Best Motorized Bicycle Parts for Increased Top End Speed
While riding your motorized bicycle, you may start to notice that you're not quite getting the desired top end speed out of it. Sure, your bike's torque is decent, but as far as top speed goes, you might want to increase miles per hour of your ride. This is especially true if you're looking to compete in motorized bike racing tournaments or you just want to get through your commute much quicker.
Top end speed refers to the fastest speeds your motorized bicycle can reach while engaging the throttle to maximum capacity.

Most motorized bikes cap out at 30 to 35 MPH. With the proper performance parts, however, you can see increases in top end speed up 40 to 50 MPH.

So if you need more speed out of your engine than you're getting, it might be time to swap out some parts. Thankfully, there are plenty of high performance upgrades that will give you the desired top end speed you're looking for.

Whether you're thinking of hitting the racing circuit or just want to get that maximum speed while riding, we know exactly what can give your bike's engine the improved top end speed you're looking for.

Should You Install 2-Stroke Performance Parts on Your Motorized Bike?

2-stroke motorized bicycle with dual-ended muffler exhaust system.Maybe you’re comfortable with the speed you’re getting out of your 2-stroke motorized bike. Perhaps you just have a short commute to work or the grocery store and you don't need anything more from your bike. If that’s the case, you might not need a super powerful bike. That said, there are plenty of reasons motorized bicycle riders want — and in some cases need — to achieve faster top end speeds.
  • Motorized Bike Racing — 2-stroke engines are massively popular due to how customizable they are. You can take a stock 2-stroke engine and swap out the majority of its small parts to turn it into a high-speed performance engine. As such, the 2-stroke motorized bike racing circuit has a large community of enthusiasts. If you’re looking to join a local racing club, you’re going to want to install 2-stroke performance parts on your motorized bicycle so you can leave your opponents behind.
  • Off-Roading — Just like 2-stroke motorized bikes are great for racing, they also make good dirt bikes. If you want to get a bit more top end speed while taking on dirt roads and other off-road obstacles, installing high performance parts on your 2-stroke engine will give you exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Tackling Long Commutes — A motorized bicycle with high top end speed means you can get from point A to point B a lot quicker. If you’re not looking for an adrenaline rush and just need an improvement in speed to get across town to work or school, high performance 2-stroke parts are the right call. Just make sure you’re following local traffic regulations and are familiar with your state’s motorized bike laws.

We’ve gathered a list of the best high performance parts for increased top end speed. If you’re looking to upgrade your motorized bike’s speed, you’ll definitely find a high performance component on this list that’s sure to fit your riding needs and give you that boost you can feel when you hit the throttle. Let's dive into the best high performance parts for your 2-stroke engine soon.

BBR Tuning Billet Aluminum High Performance Cylinder Head 66/80cc — Increased Efficiency and Engine Cooling

BBR Tuning Billet Aluminum High Performance Cylinder Head 66/80cc for 2-stroke engines.More horsepower means more top end speed. One of the best ways to increase your 2-stroke engine’s horsepower is to install a high performance cylinder head. The BBR Tuning Billet Aluminum High Performance Cylinder Head 66/80cc is compact, powerful, and efficient.

This 2-stroke performance cylinder head offers 20 to 30 percent more power, so you’ll notice an increase when you hit the throttle almost immediately. In addition, this cylinder head is designed to provide faster cooling for your 2-stroke engine compared to standard “ashtray” cylinder caps, so you don’t have to worry about overheating while you ride.

Whether you’re installing multiple 2-stroke performance parts or keeping it simple with just this High Performance Cylinder Head, you’ll easily be able to reach top speeds you couldn’t with the stock head. This particular cylinder head is versatile enough to fit on most 66/80cc 2-stroke motorized bicycle engines.

If you need a quick, easy-to-install performance upgrade that’ll give you a solid boost, you can’t go wrong with this high performance head.

2-Stroke Upgrade Features:

  • 20 to 30 percent boost in speed
  • Increased cooling
  • Compatible with most 66/80cc engines
  • Simple plug-and-play installation

Our Price: $74.99 | Click Here to Buy This 2-Stroke Performance Part

36 Tooth Rear Sprocket — Decreases Drive Ratio for Faster Top End Speed

36 Tooth Rear SprocketIf you want an instant dose of extra top end speed out of your motorized bike, all it takes is a simple sprocket change. A 36 Tooth Rear Sprocket is a great choice because it’ll allow you to reach faster speeds on your motorized bike with no issues — and it's one of the simpler upgrades to install.

Typically, larger sprockets with more teeth will give you increased torque at the cost of top speeds. Alternatively, a 36 Tooth Rear Sprocket — which is relatively small with a lower number of teeth — will give you lower torque, but with the added benefit of faster top speeds.

Though it’s decent on its own, a 36 Tooth Rear Sprocket really makes an excellent companion if you pair it up with any of the other 2-stroke performance parts on this list.

2-Stroke Upgrade Features:

  • Higher top end speeds than larger sprockets
  • Compatible with most motorized bikes
  • Easy installation

Our Price: $23.95 | Click Here to Buy This 2-Stroke Performance Part

BBR Tuning High Performance Voodoo Muffler Expansion Chamber — Improved Exhaust Flow and Circulation

BBR Tuning High Performance Voodoo Muffler Expansion Chamber for 2-stroke engines.The BBR Tuning High-Performance Voodoo Muffler Expansion Chamber features a unique crescent shape that’s both slick-looking and efficient.

By moving gas through its half-circle pipe, this exhaust system ensures that gas exits much more smoothly. This, in turn, gives you a smoother increase in top end speed.

Typically, performance parts that offer top end speed sacrifice torque, but that’s not the case here. This upgraded component is the very definition of a high-performance 2-stroke muffler, so you can expect to see a nice increase in both top end speed and bottom end torque.

In addition, this is one of the quieter exhausts around, so you won’t make a lot of noise while hitting those fast speeds. If you want a high-performance muffler that does a bit of everything and does it well, the Voodoo Muffler Expansion Chamber is an all-around winner.

2-Stroke Upgrade Features:

  • Improved exhaust flow
  • Increased power and torque
  • Smooth increase in speed

Our Price: $69.95 | Click Here to Buy This 2-Stroke Performance Part

66/80cc High Performance Carburetor — Increased Fuel Delivery

66/80cc High Performance Carburetor for 2-stroke motorized bikes.Upgrading your 2-stroke engine’s carburetor can work wonders for the speed of your motorized bicycle. The 66/80cc High Performance Carburetor can increase your engine’s airflow and fuel delivery, giving it more power and speed.

Unlike a lot of other carbs, this High Performance Carburetor doesn’t require any adjusting. It comes with an automatic choke that releases with throttle input as soon as your 2-stroke engine is warmed up. This carburetor also comes with 78mm jets, which are ideal for low elevation racing or fast riding.

The 66/80cc High Performance Carb will also give your 2-stroke engine increased acceleration and torque as soon as you get riding. With this performance upgrade, your motorized bike will be transformed into a powerful racer.

2-Stroke Upgrade Features:

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Automatic choke
  • Increased acceleration and torque

Our Price: $59.95 | Click Here to Buy This 2-Stroke Performance Part

A Boost of Top End Speed on Your 2-Stroke Motorized Bike

2-stroke motorized bike with high performance cylinder head.Increasing your 2-stroke motorized bike’s top end speed comes down to efficiently boosting your engine’s power. If you’re looking to do that, you’ll be glad to know that all of the 2-stroke performance parts we’ve listed in this article are sure to give you the speed you want out of your motorized bicycle.

The cool thing about these 2-stroke performance parts is that a lot of them come with some nice added bonuses. This includes better engine cooling, smoother ride quality, and increased torque, which help your bike's top end speed, as well.

So take your pick — or maybe even combine a few of these parts. When you do, you’ll instantly notice the difference.

After you upgrade your 2-stroke motorized bike with the proper performance parts, your ride will be well on its way to becoming a powerful racing machine, whether you need that top end boost for racing or long commutes!

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