eProdigy 750W Jasper Electric Cruiser in red.
Beach cruiser electric bike by a lake.Whether you’re commuting to work, running a quick errand, or cruising around town, having the right bike can make your ride much more enjoyable. For a lot of folks, the right bike is a cool, vintage-styled beach cruiser. These bikes are known for their simple design, making them ideal for a relaxed seaside ride, but not so ideal for that last big hill on your way back home. Even cruises around the neighborhood could prove challenging if you're not prepared for long stretches or inclines. Just like mountain bikes and roadies, you can find quality beach cruiser e-bikes to take you where you need to go and back without worrying about being too tired to get home. In fact, we put together a list of the best beach cruiser electric bikes of 2020 so you can find the e-cruiser that best fits your style, needs, and most importantly, your budget. Before we take a look at the top picks, though, let’s talk about why you would want an electric beach cruiser over other styles of e-bikes.

The Perks of Electric Cruisers

Ride in Comfort, Safety, and Style

Riding an electric beach cruiser bike in the city.Like any other beach cruiser, e-cruisers are designed to operate smoothly on a variety of terrains, minimizing the jostling and bumping you might experience on bikes like road bikes or folding bikes. This allows you to enjoy a comfortable ride whether you’re commuting or just getting some fresh air. They also come with 26" wheels, compared to thinner 700c road wheels or 20" folding e-bikes that can prove to be too thin or too small for most riders. This ensures you'll have more command of the road to control your ride a lot better. Additionally, electric bikes are easier on you, too. Aside from the relief you’ll feel not having to exert as much energy pedaling up steep hills and trying to barrel through city traffic, electric bikes are known to reduce stress as well as promote a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the comfort and safety they provide, e-bikes also come in a variety of styles. From your standard beach cruiser to minimalist modern bikes to a simple step-through, there's a an e-cruiser for any rider.

High Mobility and Versatility

Electric beach cruiser with battery.Biking is great for several reasons. It’s good for your physical and mental health, it’s a fun pastime, and it’s great for getting to your next destination. Studies show that more than half of all trips taken in the U.S. are three miles and under, so it’s no wonder so many people are taking advantage of e-bikes to get them where they need to go. Most e-bikes come equipped with different tools — such as programmable speed boosters and extra throttle capabilities — to help you tackle those big hills or longer rides. With an electric bike, you get to control how much of a workout you get and how smooth your commute is. They're also are designed for extensive exposure to elements, so there’s no need to worry about biking to work in the rain, sleet, or snow.

Less Wear, Less Tear

Battery-powered beach cruiser electric bike.One major perk of e-bikes is that they tend to be relatively low maintenance, and e-cruisers are no exception. Despite having equipment like a motor and battery pack, e-bikes often require nothing more than basic bike maintenance. Though controllers and accessories are inexpensive, we'll admit that replacement motors and batteries can be expensive when they break down. However, compare that to the time it will take you to diagnose and fix problems with a gas engine like a moped or a motorized bike. Worse, one small mistake on a gas powered engine can render the entire bike useless, then you'll have to get a new engine. That's hundreds of dollars and plenty of hours down the drain.

The Top 5 Beach Cruiser E-Bikes of 2020

Now that you know the benefits of riding an electric bike, let’s take a look at the best beach cruiser e-bikes of 2020! The five bikes listed here combine comfort, style, and efficiency, making them great breach cruiser electric bikes and just great all-around e-bikes, period.

1. Editor's Choice: Surface 604 500W Rook Electric Cruiser

Surface 604 500W Rook Electric Cruiser in black.The Surface 604 500W Rook Electric Cruiser is dedicated to making your ride comfortable and efficient. This beach cruiser e-bike includes an SR Suntour XCT Suspension Fork and 26” Kenda Kranium Tires for a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. For added safety, the Surface 604 Rook features TEKTRO Auriga hydraulic disc brakes. These disc brakes will give you responsive stopping power, even if the bike is fully loaded to the maximum recommended 285 pounds. The Surface 604 Rook sports a 48v lithium-ion battery with Samsung 18650 cells. This means a quick five-hour charge can provide you with a travel distance of up to 50 miles. This e-bike is also equipped with a 500W Bafang rear-mounted gearless direct drive hub motor, five levels of pedal assist, Class 2 twist throttle, and 10-speed SRAM X5 drivetrain. These features allow for comfortable long-distance rides as well as intense hill-climbing.

Our Price: $1999 | Click Here to Buy This Electric Beach Cruiser

2. Best for City Riders: eProdigy 750W Jasper Electric Cruiser

eProdigy 750W Jasper Electric Cruiser in red.The eProdigy 750W Jasper Electric Cruiser is a great option if you want to extend your riding beyond the beach and want to take to the city streets. The ultra-deep step-through frame ensures you’ll be able to hop on your bike with ease and get riding, whether you’re heading to work or doing a bit of food delivery. Typically, riders lean forward while operating their electric bikes. This can cause strain on the lower back during extended rides. The eProdigy Jasper’s aluminum alloy frame is designed to seat riders in the most natural upright position possible, which in turn minimizes this strain on the neck and back. The Jasper also sports a Velo Comfort Saddle and is equipped with an SR Suntour NEX lockable suspension fork to keep bumps at bay. The eProdigy Jasper comes with a 48 volt, 11.6 AH Panasonic lithium-ion rechargeable battery that uses both Sony and Samsung cells. This upgraded battery will allow you to travel up to 60 miles on a single charge. On top of that, the 750W brushless DC motor means extra throttle to get up any intimidating hills you might come across.

Our Price: $2699 | Click Here to Buy This Electric Beach Cruiser

3. Best Lightweight Cruiser: Fifield 250W Seaside Electric Cruise

Fifield 250W Seaside Electric Cruise in gray.The Fifield 250W Seaside Electric Cruise is all about accessibility. This beach cruiser electric bike has a step-through frame design and a low standover height. As such, it’s a great option for riders who may be lower in stature, as well as older riders who struggle with flexibility or balance issues. This bike only totals 51 pounds, which may sound heavy, but compared to other e-bikes that can be nearly 75 pounds (even more for hunting e-bikes), the Fifield Seaside is a great lightweight electric beach cruiser that any teen or adult can enjoy with ease. The Fifield Seaside’s Shimano Nexus 8-speed gearing system is installed internally in the frame. This ensures a smooth, stable ride and easy engagement of the twist action throttle to deliver extra power for any steep inclines you may encounter while riding. The Shimano Afline hydraulic disc braking system ensures you can come to a safe, complete stop regardless of weather conditions and terrain.

Our Price: $1599 | Click Here to Buy This Electric Beach Cruiser

4. Best Budget E-Cruiser: Nakto 250W Camel City Women’s Electric Bike

Nakto 250W Camel City Women's Electric Bike in black.If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable electric beach cruiser, then the Nakto 250W Camel City Women’s Electric Bike is the e-bike for you. Made with commuters in mind, the Nakto Camel dons the standard narrow tires you’d find on a road bike and features a lightweight 59-pound frame for easily navigating through city traffic. Though light, this e-bike’s carbon steel frame is coated with car paint, which allows sustained exposure to the elements over extended distances. Ideal for riders transitioning from manual bikes to e-bikes, the Nakto Camel e-bike comes with a 250W rear wheel electric motor. The power coming from the back wheel closely matches traditional bike riding and is therefore ideal for newer e-bike riders. This rear wheel motor system also provides maximum traction, making it perfect for all weather conditions. The Nakto Camel sports a long-lasting 36 volt, 10 amp hour lithium battery. Able to charge in 4 to 6 hours, the Camel can be ridden 20 to 25 miles — so you can ride to work, charge the battery, and make the same trek back home at the end of day. In addition, the Class 2 throttle/pedal assist drive mode will help get you to your destination without exhausting yourself unnecessarily.

Our Price: $699 | Click Here to Buy This Electric Beach Cruiser

5. Stylish and Efficient: X-Treme 350W Newport Elite Max Electric Beach Cruiser

X-Treme 350W Newport Elite Max Electric Beach Cruiser in black.If you’re looking for a good all-around e-bike, look no further than the X-Treme 350W Newport Elite Max Electric Beach Cruiser. The bike is equipped with 350W Zero Resistance rear hub motor and a 36 volt, 10 amp hour battery pack containing seven lightweight lithium cells. You’ll be able to travel more than 30 miles on a single charge. Best of all, the lightweight battery pack can be charged in just four hours. The X-Treme Newport Elite Max also includes 7-Speed Shimano Tourney Gears & Shifting System. Combined with the 26 x 2.125” Kenda Balloon Cruiser Street Tires, the bike’s aluminum frame is both comfortable and easy to maneuver. The bike’s PAS system has four speed options, so you can work as little or as hard as you want to on your ride. For safety and comfort, front and rear JAK disk brakes are standard on the X-Treme Newport Elite Max.

Our Price: $1439 | Click Here to Buy This Electric Beach Cruiser

You Can’t Go Wrong When You’re Riding in Style

White beach cruiser electric bike.Beach cruiser e-bikes are both comfortable and efficient. They get you to work, school, and the grocery store with no hassle, and they’re aesthetically appealing. The modern e-bike feel combined with the vintage look of beach cruiser electric bikes gives you the best of both worlds if you’re looking to upgrade your ride. With so many models, it might be hard to choose the right bike for you. Thankfully, whether you’re looking for something to cruise around big city streets or just want to add a bit of push to your seaside ride, the e-bikes here are great for any rider. If you’re looking for the convenience of an electric bike with the flair of a beach cruiser, you really can't go wrong with any of the beach cruiser e-bikes listed here.

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