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Awesome motor

I've been riding motorized bikes for awhile and this motor beats anything I've rode. There's plenty of speed and I love the electric start I'm 62 years old and pedaling a bike to get it started is pretty rough. But hands down this is the best I've had so I would recommend it to anybody that has experience with these bike's. I will tell you look close at the kits picture because that's what your buying the kit don't come with the bottom crank or battery you will have to buy that yourself I think I paid $25 for the battery and $22 for the crank. But again this is well worth your money I had to mount my battery just behind the seat

Great Kit

Shipped pretty fast. Took right under 3 hours for my 12 year old son to put everything together (he's pretty handy and his bike had a motor previously so he was somewhat familiar) The motor started right away and runs perfectly. Only complaint is the fuel on/off valve for the gas tank leaked from multiple places, luckily we had a spare from the old bike. Awesome kit for the price. He's really enjoying this bike.


vwey fast service and informed sales people

Runs great

Couple of small bumps in the process, like a price drop on the page after I received the motor. Carburetor needed a different mount and the muffler was to long. Little search and found what I needed. I’m going to have to buy a different throttle lever I don’t see the plastic on the inside holding up. But all in all It could make a lot of fun .

Got it up and running, but since it's a basic kit having to do constant maintenance and modify stuff.

Looks great

Works great and gave me enough room for a nice air filter

Your a builder now, so modify

Of course there are issues with the design, but what's the solution? Here's mine. Rubber hoses on either side of mount to keep the tank from rocking. Shorter bolts with foam backing on the plates. Bushings in the holes that's ment to go on the axle. Fender washers on both sides of the bushing and it mounts to the rack holes on the frame. Both front cross bars cut. And final highly deliberated move to drill the top bar so I can get the petcock in the position that clears tire and brake.

Good so far. Awful tutorials.

Kit arrived timely and in tact. The digital directions are just two, out of touch from reality hipsters that act as if everyone getting into this hobby has a 6 figure income. There are no actual specific directions to some of your products. Customer service is outsourced to India, so if you have trouble with language barriers, best of luck. Still in the break-in process so I guess I’ll just have to see how it holds up.

** Best yet **

Also installed high compression head..
Awesome performance best yet very quick very responsive...
. Holly suggest well worth it


Loved the handlebars, they're perfect except they were to small in diameter. But that was my fault not bikeberry. I'm just going to hang on to them and use them for another build. Can't have too many parts laying around, never know when it might come in handy.

Best of them all, industrial strength

This is the third center kickstand I have tried. Others have plastic parts which either break or move. One had a hex key screw which stripped. This is the best one by far. All industrial strength steel, superb and easy to screw down tight bolt. And my bike is not easy, a very long wheelbase recumbent. Very happy.

Great bike for the price

The bike is super pretty! It’s beautiful and was fairly easy to put together. Charged fast and goes pretty fast! So far I’m very happy with my purchase.

Great muffler does what it is supposed to. Sounds great. But does not fit 80/100 cc motor. Port is on the wrong side but I bent it to fit looks great.

New build

My latest build. Springer forks , jet black paint , and of course BBR 100 . love it. This motor runs so good top end . Clean through the rpm range , all out cranking on top end no missing or breaking up top end like other brands. This 100 cc is now the only motors on my builds. Still maintain this is best motor kit to buy. I live in huntington if you got a factory motor bring it out let's ride and race .

Lock and load

Wonderful trouble..very happy.

Nice engine,

Nice engine, only issue I had was i stripped out one of the head bolts and had to order another one. Frame was not ideal but with modifications and some grinding the engine fit. Carb is offset and the mounts are cut down. What do you expect from a $100 (delivered) bike? Cruising the neighborhood!

Replacement rim

Rim was sent as replacement for faulty rear rim on Switz Cruz beach cruiser. Rim is much heavier duty than the standard issue that comes with bike. I haven't yet to fit rim with new tube and tire. However judging by the overall quality of rim, I have to assume it will be fine once installed on the beach cruiser.

54 Tooth Sprocket
Willard Cross
works great

give me the torque i need to haul my fat butt around

4-Stroke Spark Plug
Gerard Jones
great plug

very happy with this plug and the price is nice.

4-Stroke Carburetor
Gerard Jones
couldn't use it

as it doesn't come with the adapter spacer block I can't fit to my engine, I've used these carbs before and they're good.
ended up going with an NT carb instead.

needs to be faster

Not is fast as it says

Jetting for "The Bike"

Purchase was smooth and easy, fast shipping, A+ transaction.
Got bike for $100 from someone who couldn't get sprockets lined up properly& did my 1st build. Drilled out the muffler so needed to jet the carb accordingly. Original jet size is unmarked but was too rich & 4 stroking. The 68 jet gives the best all speed performance with minimal 4 stroking at WOT at my elevation of 386'.
Check out the before & finished pics, tried to use as much of the stuff on it but upgraded to hub drive with 48 tooth rear sprocket for better pull on hills. Dual pull brake lever & upgraded motor mounts to get proper placement in the Schwinn frame.

Great bike but..

This is a great bike for the price but assembly is much harder than it is advertised as. I was under the impression that a beginner would be able to assemble this but I will definitely need to take this to a bike shop to be assembled. Bike is great quality though.

Good Product

I gave a 49cc four stroke lock & load engine kit as a gift to my brother. He tells me that he: "Loves It." 'nuff said.

Great Bike

I love riding my bike. I an 5 ft and a 24in is just right fir me. It has great get up and go power.