickstand included

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Customer Reviews

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Francesco Trivisonno


Edwin Hernandez

Excellent bike, came with lower head tube slightly bent easy fix, notify bbr for lower bearing cup replacement bbr replaced no question ask, great customer service.

J Brave
BBR f zero

I love it! I've been doing this over 12 years and this is my first tank frame bike and I am truly impressed with the build and quality of this product!

The Mighty F-Zero Delivers

I swapped the drivetrain (BT-80) from a cruiser bike to this F-Zero. Gave a whole new meaning to motorized bicycles. This wheelbase is 50 inches, instead of my cruiser's 44 inches. Gives a better ride and improved handling. Shipping was fast, 5 days. Assembly was straightforward, but the headset was a little confusing. My only complaint is the headset bearings are weak -- two ball bearings fell out in the box. But the steering is still fine. The dual disc brakes (I put on a duo-lever) stop it well. The bike is heavier than my cruiser, so up a steep hill was a little sluggish, but it is faster overall. The BT-80 fits fine with the normal mounting brackets. There is no chain rubbing on the 2.5 inch Hookworm tires, and the installed sprocket is balanced true. Now about the seat. It is a banana or polo seat. Not comfortable like a big fat Scwinn seat, but I don't notice a problem riding. I keep my weight on my pedals. Speaking of which, the BT-80 pedals interfere and the wider ones in the kit still interfere, so I bolted the crank arm to the frame and removed the bicycle chain. Works fine for me, I don't need to pedal. It's a blast to lean hard through corners and power out. I feel secure on the F-Zero, while on the cruiser I worried about rigidity and crappy tires. I am 5'10 and 180, so it fits fine. A great evolution bike for the hobby and worth the price.

Jonathan Martinez
Very nice

My pedals crank came defective but other wise everything look great

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