BBR Tuning 80/100cc 2-Stroke Motorized Bicycle Kit

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Ready to start really burning rubber? The BBR Tuning 100cc Motorized Bicycle Engine Kit is one of the most powerful 2-Stroke motorized bicycle engines out there, outperforming even the most supped up 66/80cc motors in torque and top-end speed. If you're looking for some major power without spending an arm and a leg on a pre-ported engine with all the bells and whistles, this engine kit is what you need.

1-Piece Cylinder

The 1-piece cylinder offers you more consistent, even torque than 2-piece cylinders. Coupled with a 50mm bore and high, these engines carry more weight, run cooler, start much easier, and keep your power output more consistent than other 2-stroke bike motors.

High-Performance Components

A high-performance engine is nothing with components to back them up. This kit comes with upgraded components to increase this engine's longevity and performance, including...

  • Yamaha-style high-performance CDI for more consistent spark.
  • Super magneto for flawless starts every time.
  • Speed carburetor for increased speed and torque.
  • Pre-drilled ports in the clutch plate for smoother engaging/disengaging.
  • Upgraded allen studs all around the engine make this a secure, long-lasting engine.

Balanced Crank

Unlike inferior 2-strokes with barely balanced cranks, this crank is balanced and paired with upgraded crank bearings. The stuffed crank case sits tight to the crank, which helps increase the compression of your motor.

** Please note: Sprocket Clamp Assemblies included with BBR Tuning 2-Stroke 48cc, 66/80cc, and 100cc, as well as 4-Stroke 49cc bike engine kits come with only 1x set of metal plates. Older production of these assemblies included 2x sets, but from testing and redesigning, existing engine kits and engine kits in the future will only require 1x set. This redesigned assembly helps secure your rear wheel sprocket better than in previous production.

On top of our strict quality assurance measures, we also back our engines with an industry leading 6 month warranty.

Product Dimensions and Specifications

The BBR Tuning 100cc bike engine kit is about 8.5" height 7" length 5" width. The bike engine kit fits on standard, male frames with tubing of 25mm to 29mm in diameter. Larger frame sizes require drilling into bike frame with a stationary bolt and use the universal face plate to mount the front of the engine.

  • 3 HP (horse power)
  • 30-40 mph depending on the gear ratio and weight
  • Fuel Economy: 100-150 miles per gallon
  • Bore and Stroke: 50mm x 40mm
  • Average Power: 1.8kw-1.9kw/8000r/min

The engine chain does not interfere with your current drive chain and peddling because it rides on the opposite side of the bike sprocket.

Complete Digital Installation Guide

Each BBR Tuning bicycle engine kit comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide that takes you step by step through installing, adjusting, and fueling your brand new engine kit for the ride of your life.

Product Requirements

Installation is a breeze! The rider only needs some basic hardware skills, tools, and around 2-3 hours for installation and fine tuning adjustments (Note: Seller is not responsible for misuse or this kit or any warranty after installation).

Fits Most 26" Wheeled Bikes (Mountain, Cruiser, Chopper, Road) with V-frame. The frame should have 9-11” of clearance between the bottom bracket and top bar, and the diameter of the frame tubes should be 25-29mm (around an 1”).

BBR Tuning 100cc Motorized Bicycle Engine Kit Includes:

  • BBR Tuning 100cc Motorized Bicycle Engine 3+ HP Engine with one piece cylinder/head
  • 50mm Bore, 40mm Crank Stroke
  • NT Carburetor
  • Angled LD Z8C spark plug
  • Super magneto
  • Yamaha-style high performance CDI
  • Upgraded allen bolts
  • Balanced crank w/ upgraded bearings
  • Stuffed crank case (thicker crank case around bearings)
  • 40mm Intake Manifold
  • Round exhaust port - 21 mm diameter
  • High wrist pin piston
  • 89mm crank rod

Mounting Kit & Accessories:

  • High-performance CDI with Yamaha components
  • Black teardrop gas tank (1.5L) w/ new fuel cap, fuel valve, fuel filter, and fuel line
  • 415 Heavy duty chain
  • Chainguard
  • Chain tensioner w/ bearings
  • 21mm Chrome Exhaust Muffler
  • Complete throttle assembly
  • Clutch Lever and Cable
  • Drive sprocket removal tool
  • Spark plug removal tool
  • Universal Mounting Bracket
  • 9 Bolt Sprocket Clamp Assembly

Disclaimer: Operating this motorized bicycle and bicycle engine kit involved some risk of serious bodily injury. Buyer accepts responsibility for any and all vehicle operation that may lead to personal injury, economic loss, social distress, other losses, costs and damages. Seller is not responsible for injuries and/or damages resulting from operating this motorized bicycle or bicycle engine kit. Upon purchase, the buyer agrees to use products for racing (closed-course competition) only and not for on/off public roads.

Gasoline operated products are NOT compliant with Environmental Protection Agency ( E.P.A. ) or California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B) for the use on/off Public roads. Upon purchase, the buyer agrees to use products for racing (closed-course competition) only and NOT for on/off public roads.

Disclosure of accurate engine size: While we have chosen to use the long standing factory branding engine size of "100cc", the true displacement of the bicycle engine is 78.6cc. Down through the years China bicycle engine manufactures have advertised their biggest engine as 100cc, therefore we have listed them in the same way on our website. In the west, the volume of a cylinder is calculated by using the formula Volume = Pi x Radius Squared x Stroke. However,in the east the displacement of an engine includes the area of the cylinder head's combustion chamber as well as the volume of the cylinder. Therein lies a discrepancy between measuring standards by the manufactures in China with those in the United States. However, all "100cc" engine kits on the market today are actually 78.6cc in displacement size if measuring by US standards.

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Customer Reviews

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Upgrade to motor mount

I would love to see that the motor mounts are upgraded instead of like 6 mm bolts. There are 8 mm bolts cuz a 6 mm bolts will break at some point. The 100 cc is too powerful for the four 6 mm bolts in the front of the motor. They need to be upgraded to 8 mm bolts

Joseph Free
Fun and calming

Just need a few things more to complete this ride

Shannon j

I have been building and riding motorized bicycles for few years now . I have purchased several different motors . The BBR 100 CC is the best out of the box motor that I found. I have noticed about 3 to 4 mph faster than other 100 cc motors with the same size rear sprocket. The casting of the head is cleaner , and they do last longer thanks for offering a good product

Ken Goehring
Bike motor kit

I live in Tn. and it is quite hilly where I ride and I was very surprised with very little help from me (pedal power) this small motor climbs the hills. It did say it come with directions but did not, luckily with videos on line I had minimal trouble putting this together and tweaking it for hopefully years of use.

some guy

The kit is awesome everything sofar is quality material and hasn't been an issue aside from the nt carb that came with it the gas dish has a drain on the bottom that gets stuck on the clutch cable bad design flaw or bad choice on carb included with this specific kit hp carbs don't work in hi altitudes so I'm stuck with the 3$ carb untill I modify the nt carb which is the same as the 3$ amazin carb just a needless pain in the dick ..... full honesty and transparency included

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