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410 Half Link
charles thomas


Sweet pipe

Awesome pipe . Not to load and good hp

Good for the money

For those wondering, yes they do have 1" hubs! These rims are also made in Taiwan. They appear to be good quality and sturdy. The bearings needed grease out of the box. Very happy with them, and they're inexpensive.

415 Half Link
Cody Poole

Just wat I great!!!!

Rear under rack gastank

You have to flip it around use die grinder make some cuts also bends in vice if you have the skills

The head is nice

Works as advertised. Head cools significantly quicker than stock. Looks amazing as well.

Folding electric bike A+

Bike arrived in a timely manner and was way to assemble. Gone through one battery cycle so far and bike works great

Chain breaker

Works great, made it so easy.

Piston Retaining Clips
Donovan Riley

Piston Retaining Clips


Works really well

High Performance Muffler Gasket

2-stroke bike

I got the bike from bikeberry and when I got the kit was only one day late on shipping but anyways it was all there good condition real easy to put together this is the first time I did this and I've been riding the hell out of it and having fun I bought the cheapest version that they had because it was the first one but definitely I'll be going back to blackberry for the four stroke I want to try that one as well but anyways I give them five high they good people had a very good experience with them


Nice product and great fit. Well designed

415 Heavy Duty Chain
Robert Andreason

It is way better than I expected. I don't have any trouble like before. Love it that one thing I recommend to everyone get the better chain


Worth the money

Bucking Bar
Danny Russell

Is it this point because we are very reliable company. For that I thank you

Front mount

Good product I just wish the mountain whole to the engine more bigger just a little bit so I wouldn't have to use extra plate but other than that its good

20'' Micargi Mens Hero
Susan Toreson

Super cool bike 😎

BBR Tuning 26 Inch Heavy Duty 3 Spoke Motorized Bike Mag Wheel Set

Men’s Low-Rider

Wicked Bitchn Low-Rider,high quality,great price.Bought 2....X

Dual Brake Cable
Talbert Gerald

Dual Brake Cable

This part works great for operating both front and rear brakes on a bicycle that I motorized. Having to remove the left side brake lever to install a clutch lever

Angel Fire bike engine kit 2 stroke

Very nice motor it comes with everything you would need