Our annual list of the best cruiser bikes is here again, riders! And if you're asking yourself, "What's the cruiser bike I need for my rides?" you've come to the right place.

To find the right beach cruiser, it's important to find the right size, style, and comfort level for your budget. So we grabbed a whole bunch of cruisers and did just that.

Then we combined our experience with customer reviews, their overall build, performance, and their prices to assemble the top 5 beach cruisers of 2021. So take a look at the best options below to find the beach cruiser that's best for your next bike ride:

1. Editors Choice

Switz Cruz 26

$299.95 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (25 Reviews)


When you're looking for a cruiser bike with the perfect combination of looks, performance, and comfort, this is the one you need.

Its 26" Hi-Ten Steel cruiser frame has a modern design that sets it apart from any bike in its class. Meanwhile, its stainless steel rims offer steel CP 36H hubs. And with a 44 tooth crank and 18 tooth rear sprocket, this cruiser comes together to give you the perfect gearing for easy pedaling on the streets, trails, and your favorite bike path.

Complete with 2" wide tires, strong fenders, extra wide handle bars, and an extra large saddle, this beach cruiser gives you optimal comfort and control on your rides.

Modern heavy duty hi-ten steel cruiser frame

Perfect for riders 5-6ft tall

44:18 gear ratio, perfect for cruising flat surfaces

Available in Matte Black, Deep Pacific Blue, Diamond White

2. Best Value

26 Inch Micargi Men's Touch Beach Cruiser

$319.95 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 Reviews)


When you're looking for a tough beach cruiser at an incredible price, this is the bike you need.

Its shock-absorbing saddle, padded moon handlebars, and comfortable 18.5" size make this is one of the most comfortable cruiser bikes around. Meanwhile, the strong hi-ten steel frame and forks are built to withstand everything from short trips to long rides. And rounded out with 26" alloy rims, this bike's ready to take as much damage as you can dish out.

Most cruiser bikes with these features cost well over $400, but this bike's under $320. So if you're looking for high quality at a low price, this is the ride for you.

Simple, lightweight, high quality design

The go-to for motorized bicycle builders

Available in step-through model (only $279.95)

Available in 9 different colors

3. Best Premium Cruiser Bike

26 Inch Micargi Men's Rover GX Beach Cruiser

$299.95 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5 Reviews)


If you're in the market for a premium bike without the premium price tag, this is the cruiser bike you're looking for.

This bike comes stock with chrome cranks and a chrome top end, compared to other bikes with plain black accents. Its matching fenders also come with a rear reflector for a touch of safety when your rides go dark. And with its knobby white wall tires and colored alloy rims, this bike's a head turner for under $300!

Rounded out with high quality coaster brakes, this beach cruiser is just what you need to cruise your favorite spots in style without breaking the bank.

High quality chrome parts and accessories (most are cheap black)

White wall tires and fenders included

Step-through model available here (only $299.95)

Available in 18 different colors

4. Best Multi-Speed Cruiser Bike

26 Inch Micargi Men's Rover 7 Speed Beach Cruiser

$319.95 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (11 Reviews)


When you've got serious rides in mind, this is the beach cruiser you'll need to get the job done.

Its 26" alloy wheels come with a Shimano 7 speed gearing system, allowing this cruiser bike to go from flatland to incline seamlessly. Unlike others, this bike also comes with front and rear brakes to make sure you're safe down hills and on your commutes.

Meanwhile, its frame offers a tapered oversize top tube and forward pedaling geometry for a sturdy riding experience. So if your rides take a hilly (even off-road) turn, this bike can handle nearly any terrain safely- rain or shine.

7 Speed Shimano gearing helps you up inclines

Front and rear caliper brakes included for maximum stopping power

Step-through model available here (only $319.95)

Available in 10 different colors

5. Best Fat Tire Cruiser Bike

26'' Micargi Men's Slugo B Beach Cruiser

$559.95 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (2 Reviews)


When you need a cruiser bike that can take sand and paved roads like a champ, this is the one for you.

Equipped with huge 4" wide tires, this bike can ride comfortable on dirt, sand, gravel, and pavement with ease. It also has a 44t front gear and 22t rear sprocket for an optimal cruising gear ratio. Backed by heavy duty wheels, a springer saddle, and padded moon handlebars, you'll have complete comfort and control over your ride no matter what terrain you ride on.

So if you want a beach cruiser you can take to the beach, the mountain, the city, and back, this is the bike you need.

4 inch wide tires give this bike better control on sand, dirt, gravel, and snow

44:22 gear ratio, perfect for riding on loose surfaces

Carrying capacity of over 300 LBS

Available in 4 different wheel/frame color combinations

What is a Cruiser Bike?

Riding a cruiser bike on back streets.By definition, a cruiser bike (or beach cruiser) is a bicycle that combines balloon tires, a single speed drivetrain, coaster brakes, and an oversized steel frame.

But these days that definition can lend itself to any bike out there. So it's important to note that what sets beach cruisers apart from other bikes is that they're made with two things in mind: comfort and casual riding. This is mainly due to their components:

  • Coaster Brakes- Also known as "pedal brakes", these brakes engage when pedaled backwards. Though they don't have a complete freewheel, coaster brake wheels let you coast forward without pedaling. These are one of the main features you'll find only on cruiser bikes.
  • Upright Seating Position- While road bikes and mountain bikes are made for hunching over, cruiser bike frames are designed for the rider to sit up. This gives the casual rider more comfort than other bikes.
  • Oversized Everything- From the balloon tires to the wide saddles. extra large frames down to their moon-shaped handlebars, cruiser bikes have the largest, most comfortable components you need for casual, comfortable cruising.

Why Ride a Cruiser Bike?

Beach cruiser bikes are one of the most commonly used bikes around. And the reason they're so popular is because beach cruisers are fun, practical, and they can do much more than other bikes. In fact, there are 3 reasons beach cruisers should be in every rider's garage:

Easiest Bike to Maintain — With the least amount of parts of any style bicycle, cruiser bikes are easy to build and simple to maintain. Unlike other bikes with 10+ speeds, derailleurs, and messy brake setups, these bikes use value-priced, simple parts that are easy to maintain and common in any bike shop.

Exercise — Despite what road bikes and mountain bikes may tell you, beach cruisers are perfect for those who want to fit some low impact exercise into their day. Especially with one speed, you can get your heart rate up by simply cruising around the block a few times.

Motorized Bike Kit Compatibility — Ever thought about putting a motor on your bike? Beach cruisers are the number one recommended bikes for installing 2-stroke and 4-stroke bike engine kits, as well as electric bike kits. The frame style and size of breach cruiser bikes makes them the perfect candidates if you want to turn your cruiser into a motorized commuter.

Cruiser Bike Sizing and Compatibility

A good cruiser bike is useless if it's not the right size. If it's too big, you can't control it; and if it's too small and you won't be able to even move it.

So finding the right size wheels and the best frame to fit you is vital for a safe, comfortable ride.

The great thing about beach cruisers is that there's only a few sizes to choose from, so finding the right one to fit you is the easiest part of your journey. In fact, you can use this chart as a quick reference to find the right one for your size:

Wheels Size Frame Size Rider Height Inseam

20 Inch

12in. Frames


19-25 Inch

24 Inch

15in. Frames


23-28 Inch

26 Inch

18-21in. Frames


25 Inch

29 Inch

Extended Frames

6ft and taller

28+ Inch

Standard vs Step-Through Frames

The last part of the cruiser equation is choosing the right style frame for you.

Now, some may say this is the debate between "mens" and "womens" bikes. But the truth is each style of frame offers benefits for riders regardless of gender. So let's take a look at the benefits of each and figure out which is best for your needs:

Standard (Diamond) Frames

Top bar creates a more structurally sound frame.

Lightweight than step-through's, making them easier to maneuver and control.

They're perfect for engine kit and electric bike kit conversions.

X Mounting and dismounting is harder.

Step-Through Frames

Simple to mount and dismount.

Easier on your hips and clothes (like pants, skirts, and dresses) when riding.

Ideal bike for e-bike conversions like city bikes in major cities.

X They're heavier and stiffer to control than standard frames.

What makes BikeBerry different?

  1. We have the best bike support and lifetime service. With over 12 years in the cruiser bike game, our bike experts know beach cruisers in and out. From from repairs to tune up's and maintenance, our team is only a call or email away from having you up and running in no time. And while others' service depends on when your warranty expires, we'll make sure you receive the same customer service and support you did from day 1 until you stop riding.
  2. We carry every part and accessory you need to keep riding. From tools to accessories, wheels to parts, we've got what you need to keep your cruiser bike running for years to come. And with our experts ready to answer any of your questions, we can walk you through every step of installing and using your new parts and accessories.
  3. We offer an industry-leading 1 Year Warranty. While most companies offer limited warranties, we at BikeBerry offer a 1 year warranty on frame failures. We also back each bike up with 6 months of coverage against parts and accessories. Better yet, by working directly with manufacturers, we can process warranties 2-3x faster than others to get you riding ASAP.

What do riders have to say about BikeBerry Cruiser Bikes?

⭐⭐ Steven V. "The Switz is one awesome buy!"

It is one of the best leg, and cardio workouts around. Riding the bike in the foothills section of Littleton Colorado makes work and realization of what it takes to stay in shape. And, at 67 years old one wants to keep the heart in tip top shape. I would recommend this product to everyone, whether the bike is purchased for workout or joy.

⭐⭐ George V. "Easily the best bang for the buck."

As an aging parent, my rides are rejuvenating, feeling the breeze run through my fingers and across my face- brings back memories of childhood. Honestly guys, the Touch is just a great bike. It has all the nice parts, its fully metalized, and is a great price.

⭐⭐ Jer M. "For me, the Slugo is geared perfectly"

I have several single speed fat bikes and this one is geared the best. It goes at a pretty good pace and i can still get up the hills. For the steeper hills, I do have to stand up and pedal but that’s okay and I have no trouble making the hills. It was packaged really well which I appreciate. The tires are awesome which is why I bought it. They have huge gripper nubs on them that most of my fat bikes don’t have. It is great for riding in the winter or offroad in the summer. It was very easy to put together and I really love this bike !

⭐⭐ Lisa P. "Great Bike!"

The Rover 7 speed cruiser bike is great, gears shift nicely, and the color is awesome. The seat is comfortable and I love the wide handlebars. It was a little tough to put together, but with BikeBerry's help we made it work. Overall it's a great bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I look for in a beach cruiser?

A: When you're shopping for a cruiser bike, you want to know that you're getting the best bike for your rides. That's why you'll want to make sure the bike you have your eye on has these traits:

  1. Simple Gearing — Most beach cruiser bikes have a single gear with no shifters, perfect for flat land cruising. Others have shifters with up to 3 speeds, which helps when it comes to cruising up hills and rough terrain. Whichever bike you go with, make sure the gearing of your cruiser works for your style of riding.
  2. Quality Breaks — Beach cruisers traditionally have a friction brake on them (aka. a "pedal brake"), whereas others offer hand-operated caliper brakes. If you're running a friction brake bike, ensure it has a high quality hub to take lots of pressure. For hand brakes, ensure the calipers are high quality and ready to stop quickly.
  3. Upright Seating Posture — Beach cruiser bikes are designed to help riders sit upright, easing back and shoulder tension. So if your cruiser isn't comfortable when you sit on it, it's not the bike for you. Look for the most comfortable cruiser that lets you sit upright with your shoulders at a comfortable height.
  4. Smooth, Comfortable Ride — Cruiser bikes are equipped with cushioned seats and wide handlebars, which make it easy for you to lean back, relax, and ride. The thick balloon tires that beach cruisers are equipped with help these bikes withstand rough terrain. So when it comes to beach cruisers, make sure their tires are thick, and that the saddle and grips give you the comfort you need on your rides.


Q: Are cruiser bikes good for exercise?

A: You may not see a beach cruiser on the Tour de France, but that doesn't mean they won't give you quite the workout. In fact, because most are single speed bikes, you can find the right terrain and distance to ride for the workout you're looking for.

  • Unlike other bikes with multiple gears to make riding easier, cruiser bikes only have a single gear. The steeper the incline and the longer the distance, the harder you'll need to work to ride.
  • Moreover, their frames are generally heavier than road and mountain bikes. That means you'll be moving more weight on a cruiser without any more help. So not only will you get a good cardio workout with a bit of weight resistance, too.

Now, of course, in the interest in safety we should mention that cruisers are meant for casual riding under 10 miles at a time. If you're pushing for longer rides, consider using a cruiser with an electric conversion kit. This will allow you to turn a cruiser bike into an electric beach cruiser with all the same capabilities as before, only with a motor to assist pedaling as much or as little as you need.

An upgraded cruiser bike with new springer forks, wheels, and accessories.Q: What upgrades can you make to a cruiser bike?

A: The sky's the limit when customizing a beach cruiser. Unlike roadies and MTB's that have very few aesthetic and functionable upgrades, you can virtually rebuild a cruiser bike to your every spec. In fact, here are the most popular beach cruiser upgrades riders make:

  • Lights- With safety in mind, one of the first upgrades any rider needs is a set of lights. From tail lights to headlights down to wheel lights, it's important to stay well lit when the sun starts setting.
  • Wheels- These are the first major upgrades because they're easy to upgrade and instantly give your bike a bit of style and performance. Mag wheels, for example, look great and help reduce wind resistance. Heavy duty wheels, on the other hand, give bikes an added bit of safety and longevity out of their rides.
  • Brakes- Adding brakes to a beach cruiser is going to increase its safety. Though the majority of cruiser bikes come with coaster brakes, their frames and forks often have ports for brake calipers pre-installed. So adding brakes to your bike- or upgrading them if you have some installed- will make your rides safer.
  • Forks- These will add a bit of style and safety on the road. Springer forks, for example, have a shock to help absorb bumps and breaks on the road. However, swapping them out takes a little bit of mechanical know-how and extra parts, so only exchange your forks if you're sure you know what to do.
  • Saddle- Exchanging your stock saddle with a new one can mean new looks or more comfort. The saddle from Flying Horse, for example, offers a backrest for extra comfort. Saddles like the BBR Tuning hairpin saddle give your bike a touch of retro flare.

And that's just the top 5 upgrades riders choose. That's not including upgrades to cranks, handle bars, and fenders!

Q: Where can I ride a beach cruiser?

A: Cruiser bikes aren't just limited to the beach. On the contrary- their balloon tires are great to use over all sorts of terrain. They can handle themselves best on paved bike trails, sidewalks, and on low-impact roads. Even better, if your beach cruiser has fat tire wheels, you can on even rougher terrain, like sand and dirt trails.

Because of their size and coaster brake gearing, we recommend keeping beach cruisers out of the street. Unlike mountain bikes and road bikes, the single speed of beach cruisers can't keep up with traffic, and they take up too much space on the road.

Of course, like any bike, where you can legally ride a cruiser bike entirely depends on your area's bike laws.


Q: How much do beach cruisers cost?

A: Cruiser bikes range between $209.95 and $559.95. The great thing about their price range is that there's a cruiser to fit anyone's budget. All you need to do is decide what features you want in your bike, because more accessories and upgrades will increase its cost.

So we suggest starting off by making a list of all the features you need in a bike. For example, if you have rough terrain on your rides, fat tire wheels may be a priority for you. If you don't, you can save money by going with a standard model.

Things like extra large wheels, shifters/derailleurs, hand-operated brakes, and even fenders are going to increase a beach cruiser's price tag. So keep in mind all the things you need out of a cruiser bike now, and what you can upgrade later when your budget opens up.

The Slugo Beach Cruiser bike with ape hanger handlebars.

Q: What sort of brakes are on a cruiser bike?

A: Most cruiser bikes use friction brakes. Also known as "pedal brakes" or "coaster brakes" these are engaged by pedaling backwards. As you do, pads inside of the rear wheels hub come together, grab the axle, and reduce the speed of the rear wheel to come to a stop.

They're the main reason why beach cruisers are so simple to use. However, too much pressure, speeds over 15 MPH, and quick stops will break the components inside. When that happens, you're in for some danger, as it will cause the wheel to lock up or even fall apart.

If your rides take you down steep hills or you need to make quick stops, we suggest going with a cruiser bike that comes with brakes or has ports for them.


Q: How much weight can beach cruisers carry?

A: One of the main reasons cruiser bikes are so popular is because they can easily carry up to 300 lbs. Unlike road bikes with thin 700c wheels, the wheel base on beach cruisers can hold significantly more weight without dragging.

To carry more weight, beach cruisers with fat tire wheels can carry around 350+ lbs on all kinds of terrain. So if you're looking for a bike that can carry a good amount of weight without the complicated (and expensive) gearing of mountain bikes, a cruiser is just what you need.


Q: Do beach cruisers come with warranties?

A: They absolutely do! In fact, every beach cruiser bike from BikeBerry comes with an industry-leading 1 year warranty against frame failure. They also come with a 6 month parts-exchange warranty against manufacturer defects.

Each cruiser bike also comes with BikeBerry's Lifetime Assistance. No matter how long it's been, if you run into a problem fixing your bike, need advice on what upgrades you need, or you need help finding your next bike, we're only a phone call, email, or text away.

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