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Worked well hadda lil issue wit it not statin on at one point but fixed it

100% satisfied

I love the product but I am giving 5 stars to the company ; however, I have to say that I was very disappointed with the shipping portion ( because I had a delivery from FedEx and " They delayed my package more than 4 days by not delivering it!!!" Wish the wearhouse would ship bike wheels with USPS ground instead !!

Love it nice and low to the ground, doesn't go too fast perfect for me

Good buy. bikeberry is the only place I will get my expansion chamber

It was perfect

They arrived on schedule. The item looked more magenta than red like in the web photo, but it I am fine with it.

Good mount for my bike

This mount is exactly what I needed. Got my motor sitting right where I want it and it is nice and sturdy. It shipped fast and is a great mount.

Clutch bevel gear

Just what I needed and shipping was fast

Piston review

I got this piston with set of gaskets and new piston rings From you guys. Everything worked great still breaking it in. gave my bike more compression again🤝👍

What you need to tube your dellorto clone 15/15

I want to see jet size! I street with the 70. Now I can go down if needed.
If you need to upjet, you'll need the next up kit.
BB Switz Cruz, whiting 100 stage 4 80 kit

Liked it, but the jets didn't fit that I purchased with it

What an improvement over my China doll !!!!0

At first I was struggling with the price. I am glad I made the purchase tho. Man does this thing haul. Especially after I put on a reed valve kit. I am loving this thing. Still in break in but it is worlds better than my old China. 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

Volto's loco's B.C.412

Bike arrived in perfect condition, and it was earlier than predicted. Haven't had a chance to ride it yet, Pittsburgh weather has not been good.

415 very durable chain

I ride my 2 Gas Bikes at least 4 times a week, and have never had a chain issue. These two bikes will cruise at 39–40 mph which gives the chains a beating. Periodically oiling, the chains will keep them rotating smoothly, keeping maintenance at a bare minimum! Rear sprocket shows very little wear, if any as well. I’ve purchased many parts from Bike Berry in the last five years, and I’ve always been satisfied with the performance and price! Ron McAteer…. Satisfied, customer.

Everything that was explained how ever..haven't had the chance to use it yet need to grab more mags..

Center Kick Stand
Grant Thomas
Center kickstand

Must have, great quality easy install even on older bikes, love it!!

Coolest Bike Ever

I love this Texas addition beach cruiser. I have the 26" Micargi bronco in red and I get lots of compliments. Most folks if I had built this way. I kindly respond to them no but I wish I did. I hope to purchase the 29" Texas Edition very soon. Here's a photo of mine with a rear view mirrors.

City stroller

This ebike is decent for flat area riding. It's just like riding a bicycle around town with electronic pedal assist. It has a rating of 350watt motor. It's fine if you are less than 200lbs and just want to "stroll" around your neighborhood/town. However, if you're over 200lbs and want to do a little bit more than a stroll around town with some hills to climb or you do live in a neighborhood that has some hills, then you need to consider a bigger watt motor of 750watts. This was sold to us with a 350watt motor with 600 watt peak power. I thought it would be enough but it feels like it just doesn't have enough power. In my experience, it does not feel solid. I would recommend a minimum 750 watt motor.