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Even if you have your dream motorized bicycle assembled and ready to go, you may notice that it doesn’t perform as smoothly as you’d like. Sure, you’re getting the speed and power you want out of it, but you might also experience a bit of a rough ride. That can happen, especially when you take into account that you have a powerful 2-stroke engine pushing your bicycle forward.
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If you want a smoother ride out of your motorized bicycle, you’ll be glad to know that there are 2-stroke performance parts that can give you exactly that. Some parts will help eliminate your engine’s vibration, while others will create a smoother motion so your rides aren’t as rough. We’ve compiled a list of the best performance upgrades to ensure a smoother ride on your 2-stroke motorized bike. Not only will these components give your motorized bike smoother performance, they’ll also provide more comfort and even a bit of added safety on the road. But first, let's talk a bit about why a smoother ride is about more than just comfort.


Benefits of a Smoother Motorized Bike Ride

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There are more benefits to smooth motorized bicycle performance than you'd think. Let's be real here: Comfort is a huge factor, and it's an important one. You don't want to be uncomfortable whether you have a long commute ahead of you or you're just going out for a joyride. Quality comfort aside, there are a few more reasons why you should get a smoother ride out of your motorized bike:
  • Better Performance — Better ride quality often means you'll get better performance out of your motorized bike. This is because a lot of high-performance parts that help create a smoother ride also reduce engine vibration and overheating. As such, an engine that runs smoother will also perform better, which is great whether you use your motorized bike for commuting, off-roading, or racing.
  • A Safer Ride — If you've got a shaky engine, different components are likely to rattle and vibrate a lot more. This could lead to a chain snapping off or another component becoming damaged, which could lead to injury if you're not careful. Not to mention, you have more control over your motorized bicycle when it performs more smoothly, which makes it a lot safer to operate.
  • Less Wear and Tear — A 2-stroke motorized bike that vibrates and bumps less than normal will typically experience less wear and tear than normal. Over time, too many rough rides can loosen or break engine studs, mounting hardware, and other parts, leading to excess wear on the engine and bike. If your bike performs better and smoother, you'll deal with a lot less maintenance and replacements in the long run.

As you can see, there are a benefits to a smoother motorized bicycle ride beyond comfort (though that's an important one, too). With that said, let's take a look at some of the best motorized bike parts you can equip your ride with for a smoother-running 2-stroke engine.

BBR Tuning 2-Stroke T Belt Drive Transmission Kit — Smoother Drivetrain

BBR Tuning 2-Stroke T Belt Drive Transmission Kit.Looking for both a smoother and quieter ride? If your motorized bicycle is making a lot of noise, you should consider the BBR Tuning 2-Stroke T Belt Drive Transmission Kit. 2-stroke engines are typically quite noisy — this is due to the chain drive that these motors use.

Chain drive transmissions can also require some maintenance over time. Thankfully, a belt drive transmission alleviates those issues. Instead of a chain, this BBR Tuning upgrade uses a belt with its two machined aluminum gears. The result is a quieter, smoother, and more comfortable ride. With this T belt transmission, you’ll notice a smoother increase in your engine’s torque, so acceleration is gradual rather than sudden when you twist the throttle. Plus, it’s way quieter than a metal chain and doesn’t accumulate as much dust, dirt, or debris. T belt transmissions require much less maintenance than chain drives, too, so you won’t have to deal with fumbling with a chain just to clean and lubricate it.

This transmission will work with a lot of different motorized bike builds and 2-stroke engines — it’s compatible with both 48cc engines and 66/80cc engines. It can also be used with a sprocket clamp assembly and mag wheel setup.


  • Eliminates noise you’d get from a chain drive transmission
  • Smooth, gradual acceleration versus sudden increase
  • Easy to install

Our Price: $119.95 | Click Here to Buy This 2-Stroke Performance Part


BBR Tuning Racing Series DIO Cylinder Body & High Performance 21mm OKO Carburetor Assembly — Smoother Air Intake

BBR Tuning Racing Series DIO Cylinder Body & High Performance 21mm OKO Carburetor Assembly.The BBR Tuning Racing Series DIO Cylinder Body & High Performance 21mm OKO Carburetor Assembly is perfect for motorized bike riders looking for a smoother and more powerful ride. It’s the perfect high-performance upgrade if you’re a racing enthusiast or you’re just looking for a faster commute. What sets this cylinder apart is the way it’s ported for the best fuel and air mixing.

The attached reed valve allows for a much smoother flow of air and fuel into your 2-stroke engine. Reed valves allow your engine’s air-fuel mixture to move in one direction, preventing the mixture from moving back into the carburetor. This ensures that the combustion chamber is reloaded with only fresh air-fuel mixture, allowing for smoother operation even if you’re hitting top speeds. In addition, the “D” slide carburetor provides more effective jetting, airflow, and fuel atomization increases.

This 2-stroke carb is versatile, as well — whether you have a high-performance muffler or stock muffler, this upgrade will work with it. So if you’re looking for higher speeds, more torque, and smoother performance, this carb is as compatible and as powerful as it gets, and it makes a great upgrade for your 2-stroke racing engine.

Note: In order to use the cylinder included with this set, you’ll need a 2-stroke dual window piston, which is next on our list!


  • More power, torque, and speed
  • Better airflow and fuel-and-air mixture
  • Compatible with stock and high-performance mufflers

Our Price: $99.99 | Click Here to Buy This 2-Stroke Performance Part


BBR Tuning Billet Springer Chain Tensioners — Smoother Chain Rotation

BBR Tuning Billet Springer Chain Tensioners for 2-stroke engines.If you struggle with too little or too much tension or resistance while riding, the BBR Tuning Billet Springer Chain Tensioners will do wonders for your motorized bike.

This upgrade helps maintain constant pressure over your chain with its spring-loaded design. A loose chain can cause serious damage if it slaps around or comes off the sprocket, while a chain that’s too tight can snap. This 2-stroke engine chain tensioner offers more consistent tension to ensure the smoothest riding experience possible.


  • Provides constant tension so the engine chain is neither too loose nor too tight
  • Adjustable tension
  • Heavy-duty spring is built to last

Our Price: $49.95 | Click Here to Buy This 2-Stroke Performance Part


BBR Tuning DELUXE High Performance Expansion Chamber — Smoother Exhaust Flow

BBR Tuning DELUXE High Performance Expansion Chamber for 2-stroke engines.If you’re experiencing a bumpy ride on your motorized bicycle, your muffler could be the problem. The built-in baffle in most stock mufflers tends to hinder your bike’s performance because it limits the airflow coming out of the engine. Thankfully, the BBR Tuning DELUXE High Performance Expansion Chamber is baffle-less, allowing the max amount of airflow out of your engine.

The expansion chamber’s design helps circulate air through the muffler, giving you an all-around smoother — and faster — ride. With this upgrade, you’ll also avoid build-up in your 2-stroke engine. This is due in large part to the expansion chamber’s extended length, which expels more exhaust and allows it to flow from the chamber more smoothly.

In addition, the wrap-around design of the muffler means it comes up right next to the engine, so you don’t have to worry about it scraping or becoming damaged while you ride. If you’re got a motorized lowrider or chopper bike, this expansion chamber upgrade is the ideal choice. That said, it still works great with other bikes — in fact, it’s compatible with practically every motorized bike and 2-stroke engine!


  • Boost in speed thanks to increased airflow
  • Wrap-around design keeps muffler from dragging and scraping
  • Compatible with most 2-stroke motorized bicycles

Our Price: $69.95 | Click Here to Buy This 2-Stroke Performance Part


Insulated Muffler Wrap — Cooler Exhaust and Reduced Vibration

Insulated Muffler Wrap for motorized bike mufflers.If your bike is getting too much vibration from the muffler, try this Insulated Muffler Wrap.

It will help insulate the muffler’s heat, cool the exhaust, and reduce the vibration of the muffler to give you a smoother, safer ride. As an added bonus, you’ll get more horsepower, too. This is thanks to the decrease in heat, which directly affects your motorized bike’s performance.


  • Helps decrease vibration
  • Cools exhaust
  • Decreases muffler’s heat, resulting in increased horsepower

Our Price: $17.95 | Click Here to Buy This Insulated Muffler Wrap


BBR Tuning Vibration Motor Mounts — Absorb Engine Vibration

Sometimes your motorized bike’s bumpy ride quality could be caused by something as simple as its vibration level. When your engine rattles too much against the bike’s frame, it can cause damage to your engine’s components like the motor mounts and studs. Excessive vibration can also lead to the bike itself becoming damaged, causing the frame to wear down over time. The BBR Tuning Vibration Motor Mounts can help avoid damage to your bicycle and engine. As their name implies, these rubber mounts are specially designed to control engine vibration.

BBR Tuning Vibration Motor Mounts for 2-stroke motorized bikes.The can prevent up to 85 percent of engine vibration from being transmitted to the supporting structure of your motorized bike frame. So in addition to a smoother, more comfortable ride, the mounts also protect your accessories and equipment from damage and failure while keeping your engine secure and free of broken studs.

For just $14.99, you’ll be able to drastically reduce your engine’s vibration, leading to a safer, more comfortable ride. Keep in mind, however, that these mounts do not work with the Dragon Fire 2-stroke engine or with 4-stroke engines. Check out our tips and tricks for reducing your motorized bike’s vibration for more information! Features:

  • Reduce engine vibration by up to 85 percent
  • Protect both your engine and bicycle from damage caused by vibration
  • Easy to install

Our Price: $14.99 | Click Here to Buy These Vibration Motor Mounts


66/80cc 2-Stroke Dual Window Piston #1 and #3 — Smoother Fuel Combustion

66/80cc 2-Stroke Dual Window Piston.Maybe it’s time to upgrade your 2-stroke engine’s piston. The 66/80cc 2-Stroke Dual Window Piston provides better lubrication for the engine’s wrist pin. It also gives your engine a power boost and prevents it from overheating due to the dual-windowed design.

This piston’s dual windows also allow for maximum efficiency compared to stock pistons that normally block intake flow and cause subpar cooling. For just $20, you’ll not only get a smoother ride, but also a noticeable boost in power.

Note: This 2-stroke dual window piston is available in two versions: a #1 piston with a high pin hole, and a #3 piston with a low pinhole.


  • Better engine cooling
  • Increased intake flow
  • Slight boost in power

Our Price: $19.99 | Click Here to Buy Dual Window Piston #1 and Click Here to Buy Dual Window Piston #3




Enjoy a Smoother Motorized Bike Ride

2-stroke motorized dirt bike.

A smoother running motorized bicycle means you’ll get to experience a more enjoyable and comfortable ride.

In addition to increased comfort for you, though, lower vibration levels and less bumpiness while you ride will also help your motorized bicycle in the long run thanks to less wear and tear.

The next time you want to upgrade your bike and are looking for something to give you a smoother overall ride, you can’t go wrong with any of the options listed here. On top of the higher-quality ride, a lot of these upgrades will also give your motorized bike more power, faster speeds, and better performance, so you get the best quality, performance, and speed while you enjoy your ride.

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