F-Zero Motorized Bike + 4 Stroke Friction Drive

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Color: Black
Engine Size: 49cc
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 With an established reputation for producing bikes that are as reliable as they are versatile, BBR Tuning has produced a motorized bicycle kit that is suitable for the modern lifestyle. The F-Zero Motorized Bike + 4 Stroke Friction Drive DIY kit is designed for self-assembly so that riders can customize it to their preferences.

There are no rummaging around for spare parts or getting frustrated with components that do not fit because the F-Zero motorized bike kit comes with all the necessary parts for an easy installation. The kit includes an instructional DVD and an easy to follow the user manual to help the riders assemble the 100% compatible, specifically selected parts. With just a few simple tools and a basic understanding of bicycle mechanics, the rider will have the kit installed and to their preference in just a few hours.

This great motorized bicycle kit comes with a Lock & Load friction drive 4-stroke engine, but the frame has been designed for compatibility with most 4-stroke motors. In addition to the high-tech engine and easy to assemble design, the BBR F-Zero has heavy duty wheels that have been designed to lower wind resistance and wide handlebars that make for comfortable riding. Both the front and rear brakes are pre-installed on the bicycle, meaning riders just need to connect up the cables in order to have the bike ready to ride.

Please Note: Gasoline operated products are NOT compliant with Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A) or California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B) for use on/off public roads. Upon purchase, the buyer agrees to use products for racing (closed-course competition) only and NOT for on/off public roads.

  • Smooth aerodynamic frame for a clean and well-balanced ride

  • Comes with a Lock & Load Friction Drive 4-Stroke Engine

  • Handlebars are capable of negotiating both wide and sharp turns with ease

  • Comes with both front and rear brakes pre-installed

Complete Digital Installation Guide Included

Each complete motorized bicycle comes with a digital installation guide that takes you to step by step through installing, adjusting, and fueling your brand new complete motorized bike for the ride of your life.


  • Frame: F-Zero Motorized Bicycle Frame w/ 2.4L Gas Tank

  • Forks: Triple Clamp Non-Suspension

  • Headset: 33mm Aluminum

  • Handlebars: Flat Riser Bars, 27.25” (L); 22mm Grip

  • Brakes: Front and Rear Disc Brake

  • Wheels: 26 Inch spoked heavy duty wheels with a dual drive rear wheel

  • Tires: 26x1.95” Tires

  • Rear Sprockets: 22t Single Speed Freewheel Sprocket (bicycle drive train) & 44t Drive Sprocket (bike engine drive train)

  • Crank: One Piece Crank w/ 44t Chain Ring

  • Stand: Spring kickstand included

Kit Includes:

  • 49cc or 38cc Lock & Load Friction Drive 4-Stroke Engine

  • BBR Tuning F-ZERO Motor-Ready Motorized Bicycle

  • Friction Drive Mounting Plate

  • Bicycle Mounting Kit w/ Hardware

  • Throttle Grip Handles

  • Kill switch

  • Throttle Cable

  • Complete Digital Installation Guide

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Customer Reviews

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Thomas Gustin
Nice motor & bike but needs extra work to make it work

With the friction drive you need to cut the rear fender to make it work. The fuel line is too short it comes with and several parts missing in the hardware. After 2 weeks got it together and it works fine. If this is your easiest kit, I would hate to see your hardest kit to put together.

bradleyscott 1981

love it! i was not sure what i wanted but i know i wanted the whole kit put together although this is a DIY kit it was perfect because the way the DVD explains everything it makes it very easy to install. i love how the engine looks on the rear tire and it shows off the bike a bit more. The engine gets the job done and gets me to work on time i love it bikeberry this is a winner.


great bundle this bundle is great i bought this for myself and i loved how i did not need anything else it was delivered in a fast amount of time and the assembly was great. Although the built in gas tank is no use for me i still love this bike and engine piece together its a joy to ride down to my friends houses and show this baby off.

Jessica T.

Awesome product! Love my complete kit this was a gift for me and this is the best gift you can give someone who needs transportation. Not only is the bike a good bike but this engine is hardcore, i was able to install this within 3 hours with help from my good buddy the way it runs and the way that this bike looks is excellent.

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