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Missing major component… u-bolt

Well this one they sent me was missing a u-bolt and the vibration mat, I usually make my own but figured I’d give this one a shot, big mistake, 3 items damaged, wrong, or missing parts. First and last time ordering from bike berry, won’t make things right and treated like an idiot by Earl in customer service. They will never get a penny from me again, and I could have been a potent ion ally good customer.

2 stroke motor and bike kit

unforchantly i had a accident and unable to put it together but it looks awesome and i cant wait to put together thanks bb
it arrived quick and well packed

Slugo A

I just received and assembled my Slugo A and I am impressed with the ease of assembly and overall quality of the bike. I own 34 bikes and have worked on and repaired and assembled hundreds of bikes, and this bike is a quality ride. I can see years of satisfying riding on my Slugo A in my future. Highly recommended.

Low clearance for sure! But it can be moved around a bit. Working good!

Chain Breaker

When working with your chain it's a great tool to have.

Fuel Filter

They work good just don't be ruff with them.


I've used NGK since back in the 70's Great Plug.

Speed Demon Pipe

Better than stock but don't look for a big change.

Good Engine Kit.

I've purchased 6 kits so far that should speak for itself.

Vibration Mounts

For the new style engines with the 1.5" front mount, they don't fit the engine without modification. The same goes for the 1.5" frame tube. Once you do that it's great.

All my parts are great,I'm a first time motor bike builder so I'm still learning,will be purchasing more items soon! Thanks Tim

415 Heavy Duty Chain

all good

My build in progress.

As I've only taken the bike out once since I added the boost bottle I can only tell you what my preliminary findings were. It did seem like I was getting a better idol at mid and low Rpms. I will have to test further to find out if this is consistent or if there is much more improvements that I haven't seen yet.


I just recently bought two bikes at Christmas time for the grandkids .Shipping was fast and one of the boxes arrived kinda roughed up. ,While the other box arrived in pristine condition. The roughed up box was missing a head screw for the bolt that goes through the neck at the handlebars that slightly nicked and scratched up some..but overall both bike arrived unscathed and in good shape. was easy as it took Assemblytwo of us forty five minutes to put both bikes together...these bikes are beautiful and well built . Thanks Bike Berry looking forward of riding the bike many years !
Happy Holidays to you all and a blessed 2023

Great rims

I recently upgraded to these rims and as far as the rim goes they are great quality the only issues I have had are with the brakes the front lined up perfectly but the rear brakes with the adapter that is attached to the caliper do not line up only the bottom part not even halfway up the pads are on the rotor I have ordered new adapters and spacers and hopefully when they come in I can get them adjusted right but all in all a great product

BESV OEM Charger

This is the original manufacture's Charger that come with any BESV CF1 26", CF1 28", PS1, PS1 Advance, PSA1 and PSF1.
Only place you can buy this charger besides from the original authorized dealers that sell them for $125 to $150 and dealers usually do not have them in stock.

If you call BESV they will recommend you buy it from Bike Berry, as Bike Berry has them in stock and it is the fastest and cheapest way to get this charger in your hands.

Ride Safe everyone,
Chris B at BESV Customer Service.


It is a decent throttle in general. No complaints

Micargi 3.0 Bronco

Fantastic customer service. The customer service lady was next level! I had a couple of Q's about the bike and she A'd them right on the spot. The bike arrived two days after my order. What?
I haven't had the bike for long but so far it rides and handles easily. The bike was securely packaged and was really easy to assemble.

Fuel Valve
Jean Brackbill 3
Fuel valve

What can I say,it works. It lets gas flow and stops it from flowing, seams to be well made.

Work for me..

I love it I have them on all my bikes 😉

Digital Speedometer
Rob Schlotterbeck

It seems accurate for my 26” bike, easy installation, but the screen could be a bit easier to see. I wanted to mount it flat on my triple tree head second but by doing it I couldn’t see the screen properly. You must mount it so you look at it straight on. The light only comes on when a button is pressed then stays on for a few seconds. I would suggest that it be powered by a 9 volt battery instead of a button cell. For the price, it’s good as is.

Center Kick Stand
Rob Schlotterbeck
Strong 💪

That thing would hold a full sized motorcycle. It’s easy to install and remove if needed.

OCC chopper

Great fit more room !

Heavy duty

I bought this thinking that I might need it for my first ever build but I didn’t. This thing is heavy duty and would hold a full sized motorcycle motor in place. Into the spare parts box for later!

I’ll use them at some point

I bought them for the 10 spoke mag wheels but didn’t realize that the wheels come with the disks and drive sprocket, but not the pedal sprocket. It will go into the box of extras to be used later.