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If you want to draw attention to yourself this is the bike to buy

Love the Bike rides amazing every single person I drive past loves. It thinks it's cool rides like a dream

Center Kick Stand
David Simmons
Great produst

This is a solid product and works well.

Better packaging

The gasket set as a whole is fine... unfortunately it comes "packed" in a flimsy plastic bag, the head gasket was destroyed due to a deep crease

Great product

This tool works well and us exactly as advertised, thank you

Gas Cap
Gas cap is working great

The gas cap that came with the gas tank for our nephews motorbike leaked real bad. I contacted BikeBerry about it & they sent me another one for a replacement. And my nephew says it is working great so far.


Nice hot spark. Engine fired up immediately 👍

Boost Intake Manifold

Had to modify so washers will lay flat

Great part

This is a well made part. It's sturdy and operates well.

Almost perfect

Excellent ride if you are ok with a heavier bike. Wide tires are awesome. The ONLY drawback is the no height-adjustable seat. If Himiway sold risers or something to adjust the seat height that would be great.

Curved chain tensioner

So far it has been the best tensioner I have used so far. I recommend it

Great company!

Thanks for the great service and equipment. The expansion chamber muffler works well. The dual brake lever improves ease of use.

Works exactly as advertised

A sturdy chain breaker that is simple to use and works well. If you want something that will last you, this is worth purchasing.

Great upgrade!

This fuel petcock is of great quality. It is soooo much better than the crappy ones that come in the kits.
I have built 3 bikes so far and all the supplied stock petcocks only slow the fuel down in the off position.
This upgraded petcock works 100% like it is supposed to.

Love this pipe!

This is a great proformance pipe for the money. I used it on my Bullet Train build but had to cut
and weld to make it fit. The Bullet Train motors use a non-standard exhaust mounting. All other
2-stoke pedal start motors should bolt right up

CNC bicycle throttle

I had to sand the handle bars to make it install and turn. I am overall impressed but I haven't road tested it. It seems sturdy and functional on my second build. Thank you for the cool throttle grip.

Great kit for an old guy like me.

This is a great kit if you do not want to deal with a clutch and pedal start. The kit is a little harder to install than the 2-stroke pedal start kits but
nothing over the top. I added the proformance pipe but had to cut and weld to make it fit. I also was not crazy about the provided battery holders
so I did my own thing. It runs good right out of the box with no carb jetting. I would definitely purchace this kit again.

Fits good!

I needed this for my Bullet Train build so the pedals would clear the motor. It fits good
and performs well. FYI this went on a Kent Bayside 26 inch

Clutch Arm
John Ara
The Black Adam bike

The clutch arm clutch camshaft and the bucking bar are working great Iv had so many awesome rides with these build iv made so much money an it has literally saved my life this bike has thank you guys at bike berry for everything that you do!!! Much love you you guys from John ara and the black Adam bike.

So far so good for a motorized bike build.

I bought this bike with the stage 4 motor kit, so I upgraded to the heavy wheels with the thicker spokes. The frame, forks, and handle bars seems to be strong, sturdy, and well made. My only grip is the bike came without a seat clamp which was a bit shocking.

Ring of FIRE

The Rear Engine Full Suspension 2007 NEXT all Aluminum Frame.
w/ BikeBerry 100cc replacement rings.


Got exactly what I was supposed to and very fast

Coolest Bike Ever

Every time I ride this bike..I get stopped and ask where I bought or did I it build it. It's an eye catcher everywhere I ride. I even rode it to a local city parade and i was asked if I wanted to participate in the ride to ride beside a parade float. I respectively declined.
Thanks bike berry for this cool cruiser.

Best quality EVER!

I bought this engine kit so that I would have a quick way to get around the yard (We have a big yard), and it has served me well! Although it is not as fuel efficient as they say, it is still a GREAT machine! Would recommend it to everyone.

Clutch Cable
Max Zagar

The cable is OK, wish they would tell you before hand how to maintain. Not like a dirt bike or motorcycle where they come lubed from factory, make sure you spray inside the cable housing with WD-40 or some type of penetrating oil. The cable will move much smoother and you wont break the ends off.


When you install this gasket on to your muffler make sure to evenly tighten it down otherwise you have a pin sized gap where you will get an exhaust leak, it will make the bike slightly more sluggish, louder, and use more fuel.