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RMA Return

Cristian was very professional on the phone. He explained to me the process of the return. Thank you Cristian!

RMA Request

Cristian was very helpful and courteous on the phone when I had questions about my return.


I run 32:1 it does well. I have the large down pipe expansion chamber . It makes a big difference from the stock exhaust.


its Good with the right mixture wished it can be heavier

49cc Friction Drive

This 49cc friction drive kit is a pretty decent kit. Do expect to have to do some modifications to make it fit on bikes that are not beach cruisers such as mountain bike. I do wish the kit came with longer support rails that mount to the hub and do the engaging and disengaging of the friction drive. Shipping did take a while as well. Also expect to buy gas line and a filter as this kit does not come with a very long gas line or a inline filter. This kit also toke about a day to install in my application other applications may very. Other than these factors the kit is a decent kit makes for a very fun ride and the engine runs beautifully.

Good quality

Good quality,fit my bicycle perfectly

Got what I ordered

Got what I ordered, bought it for a back up , with a half link and a different clutch lever which were priced affordable but the shipping I thought was a little outta hand , was more than the price of the parts


First class seller and fast delivery


Another BBR 100. , another bike , another build . Love this motor , I will put this motor up against any factory motor kit . Love the top clean power , Love the 100 cc low-end. I run 36 tooth sprockets still have enough low end

Unable to review

I am using a different sprocket for now and saving the adapter for future use.I want to use steel instead of aluminum.

80cc engine

Everything in the box came perfect my gas tank has a tiny dent but that’s what to be expected during shipping, engine has a lot of power compared to all the other engines the bolts are strong and everything it’s dope I got mine going about 30 right now completely stock

It’s OK

Being a big guy, I should’ve got a much larger motor. I think I’ll get the 80 cc this time. It works it just takes a little bit of peddling to get it going. Motor runs really good. For someone that’s about 150 pounds to maybe 180 would work OK.

very nice

works as advertised

Great chain

This is a gtlreat quality chain. It fit all my Expectations, BikeBerry has always sold me quality items. Thank you

Customer support

Freddie was very helpful and answered all my questions about the bicycle. I am planning on purchasing a new Peace Dove City as soon as I can!

Great service, great price!

Bike arrived as scheduled and almost completely assembled. I am very satisfied. Will definitely purchase all my bikes from you in the future.

26 inch 12 gauge rim.

Very sturdy. I feel a lot more secure riding now.

Pretty cheap but works

As I said, pretty cheap but works

Great motor

Everything in the kit worked out good for me except the gas tank, the tank came with lots of rust in it, I tried calling customer service big mistake, they could care less about your problem, I ordered different tank on Amazon and bikeberry did eventually replace rusty tank but took 8 email's and 2 weeks, but motor runs great everything else works great got over 100 miles on it now & ride it about every evening, I installed it on a hyper cruiser.

12 years

I got my Rocer 12ish years ago, and it has really held up. The rear fender always rubbed, so I eventually just took it off. We live in a house with no interior storage for 2 years, so parts of it have some rust, but the frame is still near perfect. Had to replace grips and pedals, but overall, I love this bike. Hoping to get another 12 years out of it (even if I have to change some parts).

BBR Tuning Sprocket

The sprocket and split mount come as a set of well machineed aluminum alloy.Unfortunally the mount is too large for my hub and will have to be shimmed with belt leather.I am holding it in reserve while using a steel sprocket with two
Rubber tire core donuts for breaking in my chain .A real pain with nine bolts to line up!But much cheaper and better wearing.Measure your hub carefully with a vernier caliper and call before ordering,I wish I did.

Performance speed demon muffler with expansion chamber

I love this muffler it's giving me horse more horsepower more acceleration and more top end speed it's smooth out the vibration and it's a lot quieter than it was before I love this muffler it's the best and also looks really cool highly recommend replacing your stock little Chrome muffler with this you will be happy

Excellent purchase

I was very happy to have received my Angel Fire Bicycle Engine Kit. It has been installed and works well to date! Thank you for an excellent purchasing experience.


very nice

Fairly easy to assemble, no issues so far. Fun to ride